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“I am thinking of me” – A poem dedicated to the parents of slain children at Sandy Hook, CT

I want to hold your little hand, my love — Poem

This poem is dedicated to the parents who lost their precious children in gun violence at SHES, Newtown, CT.  My heart goes out to them, waking up from a sleepless night, to the nightmare that is real.  The question to consider is – do we want to make our homes safer, even as our children are put in harm’s way in schools, colleges, theaters, malls or do we want to restrict access to guns.  Poem below……………

Didn’t hug you close, said my good bye in a hurry
I was annoyed that you were sloppy and slow
I want one chance to say I am really really sorry

Just once I want to smell your smell
I want to hold your little hand, my love
So many stories I still have to tell

Cook your favorite meal
Snuggle with you
Tickle you, my pickle

I am your mother, I am not done
Only I can keep you safe
You listen, you can’t be gone

I will trade all things I treasure
For one chance, to hold you
Once to gaze in your eyes, my dear

I want to tell you, it will be all right
Kiss away your boos and sorrows
Keep you safe, with all my might

Who am I without you, what will I do
I should think of you, my child
But I’m thinking of me, I need you

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