Tesla Motors, Jay Vijayan – TiEcon 2015 Keynote Preview

English: The Tesla Model S is an all-electric ...

English: The Tesla Model S is an all-electric sedan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

High ramp up and extremely fast global growth of Tesla Motors, has led to a jump from $204 million to almost $4 billion in annual revenue, from the beginning of 2012 to now. Automotive industry is built on the concept of vertical integration of owning both the manufacturing and as much of the supply chain as possible, and Tesla has mastered the science. With many best in class applications like e-Commerce, ERP, Service, Supply Chain and Logistics systems, Tesla has thus far achieved almost seamless vertical integration, with a closed feedback loop with its customers.


Tesla’s recent announcement to build “gigafactory” for building batteries (very likely in partnership with its current supplier Panasonic), may help greatly reduce cost of its power source, and may help expedite the development of advanced battery technology.

Tesla is moving forward with lofty goals and a startup culture characteristic of innovation and entrepreneurship, prevalent in the Silicon Valley. Jay Vijayan, CIO at Tesla Motors will give a keynote address at TiEcon 2015, the largest entrepreneurship conference. Enjoy the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, and get ideas and inspiration on what helps build the culture of innovation in Silicon Valley and register for the conference at http://www.tiecon.org .

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PS – Register for http://www.healthtechnologyforum.com annual conference on May 27 and 28 and celebrate “coming together for health”.

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“Taming of the Shrew” by NAATAK Co. (in Bundelkhandi) – Play Review

How to make a comedy written in 1590, come alive in 2015?  Actually that is not even the full challenge tackled in this production by Manish Sabu and Juhi Mohan.  The main challenge here is how to adapt a Shakespearean comedy to a community at the other end of the world and still retain its beauty, its sharp wit, and colorful dialogs.

wpid-img_0971-1920x1280.jpg.jpegBay area’s NAATAK company rose to the challenge and exceeded all expectations in its theatrical production of “Taming of the Shrew”!  There are absolutely no other words to describe but to say KUDOS for such a fabulous adaptation of Shakespearean comedy to Bundelkhandi, set in India.  Don’t balk if you did not even know such a language existed in India.  The language is a close cousin of Hindi and appropriately coordinated translation in English appears on two close circuit monitors on both sides of the stage.  I can guarantee that the audience could not have enjoyed as fully this production in Hindi, as they can enjoy it in Bhundelkhandi.  It is the difference in watching Shakespeare’s play in regular English versus watching it in Shakespearean English.  Somehow this play in Bundelkhandi feels like it was originally written in Bundelkhandi.  Yes, it feels that natural!!  The production in fact begins with couple of little challenges thrown at the audience, to get them thinking in Bundelkhandi – which is also awesome!

Bundelkhandi dialect is earthy, rich, and beautiful.  

Consider how rich this dialog feels in Shakespeare’s English.  Gremio is questioning Baptista about his quieting his good and patient daughter Bianca and making her bear the penance of his “fiend” of a daughter Kathrina.wpid-img_0940-1920x1280.jpg.jpeg
Why will you mew her up,
Signior Baptista, for this fiend of hell,
And make her bear the penance of her tongue?
In Bundelkhandi, Kathrina, the shrew, fiendish, evil, wicked one is referred to as “karkasa”.

Petruchio marries Kathrina and then insists they leave, without partaking in the feast.  Kathrina resists and seeks help from others and Petruchio says
She is my goods, my chattels; she is my house,
My household stuff, my field, my barn,
My horse, my ox, my ass, my any thing;
And here she stands,
Kathrina is now Petruchio’s “amanat”.

Petruchio then lovingly manipulates Kathrina, and masterfully takes on the nearly impossible task of taming his new bride, as Tranio explains to Bianca
Petruchio is the master;
That teacheth tricks eleven and twenty long,
To tame a shrew and charm her chattering tongue.
and Petruchio himself boasts
hum jo padhat hai, vo hi hum sikhaut hai, pirem ki kala

Finally, Petruchio succeeds in taming his shrew, and Kate learns not to argue with him, and she says,
And be it moon, or sun, or what you please:
An if you please to call it a rush-candle,
Henceforth I vow it shall be so for me.
In Bundelkhandi, Kathrina says,
Chahe to suraj he, chahe chandrama, aur tum kaho to mombatti.

Some Shakespeare’s plays depart moral messages, whereas some are just humorous ones to be enjoyed for the sharp wit.  Obviously, there is not moral message that would be applicable in this century, in Taming of the Shrew.  But in regular English or in Hindi, it would seem preachy.  Whereas in Bundelkhandi, this is a beautiful production, with marvelously talented cast, and perfectly suited staging.  This play is full of sharp wit, performed in an Indian language that is ancient and earthy, yet easily accessible and enjoyed by all.

Every theater season, I share for my readers, not-to-miss-play of the season in South Bay area.  For my Hindi speaking readers, without hesitation, I choose this NAATAK production as not-to-miss-play in this theater season.  Please get your tickets before it is too late at www.naatak.org .

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“The Lake Effect” – Play Review

As an immigrant from India, it was a special treat to see “The Lake Effect”, centered around an Indian immigrant family, by Pulitzer Prize finalist Rajiv Joseph, at www.theatreworks.org .  Randall K. Lum has done a fabulous job with staging, where the softly blowing snow outside the window not only gives an idea of the frigid temperature outside, but serves as a prelude to relationships gone frigid with years of grief and animosity.

Snow blowing from a roof in Ottawa, Ontario, C...

