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“Entrepreneurs must Focus on Market Pain” – Norman Winarsky, SRI

EPPIC organization was found in 1998, with a mission to promote networking, entrepreneurship, and mentoring for life science professionals.  Each year, EPPIC Annual Conference provides a wonderful forum to realize this mission. EPPICon on March 29, 2014 was held at Westin, SF and began with opening remarks by Dr. Norman Winarksy, Vice President at SRI Ventures.

SRI or Stanford Research Institute was found in 1946 to help Stanford University professors make an impact in the world.  It has a staff of 2500, of whom 1000 have advanced degrees and current revenue is in the range of $600M. InvestorPeterGerber&InventorDougEnglebartMany revolutionary technologies like the mouse (invented by Doug Engelbart whom I had an opportunity to meet, before he passed away, when I took his picture inserted here with the first red mouse that investor Peter Gerber is holding), electronic banking, robotic surgery (which spun out as Intuitive Surgical), and SIRI to name a few, have come out of SRI.  All SRI personnel are taught to identify the value proposition and work towards that goal, said Winarksy. SRI is a non-profit organization but gives 34% of royalty to the individual or the team that worked on the specific technology and that is how SRI competes with high salaries in Silicon Valley.  SRI process always begins with identifying the market pain, ideally a larger market opportunity.  Out of about 2000 opportunities identified, about 3-4 get funded and get about 10X return; many of the others become licensing deals and the rest die.  Currently Tempo, a smart calendar is showing a lot of promise, said Winarsky. This was a great start to a day that proceeded with excellent panels, speed pitch sessions and SIG networking opportunities.

Next EPPIC event will be held on May 6 at 6pm at Cubberley Theater, 4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto.  Dr. Sarvajna Dwivedi, CSO at Pearl Therapeutics will talk about the entrepreneurship journey that took him and his co-founder to build from a tiny spin out, from Nektar Therapeutics, a world class multi-site organization.  Pearl Therapeutics was bought by Astra Zeneca last year, for $1.15 B.  To register for the event go to .

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2013 Year-in-Review – Year about expanding perspectives & moving out of comfort zones

Previous years’ turmoil continued in 2013 with debates around healthcare, privacy, race, gun control, weather and more, coming to a boiling point.  Everyone was persuaded to move out of their comfort zones, from Paula Dean (on race remarks) to those shocked by Sandy Hook shooting and Boston bombings (would gun control have an impact on curbing mass violent acts) to Obamacare (so many mishaps and jury is still out in terms of long term impact) to Pope St. Francis of Assisi (if Pope is sounding more like Jesus and embracing humanity, how are those entrenched in the church’s doctrine and dogma to make sense with any of it) to archaic “stand your ground” laws.  World events also compelled national leaders to expand their perspectives and confront moral issues around Syria (as the world sits by helplessly, a country of 21M has created 2M refugees and 120,000+ have died), China (flush with economic power, flexing its muscle), enormous legacy and impact of Nelson Mandela (lesson to insist on justice and then follow it with compassion and forgiveness).  And Mr. Obama has communicated that US delegation for upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia will include America’s openly gay athletes.  If storms and typhoons are any indication of winds of change, they were blowing stronger than ever, towards the year’s end.  Nearly 4000 people lost their lives and 4.4M people were displaced by super typhoon Haiyan, in Philippines.  In the US, tornados, thunder storms, black ice, freezing rain, and power outages, briefly turned the concern over from global warming to global freezing.  Winds of change are felt by many, as the job market has gotten stronger, housing market has markedly improved, stock market has rallied, hiring has continued to pick up pace and unemployment has fallen to 7%.  Yeaaaaaa!!!!

As the year draws to a close, as a recruiter (focused on life science, biotech, and medical device companies that were lagging behind in the recovery), the pace of hiring is making me very busy and quite happy.  Please see my opportunities in JOBS category of my blog and send resume to wd_darshana at hot mail dot com.  The year was anything but uneventful, for me.  I saw nearly two dozen plays (check out my reviews in the Play category), countless movies, read many books, attended book clubs, attended many conferences and talks (many of which I have written about on my blog), and attended many wonderful Gujarati music events (on which I have written in Gujarati). As a certified blogger, as member of the “press”, with my complementary tickets to live theater, conferences, and other events, it has been a great pleasure to spread the love and introduce many friends to the joys of quality entertainment and other events and I have interacted or have gotten mentioned by actors, directors, authors, and got mentioned in ads.  It’s been a fun ride.

