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Taxi No. 9211: Bollywood Movie Review

Film Taxi No. 9211 revolves around two central characters that represent two very distinct lives and lifestyles in the sprawling, living, running, 24 hours pulsating city of Mumbai. The reference to the city is also very interesting. Such a living, breathing city with its own temptations and frustrations has its own impact on the inhabitants. 

Increasing inflation and inability to meet rising economic pressures turns a failed, cash strapped LIC agent turned cabbie (Nana Patekar) into a frustrated, angry man, ready to pick a fight with anyone. He picks up a passenger (John Abraham) who is born into immense wealth but his lifestyle choices and him giving in to every temptation, brings him to a point where he may lose all his wealth, unless he can successfully contest his father’s will.

This one cab ride marks a turning point in both their lives, as they meet their match in anger and dislike of others. It was as if they both were forced to look in the mirror. The film is pacy, entertaining and both actors deliver phenomenal and intense performances, devoid of histrionics.  The film is definitely speeding towards a moral but this moralistic message is not thrust upon the audience; instead it unravels naturally.  Director Milan Lutharia has done a fabulous job in focusing on the core issues, minus the melodrama. The film drives home a point that sometimes, there may be much in common among humans. They may be good or bad, angry and quick to react or take a pause before responding. Even when coming from vastly different lifestyles, temptations and frustrations, there may be similarities in how humans may react to the life around them which in turn rewards or punishes them accordingly. 

This film released in 2020, is interesting and is currently running on @Netflix .  I rate it a 4.2 on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being excellent.

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