Snow blowing from a roof in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Directed by Giovanna Sardelli, “The Lake Effect” captures confused notions around immigrant attitudes towards race and struggles between two generations growing up very differently, but without overly dwelling on these issues.  On the contrary, the primary focus of the play is on human issues broadly applicable; complex sibling relationship between Vijay (Adam Poss) and Priya (Nilanjana Bose) and their mixed and unresolved feelings towards their deceased father and mother.

Vijay and Priya meet after a gap of several years, on a snowy, cold wintery day, after their father, a small restaurant owner in New York, passes away.  I did not find it challenging connecting with their characters.  Under their seemingly shallow characters, there is a deep, lingering pain from unresolved issues, that makes them very real.  The play does not dwell on the grief and the pain enough for the audience to build empathy with them.  The focus instead shifts to Bernard (Jason Bowan), an African-American bookie, who had developed a strong friendship with their father, during the children’s long absence from the scene.  Bernard is a simple man.  Having lost his memory in a freak accident, Bernard has little baggage, literally and figuratively.

Bernard talks to his dead mother, shares his pain and his blessings, carries no animosity towards anyone, and forgives easily.  The beauty of Bernard’s character is that it quenches the audience thirst for deeper understanding of why other characters feel the way they do, how they will find resolution of their unresolved feelings of grief, pain and rivalry.  Bernard’s ease in coming to terms with what life dishes out, makes it feel perfectly ok for any distance to be bridged with a simple hug, even with ambiguities hanging in the air.  After all, grief and ambiguities are part of life and complex to unravel, but forgiveness and resolution can be very simple and happen when someone takes an initiative.

“The Lake Effect” is a beautiful play and will be on at www.theatreworks.org till March, 29.  

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JOBS – March, 2015

Please see below opportunities and send resume as an attachment to wd_darshana at hotmail dot.  My imminent openings are for Senior Electrical, Mechanical, Quality and Software Engineering and for Technician – all with strong medical device experience.  Please also notice contract opportunities at the end.  All US opportunities are for US based and local candidates.  Opportunities exist in China that are open to all and you can see description in my previous blog at http://bit.ly/15STeDw specific one is for Director of Analytical R&D in Suzhou, China. When sending a resume, please mention job you are interested in, in the subject line and in the email include a brief summary of how best the job description matches your background and where the gaps are.

.jobs -- Cut To The Chase

.jobs — Cut To The Chase (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Senior Electrical Engineer – Austin/ San Antonio – TX

A company working on innovative range of products, has an immediate opening for senior electrical engineer with class III device experience.  Experience with closed loop, analog design hardware, microcontrollers, actuators  and ultra low power consumption circuit design highly desired.

Key Responsibilities
* Lead Electrical Engineering, primarily for long-term implantable drug delivery devices:
* on R&D- design and development of implantable and associated wearable and external hardware using mixed signal- analog and digital techniques, sensors and actuators and closed-loop control systems
* Manufacturing including process development, qualification and validation, IQ, OQ, PQ, part/component selection, sterilization and packaging development and validation esp for implantable electronics
* Develop Class III implantable electronics to be compliant with regulatory and QA standards (FDA and ISO), as well as be power-efficient, reliable for multi-year operation and pass EMI/RFI, be hermetically sealed and packaged and interface with rest of electronics systems for developed products
* Establish reliable suppliers and partners for manufacturing
* Work in a matrixed and multidisciplinary organizational structure to support multiple projects and technologies following appropriate QA system for each segment
* Document work output and use project and organizational documentation systems, including electronic systems
* Plan for and support existing and projected growth of the company.

Key Qualifications
* Designed and implemented electronics mixed-signal hardware, firmware and software for implantable medical devices and drugs. Combinatorial device and Class III experience desirable. 10-15 15 years desirable
* Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or in an equivalent field required
* Led and grown EE groups with a hands-on, leadership- by-example approach
* Demonstrated working experience and accomplishments with electronics hardware and software- analog/digital, sensors/actuators. Developed, selected and qualified sensors for both implantable device function and for measuring physiological parameters
* Familiarity and experience with other implantable device components such as connectors, leads, cables, interconnects, headers, electronics packaging, communication protocols and standards. Real-time microcontroller programming a plus.
* Excellent and demonstrated grasp and use EDA tools: sensor/circuit design, simulation, layout. Hands-on re: circuit and system prototyping and development
* Developed and implemented manufacturability, and related process flows and controls. Selected and qualified vendors for manufacturing Class III implantable device electronics.
* Working knowledge of biomaterials, drugs, drug delivery, and mechanical technologies in support of multidisciplinary teams: engineering, biological, manufacturing, regulatory, intellectual property, clinical and business.
* Strong technical and hands-on skills with demonstrated ability to provide solutions to a variety of technical problems of varying scope and complexity
* Analytical data-driven problem solver and team player, organized and an excellent communicator
* Supported multiple complex projects in a start-up environment: able to prioritize.

Key Job Parameters
* Full-time position located near Austin/ San Antonio, Texas
* Some travel (~10%) may be necessary to meet job responsibilities
* Report to VP, Product Development

Senior Mechanical Engineer – Austin/ San Antonio – TX   &   San Jose, CA

A company working on innovative range of products, has an immediate opening for senior mechanical engineer with class III device experience at San Antonio, TX location and at San Jose, CA location.  See details below.

