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Technology Making Quality Healthcare Accessible to Those Most in Need – HealthTech Forum Conference – April 19, 2013 – Preview

Access to quality healthcare across the world is not consistent and to many it is simply not available.  Many of these people live shorter and highly constrained lives.  In fact, unavailability of adequate health care is presumed to be the primary cause of premature deaths of 100 million women, reported missing, worldwide.  Statistics are equally staggering regarding higher mortality among infants and children, on account of lack of medical care.  This is true even in more developed countries.  Health Technology Forum Innovation Conference, on April 19th, 2013 at UCSF, Mission Bay Conference Center, will explore innovations in healthcare technology that is making healthcare more accessible to those in need of quality care.  Here is a preview of some of some of the panels and speakers.

Social media is offering a whole new platform that is enabling communities and patients to be actively engaged in their own health.  The access to information makes the patients feel more empowered and knowledgeable.  However, participation on social platforms also raises HIPAA issues and other legal challenges.  Representatives from Bay Area’s prominent law firms will join in, on a panel, moderated by Renne Berry, Founder and CEO of goBeMoRe, about current issues relevant to digital media law and healthcare.

A panel moderated by Suneel Ratan, CEO and Founder of Care Architecture will explore the concept of using technology in caring for dual eligibles.  Plans often called “dual” or “dual eligible” are designed for people who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid at the same time. These plans include all Medicare Part A (hospital stay) and Part B (doctor visit) benefits and Part D prescription drug coverage. For people with limited incomes, these plans may offer better health care coverage than Original Medicare and a separate Part D plan.  Those who are dually eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid have a higher probability of complex chronic conditions, as well as mental health issues.  They have a higher probability of being institutionalized or are at a risk of being so.  They also account for a larger share of Medicare and Medicaid spending.  The panelists will discuss the role that “connected health” technology might play in healthcare programs for dual eligible individuals.  All such initiatives will need to begin with understanding the lifestyle, challenges, and characteristics of these individuals.  Additionally, the panel will discuss the recent successful model that has been pioneered by the VA and how it can be scaled.

I will be sharing information on other panels and excellent keynotes.  To register for the conference, go to Early bird price is available if you register before tomorrow, March, 15.

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Romney-Ryan 2012 – it’s just a limerick – on the eve of the second debate!

Romney Ryan Snake Oil

Romney Ryan Snake Oil (Photo credit: Jeff McNeill)

Romney-Ryan say they hold the key
Don’t ask “how”, if you can’t see
They’ll lower deficit without raising taxes
‘Cause trust’em, they are the magicians
Unless you get, “it’s a bunch of malarkey”

They’ll keep Bush-era tax cuts, expand ’em even
Romney-Ryan say they’ll close loopholes seven
Defies rules of math
There aren’t those loopholes to match
In the tax code to balance the cuts, no ma’am

Romney-Ryan say there’s a trick to adding two and two
In 4 years, they’ll add 12 million jobs, well can you?
Those jobs are expected under the current plan
Well, what’s new about their plan then?  Darn….
Their brazen, bold, sassiness’s what’s new

Ryan-Romney don’t endorse stimulus
That claim’s well……. Bogus
Ryan secured millions in government grants
While touting anti-government chants
Dude, he sure is a doofus

While insurance covers Viagra
Ryan-Romney chant anti-women mantra
Their policies may criminalize abortion
Curtail paying for contraception
This is but a small peek into their fenestra

Not just anti-women policy and anti-47 percent
voted against dream-act, policy is anti-immigrant
Ryan-Romney promise path to prosperity
With voucher-care there’ll be no parity
Remember, favoring only rich & privileged, their platform ain’t decent

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