Both of us, my daughter, Neesha and I traveled.  Neesha completed the last semester of this year, in a study abroad program, at Glasgow, Scotland.  California girl absolutely loved Scotland, despite the weather!  She also traveled to London and met the huge Kothari clan and many cousins (my mom’s side of the family), and traveled to Ireland (also loved it) and greatly enjoyed learning Scottish dancing.  Neil is busy and IT is his life, so he says.  My mom is doing well and I am grateful to the angels watching over her.  I took absolutely delightful Mediterranean cruise and visited gorgeous islands of Greece (Athens, Mytilini, Mykonos, Heraklion) and mystical Turkey (Istanbul and Kusadasi).  And then I went on yet another fantastic tour and visited amazing China!  While the Mediterranean cruise tickled the senses, the trip to China, at the year’s end, expanded the senses.  (Do check out my travel writeups on my blog, – a new category that I started this year).

Wish you a wonderful holiday season at the year’s end, and an absolutely fabulous journey and many blessings in 2014.

Glasgow bid logo

Neesha was in Scotland Glasgow bid logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Neesha was in Scoland and D in Forbidden City, Beijing, China




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The Piano Teacher by Janice Y. K. Lee – Book Review

The Piano Teacher is a story of British, American and other expats in Hong Kong and the local wealthy Chinese who were all caught in a tremendous struggle for survival, during the Japanese occupation in the early 1940s.

Historical Background
In March 1939, Japan dropped bombs on Hong Kong territory, destroying a bridge and a train station.  Japanese occupation of Hong Kong began in December, 1941, after 18 days of fierce fighting against imposing Japanese forces who invaded the territory.  The occupation lasted for 3 years and 8 months, when Japan surrendered at the end of the Second World War.

All the characters are caught in a complicated struggle for survival during extremely brutal Japanese administration during the occupation.  There is a constant tug between integrity and submission, for the sake of survival.  The story is interesting and is placed in a historical context that is important and yet not a lot is written about it.  There are times when the author gives interesting insights into the characters.

Some aspects of the story emerge with clarity and are interesting.  For instance, during 1940s and 1950s, the extent to which stereotypes and prejudices played a role, in an outwardly diverse place like Hong Kong, is interesting.  “The Indians had been brought over by the British, of course.  Pakistanis ran carpet stores, Portuguese were doctors, and Jews ran the dairy farms and other large businesses.  There were English businessmen and American bankers.  White Russian Aristocrats, and Peruvian entrepreneurs – all peculiarly well traveled and sophisticated – and of course, there were the Chinese, quite different in Hong Kong from the ones in China”.  Similarly when occupiers came, they divided the immigrant population by race and accordingly assigned living quarters and other privileges.  Author has done good research to convey the brutality of the occupiers and their impact on innocent people.

But unfortunately, there are many limitations.  The book meanders and the real plot begins only after a reader sticks through slow moving and boring beginning.  There is too much of vague dialogue that seems to be going nowhere, there are portions of the book that do not flow well.  The characters are not well developed and they lack depth.  There isn’t a single character that a reader can identify with, root for, and turn the pages to see the character survive the occupation.  This is a huge limitation in the book.  The occupiers are clearly bad, brutal, and loose in the end.  That part of the story is very clear and well developed.  Almost any reasonably well told story would have had survivors that a reader is rooting for and is eager to see them come through this horrific ordeal.   Character’s humanness and limitations would only make them more real, not distant.  But characters in the book feel too distant.  As a reader, you feel no empathy, no dislike, no hope, nothing for them.  Then there is the piano teacher.  The book has her title but she has no role whatsoever.  The story could have been told without her presence.

The story just does not grip you in anyway whatsoever.  You flip the pages and it matters little how it will end.  It is extremely disappointing.  This is a story with an exciting plot and tremendous promise that simply failed to live up to its potential.        

Japanese soldiers arrested the western bankers...

Japanese soldiers arrested the western bankers and kept them in a Chinese hostel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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JOBS – November, 2013

For the opportunities below, please send resume at wd_darshana at hotmail dot com.  Please indicate in the email how closely the job description matches your background and identify gaps, if any.  Also, indicate your current compensation and compensation expectations.  Please note: All below opportunities (except one for post doc) require several years of industry experience and are only for local candidates, with valid US work visa (except the first one which is located in Taiwan).  Also note, opportunities at the top are hot and the ones lower down may be at various stages of being filled.  I am awaiting more job descriptions and will keep adding.   Leads appreciated.