Key Responsibilities
* Hands-on support of Mechanical Engineering, primarily for long-term implantable drug delivery devices:
on R&D- design and development of implantable leads, cans, headers, and overall packaging and assembly of dynamic sensors, actuators, electronics and batteries for long-term (multi-year) use. Develop surgical tools and accessories for implantable systems.
* Manufacturing including materials (plastics, metals) and parts/system selection and qualification, process development: qualification and validation, IQ, OQ, PQ, part/component selection, sterilization and packaging development and validation especially for implantables
* Develop Class III implantables from all aspects of Mechanical Engineering to be compliant with regulatory and QA standards (FDA and ISO) including development and implementation of test fixtures and protocols
* Establish reliable suppliers and partners for manufacturing
* Work in a matrixed and multidisciplinary organizational structure to support multiple projects and technologies following appropriate QA system for each segment
* Document work and input into project documentation systems, including electronic systems
* Plan for and support existing and projected growth

Key Qualifications
* Designed and implemented long-term active implantable medical devices. Combinatorial device and Class III experience desirable. At least 10 years experience, >15 years desirable
* Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or in an equivalent field required
* Led and grown ME groups with a hands-on, leadership- by-example approach
* Demonstrated working experience and accomplishments with implantable plastics and metals for connectors, leads, cables, interconnects, headers, electronics packaging, sensors/actuators, and batteries.
* Excellent and demonstrated grasp and use of ME computer-based tools and techniques: SolidWorks, FEA (thermal, strength/structure), 3-D modeling and printing
* Developed and implemented manufacturability, process flows and controls, and selected qualified vendors to manufacture Class III implantable devices using prototyping manufacturing as well as for mass-manufacturing
* Working knowledge of biomaterials, drugs, drug delivery, and electronics technologies and working on multidisciplinary teams: engineering, biological, manufacturing, regulatory, intellectual property, clinical and business.
* Strong technical and hands-on skills with demonstrated ability to provide solutions to a variety of technical problems of varying scope and complexity
* Analytical data-driven problem solver and team player, organized and an excellent communicator
* Supported multiple complex projects in a start-up environment: able to prioritize.

Key Job Parameters
* Full-time position located near Austin/ San Antonio, Texas
* Some travel (~10%) may be necessary to meet job responsibilities
* Report to VP, Product Development

Senior Software/ Algorithm Engineer – Fremont, CA

A company providing innovative diagnostic & therapeutic products &  services to enable interventionalists in providing superior patient care, has an immediate opening for Senior Software Engineer, in Fremont, CA.  Position Summary: This position will be responsible for developing the next generation of image processing algorithms for company’s revolutionary medical devices for cardiovascular business. Individual will participate in object-oriented software development projects using C++ and Qt for a Linux environment. Communicate effectively, as well as to present information to a group in a professional manner. Work cooperatively as part of a team with people from various facilities and technical backgrounds.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
Design, develop, and optimize next generation image processing algorithms
Perform lab research and algorithm testing
Develop multi-threaded software for desktop applications
Design code for maintainability and unit tests
Identify, evaluate and mitigate technical project risks
Support formal verification and validation process and participates in transfer of products from R&D to manufacturing
Team player working in a geographically distributed team
Accurately estimate time and resources for completion of specific features/project
Assist in maintaining ISO certification and 510(k) submission requirements

Qualifications & Required Skills:
Minimum BS degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Math, Biomedical Engineering, or related field; Strong background in image processing; 5+ years of software development experience; Excellent coding skills in C/C++; Proficiency in MATLAB; Experience designing object-oriented and distributed software; System level architecture design experienc; Experience with source code management systems like GIT, SVN, Clear Case

Experience developing software for medical device applications for user interaction and control
Experience with medical imaging algorithms like segmentation, co-registration, 3d reconstruction
Experience with python, DICOM, OpenGL graphics
Other: * Travel requirements are moderate. Travel to facilities would be about 2 – 3 days duration each trip with total travel expected to be less than 20%.

Please submit resume at wd_darshana at hotmail dot com, with answers to following questions in the email.  This is client HR’s requirement. 
Please provide information on your formal education:
Please describe your software engineering experience as it relates to design, proof-of concept, detailed design, code, unit and integration testing:
Please describe your experience utilizing UML modeling language, DiCom, MFC, BOOST, STL and C++ :
Do you have experience working Linux OS environment? If yes, provide more detailed information:

Senior Design Engineer with Embedded Hardware & Firmware Skills – Santa Clara, CA

A reputed contract engineering company has an immediate full time opportunity for  a Senior Design Engineer with Embedded Hardware & Firmware Skills.  A rounded individual is desired who has an interest and ability in a wide range of technologies.  The successful candidate will lead a group of engineers from time-to-time and may be required to act as the primary interface to the customers at times.  The company designs devices, firmware, and software for other companies and has a reputation for quick response with high quality work.  The person must enjoy working with customers and have good communication skills.  The person must work well on a team of high performing engineers.  The person needs to be organized.  The person must work well with others and be flexible as schedules and priorities change.

Technical requirements: Ten years of experience in embedded system design engineering is required.  Ability to supervise others is highly desired.  The person should have experience designing circuits with microprocessors from PIC to ARM, FPGAs, Bluetooth, and WiFi as well as experience with programming in C or C++ on these devices.  The person must enjoy learning and be able to learn quickly.  The ability to design and program FPGAs is desired.
This could be a work-at-home job, or work at the company site, in Santa Clara, CA.


