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Year in Review – December, 2012: Theme- Water

Floating village house Tonle Sap Cambodia 2

Floating village house Tonle Sap Cambodia 2 (Photo credit: Pondspider)

For me, a big theme this year has been waterHurricane Sandy once again reminded us of the destructive power of water. Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, ( a challenging water movie, depicting life sustained in and by water, was a treat for the senses at every level.  And to borrow a water metaphor, if our eminent leaders (in the so called free world), do not quickly resolve the fiscal cliff, then there is a chance we will all fall of the cliff, and drown in high taxes.  I loved reunion with my college buddies, near the ocean in Orlando, and yearly visit with my mother, in India, despite the monsoons.

For me, the highlight of the year was visiting the floating village in Cambodia, on the shores of Lake Tonle Sap (, near Siem Riep. The visit generated many conflicting emotions.  Gawking at the people, as they went about their daily lives, seemed voyeuristic and clearly an invasion of their privacy. While the abject poverty of the people living on the water and living off of whatever the water provides, was heart-wrenching, it seemed strange to buy junk food from mothers at highly inflated prices and donate it to their kids.  Neesha (my sweet child and my loveliest travel companion) and I were glad to visit an orphanage where children were happy and smiling, and make donation there.   Visit to Khmer Rouge’s Killing Fields (seeing rows upon rows of skulls neatly lined up) and Toul Sleng Genocide Museum with cells, interrogation paraphernalia etc., was a gut wrenching, soul searching, thought provoking, tear streaked, heart rending experience. Why do people do horrible things to people; brother to sister; child to mother? Out of about 7M population at the time, Cambodia lost close to 4M people; due to war, rebellion, man-made famine, genocide, and politicide, including over 2M in mass murder by Khmer Rouge. Every family perhaps had someone who was killed and someone who was responsible in some way, for the killings.

And speaking of the horrors, people in Syria have been suffering at the hands of the brutal dictator, for too long, now. By now, almost 50K are presumed killed and close to 30K, reported missing, and over a million Syrians are displaced, as the world watches, helplessly.  It was a year of loss as well as a small victory in the UN, for the people of Palestine.  Many Israeli and Palestinian people are rooting for peace in the region and we hope these voices will prevail.  Jeremy Lin and Ganganam style dance were overnight sensations as twitter went abuzz with them.  Big Bird, Bunch of malarcky, and Binders full of women were the big buzz words of fiercely fought, US 2012 elections.  UK was a grand host and young Olympians, including Gabby Douglas, Katie-Ledecky, Missy Franklin and many other amazing athletes made the games, memorable and interesting.  As we get ready to celebrate X’mas, the Sandy Hook gun violence makes me and my children, infinitely sad.  In loving memory of the slained, precious children, I am sharing two of my poems, & .  Taliban were not able to silence or separate the brave young girl #Malala from her books, by shooting at her.   #DelhiVictim #Nirbhaya after being brutally gang raped & sodomized and after loosing all of her intestines, is fiercely fighting to survive and here is my poem honoring her fierce spirit .

Life continues to offer me many blessings, with my children being the hugest, best blessings. My mother is becoming increasingly frail, but every night she ends my call with “Best of Luck”, – her way of bestowing blessings on her daughter, living in a foreign land.  I love my work, both recruitment for medical device and biotech companies  and training in diversity and inclusion, both here in the US, and in India. My blog , is increasingly being read, worldwide :).  The stats indicate, 18,991 total views, with 1040 people following my blog.  My reviews e.g.  helped Shady Shakespeare Theater Company win a spot on the @greatnonprofits 2012 Top-Rated List!  So life’s been fun, exciting, sometimes sad, and always full of blessings.

Wishing you health and happiness, peace and prosperity in 2013.

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I ask you, my brothers….. A poem (dedicated to the #DelhiVictim of gang rape)

Protester Posters and Candles seeking Justice ...

Protester Posters and Candles seeking Justice for Gang rape Victim-009 (Photo credit: ramesh_lalwani)

(see information about the occurrence below, under the poem).

Maya Angelou calls me a phenomenal woman
I stand tall, side by side, with a man
Yet, I am powerless in face of violence
There, in place of my wit, all I had was silence

When my life turned upside down
In one bus ride across the town
It took six brute men to silence me for the night
When the darkness ended and I saw the light

“I want to live”, I said, fiercely determined
“I want to see the culprits punished”
I may be beaten, lost my intestines
But I have guts, to nail those swines

With or without you, I shall fight
My confidence doesn’t waver, not slight
Though, I am fighting fevers and infections
I haven’t lost my spirit, I’m telling you in my letters

Will you stand with me, for the sake of all our sisters?
Else, evil will infect everything like blisters
I have love in my heart to win the world over
I have anger in my heart to make the Gods cower

I also have forbearance and patience
I have endured for centuries, this nonsense
Now I ask you, my brothers, to speak for me
Against evil, speak on behalf of me, speak with me.

On December 16, 2012, at 9:30 pm, a young woman and her male friend were attacked in a city bus, in Delhi, India.  The male friend was beaten, and she was gang raped, and brutally sodomized, and then both were left for dead.  Despite loosing her intestines, being on the ventilator, fighting infections, and going through surgeries, this brave woman has not deserted her will to live and her determination to get justice and seeing the culprits punished.  She communicated that through letters.  The poem above is in honor of her spirit.  And for things to change, the men must be as outraged, as women.  (Additionally, here is my another poem, previously dedicated to women




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