Director of Laboratory Operations – Taipei, Taiwan
Reports to General Manager

An early stage company revolutionizing early cancer detection and prevention, bringing a superior quality of life, has an immediate opening for Laboratory Manager/ Director in Taipei, Taiwan. With its simple, accurate, and proprietary blood test, the company’s vision is to screen every person in the world. The technology was developed by scientists from Stanford University’s Genomics Research Center in Taiwan. The company has offices in Silicon Valley (U.S.) and Taiwan, and is funded by a leading venture capital firm in the U.S. and prominent technology industrialists in Taiwan.  This position is currently located in Taiwan.

Summary:  This is a key position, required to manage and run a clinical laboratory currently being established in Taipei, Taiwan.  The position reports to General Manager.  The Director of Laboratory Operations will have sole responsibility for all aspects of running the company’s Clinical Laboratory.  S/he will plan, organize, schedule, and direct work in order to effectively maximize the Laboratory’s employees, equipment, and materials utilization within budgetary constraints while adhering to quality technical standards. This individual will provide direct on-site supervision of specimen workflow, test performance, operations, clinical report generation, quality, compliance, and associated documentation to adhere to company policies and procedures and Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare Regulations.

Responsibilities: Manage the day-to-day operations; Ensure all lab policies & procedures meet the standards of current applicable lab regulations in Taiwan, & ensure compliance through documentation, audits, & corrective action; Develop & implement plans for initial lab set up, expansion to accommodate growing volume, & for validating new tests.  Perform and/or delegate the scheduling, planning, staffing, and monitoring of workflow to meet established goals; Maintain adequate staffing by interviewing, hiring, training, and assessment of personnel; Provide staff development through performance development and review; Support, implement, and ensure compliance with all company policies and procedures.  Direct updates of laboratory standard operating procedures and databases to accurately reflect the current practices; Procure appropriate supplies and equipment to maximize efficiencies and to meet established budgetary and quality goals; Maintain equipment and instruments in good operating condition, recognizing any malfunctions and troubleshooting as needed; Provide technical oversight and serve as a technical supervisor for problem solving and process improvements in order to ensure accurate test performance and to maintain adequate workflow; Work as needed with Research and Development on new projects and for technology transfer; Monitor and ensure implementation of goals to meet established quality assurance, quality control, and quality improvement plans; Ability and willingness to follow all laboratory procedures; Ability and willingness to act in accordance with regulatory compliance requirements, including but not limited to company’s quality system requirements

Qualifications and Experience Required:  Registered Medical Technologist in Taiwan.  10+ years of experience as a Medical Technologist or equivalent in a clinical laboratory environment, including supervisory/management function; BS/BA degree in Medical Technology or related field; Word processing, statistical/data management skills required; Must have proven leadership and interpersonal skills. Excellent oral and written communication skills required. Fluency in Mandarin and working knowledge of English; Familiarity with Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare Regulations, patient privacy protection regulations, and ISO 13485 requirements; Familiarity with ISO 15189 and 17025 desirable.

QA Testing Manager – Mountain View, CA

There is an immediate opening for QA Test Manager at remote health startup that is focused on bringing diagnostics into home use, with a vision to change healthcare.

Responsibilities: Define and manage validation and verification processes for medical devices; Analyze validation & verification needs, determines effective strategies & resources, & implement needed processes; Ensure that all work adheres to applicable SOPs, standards & regulations; Take responsibility for forming & maintaining the V&V team and directing the preparation & execution of all work.  Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in a technical field, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or Computer Science preferred; At least 3 years experience testing against product requirements and tracing tests to product requirements; At least 3 year experience working with design engineers, software, electrical and mechanical engineers and external and internal customers; Experience in working with engineers to design for testability; Experience managing short-term or outsourced testing resources on-site or off-site; Possess requirements & technical documentation preparation & analysis skills; Strong communication, analytical & interpersonal skills.  Preferred: Master’s Degree: Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or Computer Science preferred.; Expert in creating, managing, and executing test plans, procedures, and scripts; Expert in manual, automatic, regression, blackbox, whitebox, boundary condition, performance and other standard testing methods; Experience working with manufacturing team; Experience using a requirements and test management software system; Experience in leading a V&V team.