Summary:  Medical device design and manufacturing company, located near Santa Cruz, CA, focusing on custom injection molded plastic parts, has an immediate opening for Quality Engineer.  Position focus is on providing support in the development and maintenance of company’s quality systems, support activities related to the development and qualification of new product development for medical device components and assemblies as well as supporting existing products.
* Write FMEAs, review and write protocols and reports for new products
* Ability to multitask on a variety of Quality System compliance and improvement initiatives in a hands-on dynamic environment and be involved with the design, procurement, validation and qualification activities including test, inspection and medical device contract manufacturing service processes.
* Responsible for the facility measurement equipment calibration and maintenance program.
* Collects, collates and analyzes manufacturing data for warranty and nonconformance to determine and report product quality trends.
* Conducts analysis of inspection and tests of a routine degree of complexity and provides recommendations accordingly. Develops quality control inspection requirements and techniques to achieve measured improvement. * Implements the Failure Analysis Process for internal and external nonconforming product to determine appropriate corrective action.
* Support Receiving, In- process and Final Inspection of various components and subassemblies for medical device products to support quality compliance and shipment goals as workload requires.
* Assist in the development and implementation of Quality System processes.
* Attend various product meetings with Engineering, Sales, Support, Marketing, and customers to address product requirements, customer concerns and training issues. Work toward and support Company/Department/Team goals including; QSR and ISO compliance, revenues, training utilization, customer satisfaction, and others as appropriate.
* Qualify and implement document changes involving product or process changes
* Coordinate the reporting, analysis, and resolution of material non-conformance incidences
* Provide support in the timely resolution of product complaints and/or safety issues
* Conduct quality audits and develop subsequent preventive action programs
* Assist Regulatory Affairs Department in the preparation of audits and reports for regulatory agencies.
* Perform Supplier Quality Audits and, as appropriate, Internal Quality System Audits; identify root cause of non-compliance and ensure timely/effective corrections and lor corrective preventative actions are implemented
* Drive effective root cause corrective action through internal and supplier surveillance and corrective action requests.
* Report MRB performance metrics and maintain corrective action database.
* Review and report in-process data from manufacturing processes and facilitate corrective and preventive actions

Requirements: 5 – 7 years’ experience in Quality, medical device, regulatory, and or a medical device manufacturing environment; BS in Bachelor of Science in Quality, Business, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering or related field; Certification, CQE, CQA a plus; Experience as an ISO Lead Auditor desirable; Must be able to communicate effectively at varying technical levels with a customer audience; Hands-on manufacturing experience in mechanical or medical device assemblies. CMM, MicroVu, Vision Systems Programming experience; Working knowledge of U.S. and international medical device regulations is desirable Working knowledge of desktop computer office software, Visio Tools, CAD software and e-mail is required; Excellent verbal and written communication skills; Flexibility to handle multiple tasks and meet timelines; Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills combined with a strong technical presence.

Senior Quality Engineer – Austin/ San Antonio – TX

A company working on innovative drug delivery technology has an immediate opening for senior quality engineer. Great opportunity to work at grounds level and grow into leadership role, in addition to the upside of stocks.

Key Responsibilities:
* Lead QA for: R&D- design, development, V&V phases including hazard/risk analysis and mitigation, DOE and related statistical design and analyses, GDT, design reviews, audits/compliance; Manufacturing including process development, qualification and validation, IQ, OQ, PQ, part/component selection, sterilization and packaging development and validation
* Develop and implement QA systems to be compliant with applicable international and national standards such as ISO 13485 and regulatory requirements of FDA CFR 820 and other bodies for Class III implantables
* Implement productive relationships with R&D and manufacturing suppliers and partners
* Work in a matrixed organizational structure to support company’s facilities, including the respective incubated companies, projects and technologies with an appropriate QA system for each segment
* Educate colleagues and support in-house uptake & implementation of these systems organization-wide* Support the following functions: Regulatory Affairs: provide appropriate documentation and materials to support filings for US and international trials and approvals; Intellectual Property: supporting documentation; Business and Commercialization, including due diligence documentation
* Develop & implement documentation systems for these business functions, including electronic systems, with help of to –be-hired Documentation Specialist

Key Qualifications
* Designed and implemented QA systems for implantable medical devices and drugs. Combinatorial device and Class III experience desirable. At least 10 years experience, >15 years desirable*
* Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or in an equivalent field required, with ASQ certification (CQE, CRE, CQM, CSSBB) desirable
* Led and grown QA organizations with a hands-on, leadership- by-example approach
* Demonstrated working experience with electronics hardware and software, biomaterials, drugs, drug delivery, and mechanical technologies while supporting multidisciplinary teams: engineering, biological, manufacturing, regulatory, intellectual property, clinical and business.
* Excellent and demonstrated grasp and use of statistics in R&D and manufacturing including DOE
* Supported multiple complex projects and start-ups: able to prioritize.
* Developed and implemented design controls, documentation, and design procedures, protocols
* Developed and implemented manufacturability, and related process flows and controls, and selected qualified vendors to manufacture Class III implantable devices
* Strong technical skills with demonstrated ability to provide solutions to a variety of technical problems of varying scope and complexity
* Analytical data-driven problem solver and team player, organized and an excellent communicator

Key Job Parameters
* Full-time position located in Austin/ San Antonio, Texas
* Some travel (~10%) may be necessary to meet job responsibilities
* Report to VP, Product Development

Electro-Mechanical Technician – Fremont, CA

A company that develops advanced injection technologies to simplify the complexities of the cardiac cath lab, has an immediate opening for R&D technician.

