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Biotech Showcase 2018 Preview: What it will mean to be living in the era of cures & more VC money

Lunch plenary sessions are always a huge draw at Biotech Showcase and are very exciting. On day one, a panel moderated by Sara Radcliff from CLSA will take a 60,000 feet view and will discuss what the future holds for biotechnology and life science sector. Biotechnology is increasingly going beyond treatment to focusing on cures. Day 2 panel moderated by Alice Valder Curran from Hogan Lovells with Eric Aguiar from Aisling, Philippe Lopes-Fernandes from Merck and Camille Samuels from Venrock will discuss “what it means to be in the era of cures”. The panel will discuss how public and private markets are still catching up with new policies on coverage, pricing, and liability issues, making it even more challenging to decide what product candidates to pursue.  Lunch panel on day 3 moderated by Ellen Corenswet from Covington & Burling LLP and populated by prominent VCs and industry experts will reflect on 2017 surge of venture capital.
Image result for future of healthcareImage result for healthcare venture capital

Besides all day information packed sessions focused on key diseases that are getting attention , there are interesting panels and sessions on treatment modalities that are the garnering attention of investors and entrepreneurs .  And then there will be panels discussing investment in healthcare, what to expect in 2018 from investment perspective and what are likely to be new drivers of innovation in drug development, and new targets, new trends and new combinations in treatment.

Besides three action packed days, the evenings will be packed with countless receptions and networking will continue late into the night. Concurrent 36th annual J P Morgan Healthcare Conference is expecting 400+ public and private companies to deliver presentations to over 8000 attendees. San Francisco will be taken over by everything health for three days, from January 8th through 10th, 2018.  

While JPM conference is by invitation only event, registration is open for Biotech Showcase at or at


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કવિ ની માળી સાથે વાત (Poet talks to Gardner) – Poem

Reblogging my earlier poem with English translation….

Darshana Varia Nadkarni's Blog

Reblogging my earlier poem with English translation

Image result for flowers planted in rowsPoet’s talk with Gardner

Ah your garden’s pretty flowers! My garden grows words
You put flowers in rows, I arrange words in lines
Your seedlings yield pretty flowers and sweet fruits
My words form poetry, ties that bind us to our roots

માળી, તારા જેવો મારો બગીચો, આવ હિંચકે જુલ
ફરક માત્ર એક જ
મારા બગીચા માં ઉગે શબ્દો ના છોડવા, ખીલે શબ્દો ના ફૂલ

તું બીયા ને પાણી પાય ને તારો છોડ મોટો મોટો થાય
ધીમે ધીમે તેમ જ
મારા મગજ માં ઘૂમી રહેલા શબ્દો કવિતા માં બદલાય

તું ખાતર નાખે અને એક દિવસ નાના છોડ નું બને મોટું ઝાડ
વાક્યો ભેગા થાય એમ જ
અને અંતર ની લાગણીઓ પદ માં ગોઠવાય જયારે પાડું હું સાદ

તારી મહેનત ના બદલા માં જયારે આપે ઝાડ મીઠા ફળ
થાય મને તેવો જ રોમાંચ
જયારે પૂરી કવિતા બને અને મારી મહેનત થાય સફળ

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