Director Quality Engineering – San Jose, CA

There is an exciting opportunity for Director Quality Engineering with strong capability and experience developing quality innovative medical devices.  This position is responsible for effectively leading multi-project quality engineering efforts of the organization through technical expertise, interpersonal skills and a clear vision for execution.

Responsibilities: Manage resources to accomplish multi-project product research, development and manufacturing; Contribute to strategy and management of GMP/GLP operation; Provide Quality Engineering support as necessary to meet organizational objectives; Maintain quality management systems necessary for development, including clinical evaluation; Develop quality plans and data analyses for execution and review with leadership team; Develop test strategies DOEs and test protocols to test developmental medical devices and manufacturing processes; Work with R & D and Operations to establish quality requirements at all phases of product/process development and manufacturing; Design, schedule, and if necessary, performs specific testing for existing and new products including supporting design and process validations, qualifications and first article inspections; Conducts supplier evaluations including supplier audits; Ensure that appropriate level of quality/reliability in purchased components is specified; Identify product/process problems and ensure appropriate corrective actions are taken and verified to be effective in eliminating problem; Remain current on developments in field(s) of expertise and industry trends; Mentor junior staff members

Skills Required: Demonstrated leadership of technical teams in medical device field; Demonstrated aptitude for and mastery of Quality Engineering principles; Demonstrated problem solving skills in a multidisciplinary environment; Exemplary analytical, organizational, written and oral communication skills; Proficient with statistical analysis for engineering and manufacturing; Strong ability to operate independently and as a team member; Teamwork: ability to work closely and effectively with team members and colleagues across engineering as well as non-engineering disciplines such as biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology and chemistry; Knowledge of implantable medical device design control and manufacturing processes ; Deep experience in safety standards for a variety of medical device types; Knowledge of biocompatibility, packaging and sterilization quality assurance; Demonstrated ability to interface effectively with professionals in the medical and biological sciences; Demonstrated knowledge of sound design principles, regulatory requirements, and product and process validation procedures; Demonstrated proficiency with computer aided design software and hardware familiarity. Formal training on systems and software is desired.

Also required: Bachelor’s degree or higher in Engineering; Ten years minimum experience in medical device engineering (Quality, R&D and Manufacturing) with demonstrated capability and thorough understanding of quality management; Three years minimum direct personnel management and related leadership experience; ASQ Certified Quality Engineer certification preferred; Must have experience in GMP electro-mechanical product design and manufacturing; Requires highly developed leadership skills and experience, including the ability tomap task interdependencies, multi-task, prioritize such tasks, meet deadlines, and develop, monitor and live within budgets as well as the demonstrated ability to forecast major milestones.  Must be skilled at delegation, follow-up, and team building.

Head of Molecular Analysis – Mountain View, CA

An early stage, recently funded company with revolutionizing early cancer detection and prevention technology, comprising of simple, accurate, and proprietary blood test, has an immediate opening for Head of Molecular Analysis.  This is a critical, highly visible position and requires minimum 8-10 years experience in both hands-on analysis and strategic experience to build the team.  There will be equity sharing in addition to competitive salary.  Will require frequent travel to Taiwan and ability to speak Mandarin is a huge plus.

The successful candidate will lead, design and implement the overall molecular analytical approach to be adopted by the company for early cancer detection through the use of “rare cell” technologies. Working with the R&D team in Taiwan, s/he will design and build the molecular assay platform and panels for identifying major types of cancer. In addition, this person will lead the effort to productize the molecular fingerprinting panels so that they can be offered for sale commercially worldwide. Being in a fast moving start up environment, the candidate is expected to be hands-on as well as capable of building and managing a team over time.

Responsibilities Develop and maintain a map of suitability characteristics of molecular techniques to identify / confirm cancers through rare cells isolated by the company platform; Develop & implement a plan to build a molecular assay platform to identify major cancer types; Productize developed “rare cell fingerprinting panels” for specific cancer types per the company’s product road map; Advise and assist on optimizing existing & new assays for stability, specificity, sensitivity & reproducibility, following the principles of design control; Setup & manage a molecular lab in the US to supplement/complement the Taiwan lab; Evaluate the feasibility of ctDNA (circulating tumor DNA) & if applicable develop a ctDNA assay; Evaluate & make recommendations on the costs/ benefits of commercializing alternative techniques; Monitor & ensure implementation of goals to meet established quality assurance, quality control & quality improvement plans; Act in accordance with regulatory compliance requirements, including but not limited to company’s quality system requirements; Represent the company at major annual conferences through publications & speaker panels; Work cross functionally to patent innovations worldwide.