* 9 years of electromechanical technician experience
* 2 year Technical School degree in electromechanics or related field or a combination of education and experience
* 2 years of computer aided design experience
* 2 years experience directing and leading the work of others
* Problem solving skills with the ability to interpret drawings, schematics, and specifications
* Experience using CAD-3D Modeling
* Effective verbal and written communication skills
* Moderate level of computer experience including MS Office Suite and SolidWorks
* Demonstrated experience using a multimeter, soldering iron, oscilloscope, and spectrum analyzer
* High degree of organization skills and high attention to detail
* Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks
* Ability to work independently with limited supervision
* Proficient at specifying and evaluating electrical components based on performance, lifetime, and availability
* Demonstrated project management experience
* Demonstrated test report-writing experience

* 4+ years of computer aided design experience, * SolidWorks Proficient, * Experience providing technical support to circuit board manufacturing assembly, * Demonstrated knowledge of and familiarity with embedded systems and RF electronics, * Product development experience in a federally regulated engineering environment (FDA, ISO), * Experience defining, writing, and conducting test plans and reports.

Job Description & Responsibilities
Performs specified electromechanical engineering support activities under the guidance of an Engineer or Technical lead related to electro-mechanical design of medical device technologies, product and performance testing, and continuous improvement of the product design. The position is responsible for design, fabrications, assembly, validation, and implementation of development products and fixtures to support the design transfer of products into manufacturing operations.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
* Designs fixtures and test methods for validating product design and performance. Responsible for managing the ordering and delivery of fixture components and items from vendors or the internal Model Shop.
* Executes testing and validation protocols, records and analyzes data, and provides written reports to engineering team.
* Supports Product Development efforts at early stages up to design transfer. Provides support to engineers throughout the implementation and development cycles.
* Performs hands on activities such as design validation, pre-production assembly, testing and other technical activities to assist in product development.
* Assists engineers in identifying and resolving hardware design issues. Diagnoses the cause of electrical failures of circuit boards and operational equipment.
* Uses Solid Works CAD system to sketch and design fixtures and devices ensuring form, fit and functional requirements are met. Responsible for basic analysis of design in partnership with an Engineer.
* Responsible for initiating documentation changes and providing redlines to maintain the product information structure. Communicates issues and opportunities to engineering department to ensure bill of material (BOM’s), prints, process, forms, records, etc. are relevant and up to date.

Technical Engineering Support:
* Partners with Designers and Engineer, to develop and improve products, designs, fixtures, and process activities in the interest of continuous improvement and establishment of a Lean environment.
* Initiates design changes and coordinates the change order process to release product per the company’s Quality Management system. Responsible to maintain the design and information structure for use in the ERP system and engineering data base (PDM) DB Works. e.g.; BOM’s, prints, process, forms, records etc.
* Implements changes and maintenance of PDM and CAD systems as required. Assists IT and Technical Documentation Writer in annual CAD system updates, user rights management, and data base management. Creates and edits DB-Works and Solid Works API programs.

IF interested, please send resume with answers to the questions below. The client will only accept resumes, if the questions are answered.
Describe your formal education:
Describe your experience working in medical device or a regulated environment.
Give an example of a work situation where you had minimal supervision and it was critical to work within a fluid or flexible environment.
Describe your experience with developing test fixtures and methods to evaluate a product and/or technology.
Describe your experience developing or using different types of CAD models (or Computer-Aided Design), electrical schematics, or other types of models. (New Q)
Give an example of a product and/or technology project where you had to apply both mechanical and electrical/electronic skills.


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Tackling Global Health – (Kim Bush, Gates Foundation) Keynote Preview at EPPICon 2015

With Obamacare, the discussion about national health has moved to front and center stage.  But what about the status of global health; what are the opportunities and challenges?   Just about a decade ago, availability of resources was the biggest problem in the arena of global health.  But with the rise in public and private giving, to a large part due to unprecedented giving by Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates, the challenge has now shifted to better coordination of resources for “equitable, inclusive & sustainable solutions”.  According to Council on Foreign Affairs, “for the first time in history, the world is poised to spend enormous resources to conquer the diseases of the poor”.

Logo da fundação Bill & Melinda Gates

Logo da fundação Bill & Melinda Gates (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Kim C. Bush, director of Life Sciences Partnerships at Gates Foundation, is leading the efforts to broaden and deepen the foundation’s engagement and partnership initiatives with various healthcare industry sectors.  With an objective to address the critical global health challenges with speed and effectiveness, the foundation is bringing in the industry in this dialog, in a systemic manner.  The goal of the Gates foundation is to match global health priorities with the industry capabilities.  

Kim Bush will be giving a keynote address at 2015 EPPIC Annual Conference, on March 28th at Santa Clara Convention Center.   Entrepreneurs in life science arena, committed to solving some of the major health challenges of our times, may get big insights into where the gaps and the glaring problems are, as well as where the resources are being channeled.

Lineup of speakers on all panels at EPPIcon 2015, is very exciting, with plenty of networking opportunities thrown in.  Here is a link to the preview of one of the panels on Digital Health – http://bit.ly/1EQtd5y .  No doubt, connected, digital health will also play a prime role in advancing global health.  Come and participate in the dialog, network with like minded professionals in Silicon Valley, and hear from key opinion leaders, angel and VC investors and other industry leaders.  Early bird registration will expire at midnight today, March, 16.  Register today at www.eppicglobal.org .


Also a plug for http://www.healthtechnologyforum.com 2015 annual conference on May 27 and 28 in Burlingame, CA. Early bird pricing will be effective till March, 31.  Panels include Innovations for the Underserved, Resilient Communities, Population Health Management, and the conference has a dedicated focus on making a positive difference and transforming health globally.  Register soon for an opportunity to hear great speakers and network with professionals committed to making a difference.

