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Imagine how emerging technologies may reshape our world

detail of 3d printer printing a metal pieceAmong the hottest new emerging technologies for 2018, picked by MIT Technology Review, here are some that caught my attention. While 3D printing has been around for a while, it’s only been for plastics, while printing anything in metal is challenging and costly. But recent strides in 3D metal printing that are combining sophisticated software with cheap metal printers (e.g. Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Markforged, Desktop Metal etc.) are enabling precise control of microstructure of metals and will likely enable mass production of parts. Just imagine, you scrape your new Lexus Mini against a pole in the narrow parking space and you get home in the evening and 3D print a new bumper.

VANCOUVER City - CANADAOr imagine a city that makes sense.  A recent project in Toronto, called Quayside is designing urban neighborhoods built around digital technologies. Through an extensive network of sensors, data will be gathered on every aspect of urban life from air quality to noise levels to people’s daily activity patterns and decisions about design and policies will be made to make life more affordable, pleasant, fun and environmentally friendly.

Image of notebook on DNA chains background 
The image symbolizes the innovative technologies in the field of chemistry and Or imagine your baby arriving into the world with a report card that offers probabilities of heart attack, cancer, getting addicted to alcohol or tobacco, or being smarter than average, or being too competitive. LOL.  Through huge genetic studies, some involving more than a million people, this may become possible. It can bring so many new challenges that we better start thinking about all the implications.

Abstract Artificial intelligence. Technology web background. Virtual conceptOr imagine the possibilities of AI. Currently Artificial Intelligence is used mostly in the tech industry. But how AI will transform industries from medicine to manufacturing and energy, are endless. Recently at Ichan School of Medicine in Mount Sinai, a project called “Deep Patient” is based on use of AI to go through mounds of health data, in order to obtain insights about disease risk. With the use of deep learning, a machine learning tool, the computer is learning new things without prior programming. Similarly, at University of Montreal, in an approach known as GAN or a generative adversarial network, two networks are trained on the same data but pitted against each other. This dueling neural networks become proficient and over time gain an independent ability to make sense of the world. And when Artificial Intelligence acquires capability for imagination, the possibilities are endless on how it will impact all aspects of our lives.

You can read about top 10 breakthrough technologies of 2018 at

Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, Autonomous vehicles and Artificial Intelligence will all intersect with Data, Cloud and will reshape our world in unimaginable ways. Attend TiEInflect 2018 this Friday and Saturday and get insights into which new technology innovations will have an immediate profound impact on our lives and which ones hold the future potential to turn our world upside down. 

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Emerging Technologies & Opportunities in Mobile, Cloud, Social Media and more will be discussed at annual conference on Feb 18, 2012

What technologies will matter in 2012?  Would you like to hear from the industry veterans and successful entrepreneurs?  Where will be big growth in social media, cloud, mobile apps?  This year GITPRO conference promises to deliver all this and more.

By all indications, mobile apps will continue to grow in the coming year.  But the question remains about how to monetize it?  Will the monetization come in location based services, mobile search, money transfer apps, mobile browsing, mobile music or will be something else?  Shisu Bedi, CEO of AdMaxim will start of the Tech track with a talk on what to focus in developing and monetizing mobile apps.  Big Data is big this year and the panel on Big Data with Hadoop and NOSQL will be lead by Milin Bhandarkar, founding member of Hadoop, now at Greenplum Labs.  We are also seeing businesses building social media programs and the questions again remain regarding enthusiasm of the customers and their willingness to remain engaged.  How can companies design experiences that deliver tangible value in return for customers’ time and attention?  Jose Lazares, SVP, Marketing at thismoment and Khanderao, CTO, GloMantra will tackle these and other questions in the afternoon panel.  Anshu Sharma, VP of and Tyler Jewell, VP of Public Cloud at Orcle will discuss trends in developing with Cloud.  Steve Blank, serial entrepreneur and author of “Four Steps to the Epiphany” will deliver key note address.

Career track will tackle leadership issues, mid-career accelerators, managing effectively with influence and end with a panel discussion on preparing and negotiating in the 2012 job market.  The startup track is also exciting and veteran entrepreneurs will share lessons learned, and in different sessions, will take the attendees from startup essentials, to marketing, to raising investment.  Chet Kapoor, CEO of Apigee, who sold a company to IBM will share what he learned from launching and selling a company.  Carole Bellis from Kilpatric and Townsend and Anil Advani from InvenusLaw will cover legalities of launching a typical Silicon Valley startup, Dennis O’Malley will provide guidance on issues related to marketing and selling, and Ajit Deora and Shan Sinha will advise on how to pitch to the VCs and raising funding.

This promises to be a great conference and just the way to begin the professional journey in 2012.  Sign up at before February, 6 for discount with promocode BLOG2012 for $10 off.

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