Skills & Experience:  Ph.D. or equivalent degree in Cell or Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology or other biomedical science with 5 – 10 years of relevant industrial experience; Generation, isolation & sub cloning of nucleic acids from genomic, mRNA & recombinant sources through PCR, restriction digestion, ligation, transformation & transfection or other techniques; In-depth knowledge & expertise in developing automated molecular assays or methods, including real-time PCR, next generation sequencing, or others; Skills in optimizing assay design & condition, including Design of Experiments (DOE) optimization where appropriate; Familiarity with “rare cell” technologies for cancer detection and screening including CTCs, cell free DNA and other cancer markers, desirable but not required; Have an in-depth understanding of the research laboratory environment and be familiar with complex laboratory equipment / instrumentation, including working experience with perishable samples such as human blood; The candidate should demonstrate a track record of creativity and innovation in hypothesis building and experimental design to deliver definitive results; Record of significant contribution to publications in peer reviewed journals and presentations at scientific meetings; Proficiency in conducting studies under design control, and in technical writing for study protocols, data summaries and technical reports, suitable for submission to regulatory agencies; A team player with excellent oral and written communication skills; Capable of adjusting to a dynamic start-up working environment and changing priorities; Working knowledge of data analysis and interpretation, and statistical analysis; Willing to travel to Taiwan.

Director of R&D/ Mechanical Engineering – San Jose, CA

There is an immediate opening for Director of R&D Mechanical Engineering in an early stage company developing a novel approach for the oral delivery of large drug molecules.  This position is responsible for effectively leading multi-project R&D efforts of the organization through technical expertise, interpersonal skills & a clear vision for execution.

Responsibilities: Manage resources to accomplish multi-project product research & development; Provide Mechanical Engineering support to meet R&D objectives; Remain current on developments in field(s) of expertise and industry trends; Actively pursue development of corporate IP; Identify future product opportunities; Develop plans & analyses for execution and review with leadership team; Maintain & update appropriate controlled documentation; Mentor junior staff members.

Skills & Experience: Demonstrated leadership of technical teams in medical device field; aptitude for & mastery of Mechanical Engineering principles; problem solving skills in a multidisciplinary environment; Proficient with statistical analysis for engineering and manufacturing; ability to work closely with team members across engineering & non-engineering disciplines such as biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology & chemistry; Knowledge of plastic manufacturing processes including injection molding, thermoforming, casting, machining, extrusion etc.; Knowledge of metals & alloys used in medical devices and processing techniques such as brazing, laser welding & cutting, electropolishing, electroplating, machining etc.; Deep experience in polymer processing, catheter design & fabrication, including knowledge of polymer joining, fusing, die cutting, adhesives etc.; Knowledge of biomaterials & coatings suitable for implantation; Knowledge of packaging & sterilization techniques; ability to interface effectively with professionals in the medical and biological sciences; knowledge of sound design principles, regulatory requirements, and product and process validation procedures; proficiency with computer aided design software & hardware. Formal training on systems & software is desired.

Also required: Bachelor’s degree or higher in Mechanical Engineering; 10+ years experience in engineering and product development with demonstrated capability & thorough understanding of the medical device product development process; Three years minimum direct personnel management & related project leadership experience; ability to map task interdependencies, multi-task, prioritize such tasks, meet deadlines & develop, monitor and live within budgets as well as ability to forecast major milestones. Must be skilled at delegation, follow-up, and team building.

Research Engineer – San Francisco, CA

A company working on highly advanced and innovative consumer health sensing technology, has an immediate opening for Research Engineer in San Francisco, CA.  Responsibilities include, research, implement, and analyze cutting edge physiological sensors and signal applications, help design and trouble shoot experiments for top secret projects pertaining to future product offerings, and work closely with excellent research and device team to ingrate the work into amazing consumer products.  Requirements include, Bachelors in Engineering plus 2 years experience or MS in Engineering, proficiency sensors, signal processing, and exploratory data analysis.  DSP techniques including time series analysis, adaptive filters, and noise cancellation, demonstrated ability in a scientific computing language (R, Python, and/or Matlab), and passion for health, wellbeing, and fitness are great plusses.  An advanced degree, Knowledge of NoSQL database systems, biomedical engineering background, prior experience in physiological sensors, real time biological data processing, Electrical Engineering, etc. are huge pluses.   This is a contract to hire opportunity, for local residents only (no visa processing).  The opportunity will start as full time contract opportunity and will turn into permanent opportunity in a period of 3-6 months.  Compensation will be between $30 and $45 an hour and will include stock options, as added incentive.