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Stan’s Leap by Tom Duerig – Book Review

This book was recommended to me by my friend and author, Tom Duerig.  Tom Duerig is a scientist by training, specializing in Nitinol, a shape memory alloy.  He is the founder and president of Nitinol Devices and Components (NDC).  This was his first book of fiction and he asked me for my honest, unbiased opinion.  I found the book so wonderful that I decided I needed to write the review.

I will say that the best parts are a bit slow in coming, but they come and eventually it becomes a sheer page turner.  As the book progresses one sees that the author matures as well.  After the first few slow moving pages, the first 35% of the book is interesting with lots of good information.  The story gradually becomes more interesting as it becomes clear that 20 or so vacationers initially looking for total immersion in polynesian resort experience, now are finding themselves stranded without any hope to reconnect with the outside world.

The resort experience that was supposed to be a short enjoyable vacation and a fun challenge at the beginning, now became a survival issue.  Learning the skills became essential for their survival.  There are plenty of good lessons, should you ever get stuck on an island without any modern amenities, including phones, radios, clothes, tooth brushes, shoes and everything else that you can think of.  You can make torches and ink from candlenut trees, rope from hibiscus, use ti plant to wrap food for cooking, use tutu trees to make pareos or cloth and so on.  Where the story comes up short initially is in character development.  The reader somehow does not feel connected enough to care for the stranded people.  

All that changes dramatically at about 50% mark, as Adam, son of Jenny and Stan, emerges as the main character and also the narrator, as the story moves forward.  All other characters now emerge with their own personalities and depth.  Story also starts moving at a faster pace as the stranded group moves from stone age to the age of metal and tools.  Aspiration grows among some group members, to learn about the outside world.

When the contact is finally made with the outside world, the stranded vacationers who had moved back to the stone age of the past, now find that they have the future to catch up to.  Two major companies Google and Yahoo had gone out of business and the younger generation did not even know what internet was.  This book takes the readers on quite a journey and the lessons in sailing and surviving on an island, come as added bonus.

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Digital Health Panel Preview – EPPICon 2015

EPPIC annual conference is on March, 28 and early bird pricing will end on Monday, March 16.  Here is a sneak peek at one of the panels.  

Technology is impacting health in interesting ways and many exciting innovations in digital health are expected to change how diseases are tracked, reduce inefficiency in healthcare delivery, reduce costs, improve access to healthcare, increase quality, save resources, and make medicine more personalized.  Digital health panel at EPPICon 2015 has diverse and interesting lineup of speakers.

wpid-20150304_162558.jpgDr. David Persing, EVP, CMO, and CTO at Cepheid, had made an early resolve to have a positive impact on the world.  Guided by intellectual curiosity, while doing his pre-med, he discovered “the power of diagnostics”.  The company’s mission at Cepheid is to use the power of molecular diagnostics such that it would enable medical providers to identify and treat diseases early, increasing opportunities to improve patients’ survival and quality of life. Their cloud based platform, “The Digital Miasma” for monitoring of emerging infections earlier, is just launched and is in the implementation phase.

wpid-20150304_163547.jpgPanelist Deborah Profit is Director of Corporate Projects – Global Clinical & Business Operations for Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development and Commercialization.   OPC, is headquartered in Tokyo and is known for popular sports drink Pocari Sweat and energy drink Oronamin C.  OPC also developed Abilify, an approved drug treatment for certain mental illnesses, and as of 2013, annual sales of Abilify were over $8 billion a year, making it the highest grossing drug worldwide.  You would wonder what has that to do with digital health, until you consider the fact that patient non-compliance is one of the biggest challenges in many illnesses but specifically in mental illnesses.  Otsuka has recently made a deal with Proteus Digital Health for tracking medical adherence.  Proteus system includes sensor-enabled pills that embed intelligence into the pills so that their ingestion can be precisely tracked.  Personally, I am totally against drugs for mental illnesses, many of which do not work as expected; placebo effects are not well identified, clinical studies are often sponsored by drug companies and the list of side effects is daunting and being a psychologist, having seen side effects and heard them being discussed by my colleagues, I have developed absolute disgust for drugs for mental disorders.

Proteus “ingestible sensor” technology however, holds enormous promise for various indications, specifically for treatment and management of chronic conditions.  Otsuka plans to make use of Proteus Digital Health’s feedback system in its clinical R&D, presumably for its oncology products.

The next panelist, Dr. Marsha Rose Gillentine is Director of Biotechnology/ Chemical Group at Sterne Kessler Goldstein Fox, LLP and has intimate knowledge and understanding of patent litigation strategy in small molecules, ploymorphs, chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical formulations, methods of treatment, drug delivery devices, animal models, vaccines, polymers and more.  Her experience encompasses working with clients to implement lifecycle management strategies, specifically at it relates to personalized medicine patent portfolios.

Members of the Paris Medical Faculty (1904) An...

Members of the Paris Medical Faculty (1904) André Chantemesse (1851–1919) Georges Pouchet (1833–1894) Paul Poirier (1853–1907) Georges Dieulafoy (1839–1911) Georges Maurice Debove (1845–1920) Paul Brouardel (1837–1906) Samuel Pozzi (1846–1918) Paul Jules Tillaux (1834–1904) Georges Hayem (1841–1933) Victor Cornil (1837–1908) Paul Berger (1845–1908) Jean Casimir Félix Guyon (1831–1920) Pierre-Emile Launois (1856–1914) Adolphe Pinard (1844–1934) Pierre-Constant Budin (1846–1907) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jared Heyman is founder and CEO of CrowdMed, a brilliant innovative site that takes connected health to a whole new plane.  Often individuals afflicted with rare or neglected diseases, go from doctor to doctor, from pillar to post, just to accurate diagnosis and then they face whole set of new challenges for treatment.  CrowdMed is seeking to solve most challenging medical cases, worldwide, with speed and accuracy online, by harnessing the collective wisdom of the crowd.

