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Any country that had banned should REMOVE BAN on Salman Rushdie’s book Satanic Verses

In history, great progress has been frequently tied to penmanship. But writers have frequently faced great challenges. Around 1600s Galileo almost faced death and was accused of heresy and his work was banned by the Church because the church did not want people to believe that the earth went around the sun, even though Galileo had gazed upon the solar system from his telescope. In 1958, in Alabama, a children’s book, Rabbit’s wedding was banned because the wedding was occurring between a black rabbit and a white rabbit and some people feared that this cute children’s book would be a precursor to race mixing between people. In 1988, #SalmanRushdie’s novel #SatanicVerses was banned in India because it was believed to be critical of a religion.

Right to free speech and penmanship must be protected. I believe that even badly written ones or books with malicious intentions shouldn’t be banned. Wouldn’t we rather have people take out their frustration with a pen than in deeds? Especially books should not be banned — also considering the fact that writing such long works takes time and therefore often includes thoughtful or at least detailed analysis of a subject and many people who wish the books to be banned have not read a single page from the book. Also, there is every opportunity for others to write an equally strong critique, articles or books. World needs to send a strong message that authors cannot be harmed if people don’t like what they have to say. No country should be able to rile up millions of illiterate people to harm authors of great works. India SHOULD UNBAN Salman Rushdie’s BOOK Satanic Verses immediately & honor this great writer and thinker and assert everyone’s right to free speech. Let us hashtag & tweet #SatanicVersesUnbanIndia & #UnbanSatanicVerses – also this below is some information (summarized from Wikipedia) for those who would like to know about the book.

The book has received favorable reviews from literary critics and it was a 1988 Booker Prize finalist (losing to Peter Carey’s Oscar and Lucinda) and won the 1988 Whitbread Award for novel of the year. In a 2003 volume of criticism of Rushdie’s career, the influential critic Harold Bloom named The Satanic Verses “Rushdie’s largest aesthetic achievement”.[8] The book is about immigrant experiences of identity, alienation, rootlessness, brutality, compromise, and conformity. These concepts confront all migrants, disillusioned with both cultures: the one they are in and the one they join. Yet knowing they cannot live a life of anonymity, they mediate between them both. The work said to be “albeit surreal, record of its own author’s continuing identity crisis and Rushdie himself confirmed saying that the book was not about Islam, “but about migration, metamorphosis, divided selves, love, death, London and Bombay.” References to religion are at best tangential and fictional and at worst, may reflect author’s personal beliefs and no one deserves bodily harm for having a different set of personal beliefs. Any country, including India, should REMOVE THE BAN on Rushdie’s novel Satanic Verses and let the writers and their works enjoy full freedom of expression.

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