General Manager – Software Engineering, Life Sciences – CA

There is an immediate opening for General Manager of Software Engineering in Life Sciences Division, with a large company near Dublin, CA, with a broad portfolio of transformational medical technologies in medical imaging & information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring and life support systems, disease research, drug discovery, &  biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies. The focus is in helping physicians detect disease earlier and to tailor personalized treatments for patients, & improving productivity in healthcare and enhance patient care by enabling healthcare providers to better diagnose and treat cancer, heart disease, neurological diseases, & other conditions.

Job Description
The GM for Life Science Software Engineering is a key member in the Chief Technology Officer’s Executive Leadership team. The position requires excellent technical and operational knowledge coupled with superior people leadership skills, program management experience and business planning processes. The GM, Software Engineering will: Provide advanced technical expertise and thought leadership in the area of strategic software development and governance; Lead and drive next generation product software strategies and services. With strong leadership and close collaboration with functional business leaders ensure Life Sciences software architecture is set to meet the needs of the future; Align strongly with and leverage the San Ramon software center of excellence; Drive business innovation and transformation with strong platform leadership. Move away from point solutions towards effective processes and tools, creating a change-enabled architecture platform, enabling flexibility and agility in the business; Maximize the value of each SW/IT investment Lif Science division. Focus on not just solving and solution for today’s projects, but solving for tomorrows needs by building the longer term plans (architecture blueprints and roadmaps) and driving projects to align to the longer strategic plans. Adapt HC SW solutions and COE architecture wherever efficient and applicable in a lean fashion; Drive efficiency to Maximizing the reuse and Simplification. The future Architecture must ensure that we drive towards a more standardized and reuse based SW development; Drive implementation of processes and tools for efficient and effective global software development lifecycle; Drive Life sciences wide software governance to ensure goals and targets are met and are measurable. Lead the Life Sciences review processes for software architecture; Integrate internal and external product design into a cohesive world class user experience; lead and direct activities within the Life Sciences business software area including reference application architecture; content models design patterns; service-based architecture strategy, development and support and other areas; Be responsible for program budgets and/or cost centers, resource allocation and planning to ensure delivery of business benefits.

Desired Skills & Experience
Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree CS/MIS or similarly positioned technical discipline; Minimum twelve years IT experience; At least eight years of leadership experience leading large design efforts and coordinating project for reputed multinational IT organizations; At least five years as a manager of geographically distributed development teams with 10 or more members.

Preferred Qualifications: Masters in Computer Science or similar discipline; Experience with a broad array of Infrastructure technologies (compute, network, telecom, database, etc.); Demonstrated program management skills including project initiation, scoping, resourcing, scheduling, budgeting, risk management and communication ; Project management experience in global environments; Excellent interpersonal, presentation and facilitation skills; Ability to learn complex systems and business processes and define requirements for solutions; Mastery of user interaction design skills; Familiarity with field and lab-based usability research methodologies; Ability to communicate design rationale and build consensus; Ability to prioritize and manage work to critical project timelines in a fast-paced environment; Previous experience in medical devices; Expert understanding of regulatory requirements, IT SOPs and Validation SOPs; Experience working in Agile Environment.

Post-Doc ———- San Jose, CA

A medical device company has a post-doc position.  Requires PhD in Material Science, BioEngineering, BioChemistry or related areas, ideally from a top notch school.  Must have excellent references.  Send resume as an attachment with brief description of the academic experience and projects, in the body of the email.

Patent Attorney – Sunnyvale, CA

Innovative medical device company with a broad line of product portfolio, has an opening for Senior Patent Attorney for VP level position.  Must have 15+ years of medical device and biotech patent prosecution experience in a law firm.

Manufacturing Manager – Santa Cruz, CA

Job Functions & Responsibilities: This position will be responsible for managing production operations to ensure business objectives are achieved at the lowest cost consistent with customer delivery and quality requirements.  Responsibilities include: Manufacturing scheduling and staffing; Production methods and standards; In-process product quality; Materials responsibilities including procurement and inventory management; Safety policies and procedures; Hourly employee development, performance management and relations; Continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing Leadership and implementation; Budget management and cost containment.