The Digital Health Panel at EPPICon 2015, will be an exciting panel.  Agenda for the entire day looks very interesting and there will be plenty of opportunities for attendees to network and mingle with like-minded professionals.  The conference is on Saturday, March 28th at Santa Clara Convention Center, in Santa Clara, CA.  Early bird pricing has been extended till March, 16.  Please register for the event at the link http://tinyurl.com/o4cj3ow or from www.eppicglobal.org .

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“Become Modern” “થાવ વરણાગી” – Gujarati Essay

આ વખતની બે એરિઆ ની બેઠકનો વિષય છે “થાવ વરણાગી”. તે વિષય ઉપર નીચેની વાર્તા પ્રસ્તુત કરું છું. બીજા લેખ http://www.shabdonusarjan.wordpress.com બ્લોગ ઉપર જરૂર વાંચશો।

“થાવ વરણાગી”

પોતે રીટાયર થયા અને તુરંત જ કૃષ્ણકાંત ભાઈ નું અવસાન થયું એટલે ખાલીપો અને એકાંત ખુબજ વધી ગયું અને સારીકાબેન ને જીવન માં રસ ઓછો લાગતો। તેમના દીકરા અક્ષયે કહ્યું “મમ્મી હવે પપ્પાને ગયા ને ઘણો વખત થયો હવે તમારે રડવાનું બંધ કરીને જીવનમાં રસ લેવો જોઈએ”. પુત્રવધુ ઉમા પણ જોડાઈ “હા મમ્મી પપ્પા ગયાનું દુખ તો અમને પણ થાય છે પણ જીંદગી તો ચાલતી રયે અને તમારે હવે આખો વખત રડવાનું બંધ કરવું જોઈએ. ઘરની પાસેજ સીનીઅર સેન્ટર છે તેમાં જાવ ને દિલ ને વાળી લ્યો.” વળી તેમાં દીકરી અનીકા જોડાઈ “મમ્મી તારા કપડા પણ ઢબ વગરના છે. થોડી થા વરણાગી અને હવે શોક નું વાતાવરણ બંધ કર”.

wpid-20140827_130457.jpgછોકરાઓ પાસેથી ઠપકો સંભાળીને રાત્રે એકાંતમાં સારિકા બેન ને ખુબ રડવું આવ્યું કે કૃષ્ણકાંત ભાઈ હોત તો આટલું સાંભળવાનું ન આવત. પછી મનને મનાવ્યું કે છોકરાઓ તો પ્રેમ ને લાગણી ને લીધે ક્યે છે. ધીમે ધીમે સારીકાબેન સીનીઅર સેન્ટર માં પણ જવા લાગ્યા અને જીવન નો ક્રમ ચાલવા લાગ્યો. થોડા વર્ષો પચ્છી તેમણે છોકરાઓને બોલાવ્યા અને તેમના દોસ્ત સાથે ઓળખાણ કરાવી “આ છે મારા દોસ્ત, બીલી ચુઆ”. અક્ષય બોલ્યો ઉમાના કાનમાં “આને તો કુતરાથી ભગાડવો પડશે”. બીલી ચુઆ સાથેની ઓળખાણ બાદ તુરંત સારીકાબેને ખુલાસો કર્યો કે “મેં અને બીલીએ લગ્ન કરવાનો નિર્ણય કર્યો છે”.

તેમના આ નિર્ણયે તો છોકરાઓની જીંદગી હચમચાવી મૂકી. છોકરાઓ આ વાત નો કોઈ પણ રીતે સ્વીકાર કરવા માંગતા નતા. ઉમા કહે “મમ્મી આ ઉમરે આવું થોડું શોભે? બધી રીતે તમારી જીંદગી સરસ ચાલે છે. તમે તમારા પોતાના મકાન માં આરામ થી રયો છો. અમે પાસે છીએ અને હમેશા આવતા રહીએ છે અને તમને કોઈ વાતની કમી લાગવા દેતા નથી. તમે સીનીઅર સેન્ટરે જવાનું બંધ કરો અને મંદિરે જવાનું શરુ કરો અને હવે તો રામનામમાં જીંદગી ગુજારો”. સારીકાબેને સમજાવવાની કોશિશ કરી કે “બીલીની વાઈફ પણ થોડા સમય પહેલા ગુજરી ગઈ છે અને અમારો બધી રીતે સારો મનમેળ છે. ચાઇનીસ હોવા છતાં તે ગૌતમ બુદ્ધ માં માને છે અને પોતે વેજિટેરિયન છે. અમને બંને ને વિદેશ ફરવાનો શોખ છે અને બધી રીતે અમારો મનમેળ સારો છે અને અમને લાગ્યું કે એકબીજાના સાથી બનીને બાકીની જીંદગી ગુજારીએ”. અક્ષય કહે “પણ મમ્મી, જાત ભાત નો તો વિચાર કર”. સારીકાબેને હળવેથી કહ્યું “બેટા, આપણી રીચા ના લગ્ન તુરંત માં એલેક્ષ સાથે થવાના છે, તે પણ આપણી જાત નો તો નથી”. અક્ષય કહે “પણ મમ્મી જે રિચાને શોભે તે તારી ઉમરે તને ન શોભે”.

