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Genetically Engineered Oncolytic Virus to Treat Glioblastoma

Glioblastoma or GBM is the most aggressive brain tumor for which currently there exists no cure.  Michelle Chen talked about targeted oncolytic virus therapy for these tumors.  These tumors are highly malignant because the cells reproduce quickly and they are supported by a large network of blood vessels.  There are approximately 25,000 new cases in Europe and US, each year.  Median survival in newly diagnosed patients who receive the best treatments is less than 14 months.  Most patients experience quick relapse and survival after 5 years is very dim.

Following the diagnosis, the current standard of care consists of surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy with temozolomide.  FDA has recently also approved Avastin for recurrent GBM.  But new therapies for GBM are urgently needed.  There is a lot of activity in this space but currently active drugs have lot of safety concerns.

English: TAC_Brain_tumor_glioblastoma-Coronal_...

English: TAC_Brain_tumor_glioblastoma-Coronal_plane Italiano: Immagine TAC della zona cerebrale, identificando un tumore di tipo glioblastoma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DNX-2401 may be an elegant genetic engineered solution.  DNX-2401 is an engineered virus that is capable of selectively and effectively killing a broad range of tumor cells with defects in the retinoblastoma (Rb) pathway.  The virus enters cells by binding to specific types of integrins highly expressed on tumor cells and tumor endothelial cells.  Once it gets in, the virus replicates rapidly and the replicating viruses in turn kill host tumor cells.  Further cell killing is done by triggering of anti tumor immune response which is capable of eliciting tumor destruction.

DNX-2401 therapy has shown to improve survival in animal models.  Relapse of GBM is attributed to recurrence and persistence of tumor stem cells.  Is it possible that the virus kills the stem cells as well?  Indeed, results indicate that brain tumor stem cells are also susceptible to being killed by DNX-2401, said Chen.  Additionally, Delta 24 RGD + temozolomide seem to provide enhanced therapeutic benefit in combination therapy.

Early safety profile of DNX-2401 looks very good and early indication suggests it to be very efficacious and capable of selectively and effectively killing a broad range of tumor cells.  Expectations are that DNX-2401 will demonstrate therapeutic effects in a wide variety of cancers.  Currently DNX-2401 is delivered by direct injection into the tumor bed, guided by the MRI through the cranium or through surgical resection, into the walls of the resection cavity to kill residual tumor cells.

Chen went into more detailed explanation of the mechanism of action, and her talk was followed by Q&A.


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