Requirements: Knowledge of Manufacturing concepts and principles; Experience in Lean Manufacturing, Process management/statistical process control, Production layout/design/method, Manufacturing equipment management and knowledge of Business and office system software.  Also required, experience in Capacity planning; Scheduling/MRP; Budget management; Team development of both hourly and salaried direct reports; Problem analysis/solving; Managing internal and external relationships.  Bachelors degree or equivalent experience required.  Also required, Medical/Cleanroom/Assembly experience; Experience managing a 24/7 operation; Ten years manufacturing experience; Management experience; Experience in the Injection Molding/Plastics industry.

Accountability measures include, Quality, Safety, Productivity, Utilization, Service, Deliver, Cost efficiency and continuous improvement, and Employee development and retention.

Software Developers – SF Bay Area (contract, part-time)

Big data and machines are revolutionizing the way we operate. A software company that provides innovative, modular, scalable and world class solutions, in this industrial-internet paradigm, by leveraging state of the art sensor technologies, cloud computing, big data analytics, and complex event processing, is now scaling in pre-funding stage. Some of the clients include Cisco Systems, Applied Mateirals, Huawei, Agilent, HP, Foxconn, Fletronics, and Sanmina that are using this software to transform their engineering and manufacturing operations. The company is expanding core engineering and product development team and looking for high caliber, senior software developers, with interest in working with cutting edge technologies in a high energy entrepreneurial environment.

Responsibilities include: Being involved in all stages of SDLC including analysis, design, implementation, testing, documentation, and release; Participate in multiple projects with changing requirements; and Maintain contact with clients/ partners to provide solution support and updates.

Requirements include: 4-6 years of software development experience; Software Development experience; ASP.NET with MVC, JQuery; Comfortable in data modeling, developing stored procedures, and triggers; and Readiness to learn new technologies quickly. Windows Workflow Communication Foundation 4.0; Biztalk RFID server skills; Windows Mobile Development experience; and Exposure to Windows Azure.

The position is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Telecommute is okay but may need to attend client team meetings. Duration: 6-12 months to full-time. Terms: 1099, corp-to-corp, contract-to-hire, no visa sponsorships. Pay: rate negotiable. Open to considering excellent part-time candidates.

JOB Toulouse

JOB Toulouse (Photo credit: JiPs☆STiCk)


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A Black Mother’s Cry (on tragic death of Trayvon Martin)

A black mother’s cry (on tragic death of Trayvon Martin)

The very first time when I kissed your head, held you in my arms
I held the world, when I closed my hands over your tiny little palms

When you were one, You were still so tiny, so helpless
I changed you, fed you, smothered you with kisses
Then you turned two, scribbled with crayons on walls
With sauce running down sticky fingers holding meatballs
You had so many questions, when you turned just three
Your little mind learning, grasping, not a moment free
At four, you asked about wind, water, fire, people and places
I smiled.  “Slow down, little one”, I said, but you had your ways

You were quite a charmer, at five, when you went to school
I dressed you in new green hoodie and you looked so cool
You were acing math at six, my dreams for you soared
Took you to field trips and museums, you were never bored
When you were seven, someone called you a name
I told you about Dr. King and being a different color is no shame
At eight, you learned more about the world and prejudices
Not quite so innocent, your confidence shaken with the biases

You seemed less keen to excel, I told myself, “he is only nine
“Does he need help,” I debated, “No,” I said, “he will be fine”
At ten, you got more friends and you seemed to be happier
Your friends gave you comfort, with them, you were chattier
At eleven, teachers expected less and you delivered a little less
My faith just as strong, I held hopes for you nevertheless
Almost a teen, at twelve, my faith unshaken, yet my fears grew
But you aced your test, you might have seen a ray of hope too

And then you were thirteen, your childhood left behind
Quite aware of how people thought, you had a keen mind
At fourteen, you became dark, tall, handsome gentleman
You stole many a hearts, yet part of the world only saw a black man
Less concerned with school and more about your safety, at fifteen
I taught you not math but how to blend and avoid being seen
At sixteen, I said a prayer, “Dear God, let him be treated right”
Only couple more years and he will grow out of awkwardness and shine bright

But you turned seventeen and your life ended just like that with a bullet
Because someone saw my black child with skittles in the pocket, as a threat!
As I held your broken body in my hands, my world shattered
My dreams lay broken along with your body, nothing mattered
My anguish so deep, as I sat still listening to the perpetrator’s story of self-defense
Slowly I learned, my child on whom my hopes were pinned, never had a chance!