આખરે સારીકાબેને કહેવુજ પડ્યું કે “બેટા તમે સમય જોઇને જરૂરિયાત ને માપવાની બદલે ક્યારેક જરૂરિયાત જોઇને સમય ને પરખો અને સમય સાથે સમજુતી કરો અને અને જરૂરિયાત પ્રમાણેની વર્ણતુક અપનાવો. થાવ થોડા વરણાગી”.

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Venus in Fur – Play Review

Dynamics of power are always infinitely interesting.  Add to the mix, sexuality, erotica, and pure physical attraction, and you have a volatile mix, perfect for a theatrical production.  San Jose Stage had a full house on the opening night of David Ives’ “Venus in Fur”.  Tony nominated Best Play (2012), has received multiple awards and has also been made into a Roman Polanski film, which premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

English: Leo with Fannie (Leopold von Sacher-M...

English: Leo with Fannie (Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and Fanny Pistor Bogdanoff, note the whip). Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (1836–1895) – Austrian writer and journalist, who gained renown for his romantic stories of Galician life. The term masochism is derived from his name. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vanda, an aspiring actress arrives late for her audition for a play based on the nineteenth century erotic novel, when Thomas Novacheck, a playwright-director is about to leave.  Thomas is condescending, he talks over Vanda, interrupts her, and does not believe she has the capability for the role.  To his credit, Vanda seems totally unprepared, unprofessional, is spewing curses, is bursting with energy, even erotic energy, and seems an unlikely candidate for the role.  The power dynamics are in favor of Thomas and notwithstanding her many challenges of coming for an audition on a rainy, stormy day, he is about to throw her out, but gets interrupted by a phone call from his fiancee.

Vanda seizes the opportunity and steps into a costume to begin her reading.  As they do the reading, Thomas discovers, to his great dismay, that not only has Vanda come prepared with props and costumes for both, but almost seems to have mastered the play, literally and in spirit.   A prepared employee can have the boss wrapped around her finger and the power dynamics shift again.  The source material for the play comes from 1870 novel, Venus in Furs by Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, which also happens to be the origin of the term “masochism”.  

Venus with a Mirror

Venus with a Mirror (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the reading progress, the power dynamics shift again and then again, as Vanda and Thomas step in and out of their roles as Dunayev and Kushemski and step back into character, almost seamlessly but also quite discerningly, if that is possible.  Dunayev says,Why should I forgo any possible pleasure, abstain from any sensual experience?  I’’m young, I’m rich, and I’m beautiful and I shall make the most of that.  I shall deny myself nothing.”  Ahhh the reach of power that comes with it all.  But then again who wields the power, one who writes the script or one one who plays along?

As the reading progresses, they share their histories, their kinks, pulled by magnetic attraction towards each other, they fight it when out of character, but fully exploit it, in character.  They concede that while people may render themselves explicable, people do not find themselves easily extricable  And these stories where people are unable to extricate themselves, make for great theatrical productions in capable hands like Director Kimberly Mohne Hill and actors Johnny Moreno (as Thomas and Kushemski), and Allison F. Rich (as Vanda and Dunayev).  Venus in Fur is running at The Stage in San Jose, till March 1.  For tickets, please go to www.thestage.org .


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“Fury” – Movie Review

Director David Ayer’s “Fury” could have been a great movie.  It moves at good pace and keeps the attention of the audience.  Performance by WarDaddy (Brad Pitt), well its awesome, but then he is Brad Pitt, and his men gunner Bible (Shia LaBeouf), Hispanic lead driver Gordo (Michael PIna) and the mechanic Coon-Ass (Jon Berenthal), and the newcomer to join the team Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman) does not lack oomf.  But it is the story and the character development that is coming up short.

Set during the final days of World War II, as the Allied forces were moving through Germany, they were finding pockets where Nazis were putting up their toughest resistance, including putting kids to fight and leaving hanging corpses of those who refused to fight.  WarDaddy’s tank Fury along with 3 other tanks on a mission, gets caught up in an ambush that destroys all the other tanks, except Fury.  On its way back, Fury happens to come upon a mine and breaks down.  Before it can be repaired, the men notice that very soon close to 300 SS troops would come upon them.

English: WESTERN DESERT, EGYPT. 1942-09-16. TA...


One of the men suggests that they leave the tank and flee, saving their lives, but Mr. WarDaddy decides to stay and hold off the advancing Nazi troops for as long as he can, and one by one, the  other men decide to stay and fight till the end.  Now there are a few problems with where this is going.  If it were a true story or was based on some real life events, this would become immediately interesting.  On the other hand, if more details were shared about these men that would make us root for them, it would also make it imminently interesting.  However, in the absence of both these conditions, one wonders why so much blood, gore and sacrifice of these men makes it a story worth being cast into a movie.  We know nothing about them except that they are from the Allied forces.  They are almost nearing the end of the war.  Yes, these 5 super heroes valiantly hold off 300+ SS troops for a long while, and inflict heavy casualties, vaguely reminiscent of the Spartans.  But why?  If the war was coming to an end, it was only a matter of short time before every single Nazi soldier (including children and others forcibly recruited) would be surrendering.  What happened to the promise WarDaddy made to make sure all of his men would go home?

Somehow I fail to see justification for severed heads, decapitated limbs, hanging corpses and more in a movie drawn out over 2 hours.  The subject matter is not new, storyline is trite, and these men’s valiant sacrifice against approaching Nazi troops seems contrived and wasted.  It hardly seems like a story that needed to be told.  On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being excellent, I rate the movie as 3.0.


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