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Diversity on Boards

In 1995, when I began doing diversity training for employees at @IBM, there was often some resistance among corporations. Some felt that it was better to not “open a can of worms”. At IBM, a grand diversity initiative was started by Ted Childs Jr., who is widely recognized as the leading corporate diversity expert. 

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At the core of the diversity training, we focused on how workplaces that become inclusive where each and every employee can bring their best and contribute at the highest level of productivity, such teams enjoy high morale and the company enjoys high retention rate. In our trainings, we emphasized the importance of embracing diversity to uncover the competitive advantage it provides. 

All of that is still true. AND additionally, it seems, today the climate exists where we can also speak freely of how and why it is ethically and morally the right thing to do, to embrace the entire range of diversity, from diversity of gender, race, religion and sexual orientation to diversity of thought, functionalities and perspectives.

I am eagerly looking forward to the Road to @TiEcon panel on July, 22 at 9:40am on the roadmap to bring diversity on boards of corporations. It is widely understood that just having a diverse range of people on a team, is in itself not enough to create a high performing team. In order to leverage diversity and create a high performing team, a team needs to strategically and consciously create a culture that values diverse people, diverse range of behaviors, and creates a space for listening to diverse perspectives. 

I am eagerly looking forward to the views and best practices that this panel will share. The panelists are: Anjali Bansal, founder at Avaana Capital; Dipti Jaggi @clinakos; and Tina Shah Paikeday, Head of D&I @RRAonLeadership at Russell Reynolds Advisory. 

Sign up for this exciting panel and the entire event at the link below. 

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Hardware enabling Artificial Intelligence Revolution – Panel at TiEcon

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From virtual doctors to hassle free data maintenance to driverless cars and robotic surgeries, artificial intelligence (AI) has been transforming the way we live, work, learn, and conduct business.  But it is only now, as powerful GPUs have become available to train networks, that the technology has become more practical and it’s use more strategic. 

At Road to TiEcon event on July 22, an exciting panel of senior leaders across a range of industries, will discuss how hardware is enabling the AI revolution. Panelists include Chris Rowen, CEO at @BabbleLabs & founder of #Tensilica; Gaurav Singh, Corporate VP at @XilinxInc; Gordon Wilson, CEO at Rain Neuromorphics @Rain_AI; and Sumit Gupta, VP of AI strategy & CTO, Data & AI at @IBMData @IBMcloud @IBM cognitive systems. This will be an exciting panel.

The algorithmic superiority of certain complex functions comes only with high computation and memory and this requirement poses significant challenges to the hardware platforms required to execute these functions. The AI teams under proven leaders, are in constant quest for new devices, architecture and algorithms that would lead to improved efficiency. 

Sign up for this exciting panel and entire event at the link below.  

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Summit, IBM supercomputer is our recent hero in the fight against Covid-19

The looming threat of Covid-19 and the grim reality of the toll that novel coronavirus takes on humankind, makes it imperative that we find a way to prevent the spread faster and with less cost. Currently nine out of ten drug therapies fail mostly between phase 1 trials and regulatory approval. The estimated cost of developing a new treatment is around staggering US $2.6 billion.  While this article won’t address it, I want to mention that many bio/pharma companies are working with repurposed drugs to find a cure and at least 69 drugs have been identified as treatment possibilities. Drugs also have side effects and need to be tested for safety. Let us focus for a while on search for the vaccine.

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Many companies including Moderna, CureVac and BioNTech are working on vaccines. With the help of  Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other technologies the hunt for new pharmaceuticals and appropriate chemicals is expected to be quicker, cheaper and more effective. Novel coronavirus presents the most unprecedented challenge to date because of the speed with which it spreads. 

Who better than a supercomputer made by a company that has been on the cutting edge of innovation for over a century, to take on this speed challenge? IBM scientists instructed the world’s fastest computer to tackle this challenge at its Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Summit can run 200 quadrillion computations per second. The scientists ran thousands of simulations to analyse which drug compounds could stop the coronavirus from infecting the host cells. 

Summit, an IBM supercomputer equipped with the “brain of AI” identified 77 compounds (from over 8000 compounds) that could be efficacious in preventing coronavirus from spreading in the host.  This is promising news in humanity’s quest for an effective vaccine against the virus. These findings are published in the journal ChemRxiv and give us hope although road is still long to get there.

With increasing computer processing power and advanced algorithms, AI has been employed to analyze large data sets with greater efficiency and will likely lead to many exciting innovations.  While AI and ML show promise to change every industry sector for the better, artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning have become the most widely discussed topics in the healthcare sector and the excitement keeps growing.  

I will be looking forward to hearing about new innovations AI/ML at #TiEcon2020. Stay tuned for new dates for the conference at and on this blog.

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