Trayvon’s Story

On February 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old African-American teenager, carrying a bottle of iced tea and a bag of skittles, was shot dead by George Zimmerman, a 28 year old neighborhood watch coordinator, who first followed Trayvon on suspicion that he “looked up to no good and looked like he was on drugs”, and later claimed that he was “attacked first by Trayvon and shot him in self-defense”.  While the jury is still in deliberation, what bags consideration is the fact that in our society, the spirit of little black children is often killed, many times, long before they get to late teens, an age when they experience the final assault in terms of how society perceives them to be dangerous, “up to no good”, on drugs, in gangs etc.  As a society, we are failing them in every way; not standing for their safety, for their education, for their freedom to wear what they choose without being looked at suspiciously, for their freedom to walk in neighborhoods, or shop, without being followed.  What child will have a smooth transition to teen years with so many odds stacked against them?  As if the odds stacked against being a black man are not enough, the fact that someone is even putting up a defense to get away with murder of an unarmed person with a bag of skittles, is mind-boggling on one hand, and heart-wrenching on the other.  (Just heard the verdict – that he did get away with murder).

In my opinion, jury failed to do the job of rendering justice by letting Zimmerman walk free.  As a society, we have to examine our own prejudices hidden in the deep recesses of our hearts.  I don’t think Trayvons have a fair chance at life to being with.  With or without Zimmermans, the lives of little Trayvons are doomed.  Parents may see little rays of hope but societal prejudices can be lethal.  And then we have to examine archaic laws and arming of lunatics!!  For a nation that considers itself a leader among developed nations, it’s a jungle out there (in little pockets) where mothers loose their sons just for wearing a hoodie, families loose their kids never to return back from a normal school day (as in Newtown shooting), representatives get shot at just for holding a meeting to listen to the voices of the people they represent (as in Giffords).  And in the end, justice is not available to all.  So very very sad!!  I want to send a little hug to bring small measure of comfort to Trayvon’s mother.


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Design Thinking for the Underserved – at Health Tech Forum Innovation Conference

At Health Technology Forum, innovation conference on April, 19th 2013, a panel addressed the challenges and opportunities in building design thinking in planning technology solutions for the underserved.  The panel shared examples and case studies from their work, around the world.  Healthcare delivery, in low resource settings, can be particularly challenging.  The panelists demonstrated how innovative design solutions addressed key pain points, and enhanced quality of care in these situations.  Seema Handu, Managing Director at Children’s Global Health Initiative, moderated the panel and shared about the work done by CGHI in various parts of the world, with its mission to enable sustainable global health.  Handu shared examples of work like the Solar Suitcase

Solar suitcase headed for Africa with wecareso...

Solar suitcase headed for Africa with (Photo credit: veritatem) which is affordable, cost effective, light weight, efficient, safe, portable suitcase that can be easily assembled, and has been used with increasing demand, to bring light into the hospitals, and to power small medical instruments, in rural Africa.


Dr. Andre Muelenaer, CMO at Pediatric Medical Device Institute, said, design thinking for the underserved, requires considerations of the needs of the community and the needs of the patient.  He and his team often visit the developing regions of the world, and perform needs assessment, to ensure that unnecessary equipment is not dumped there, without consideration of the requirements and resources.  Glen Moy is Senior Program Officer with California HealthCare Foundation.  Each year, the foundation gives away $40 million, in grants.  In reviewing the grant proposals, the foundation considers if the solution is targeted for the right problem, and if it is patient centered.   Foundation gives many small grants, to nurture early stage ideas, said Moy.


Dennis Boyle, Partner and Founding Member with IDEO, shared about the design thinking approach at IDEO that is human centered, and balances understanding of the community, business, and technology factors.  Above all, it is based on understanding people’s needs.  Boyle shared IDEO success stories including solving urban sanitation problem in Ghana and giving home trained, otherwise poorly qualified doctors in Bihar, India, information and access to some basic tools and access to doctors in major hospitals, in big cities.  Boyle also talked about understanding culture and beliefs and behavior patterns of the community.  For instance, while clean cook stoves were a necessity in Tanzania, and though many families acquired them, they rarely used them, opting for chopping down the wood instead.  They were gradually educated how clean cook stoves were safer, easy to care, and healthier, in order to help the people move from acquisition of cook stoves to actual use.



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