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JOBS: May, 2019

Please see some of my current opportunities below. All opportunities are for local candidates with valid work visa and require deep industry experience.  If you have an interest then please send an email (resume as an attachment) at wd underscore darshana at hot mail dot com.

Job Search Human Resources Recruitment Career ConceptRegulatory Manager – San Jose, CA
Requires 8+ years of experience in pharma, ideally experience in biologics.

Clinical Trial Manager – San Jose, CA
Ideal experience: 8+ years experience in medical devices, ideal in neuromodulation,  running clinical trials, working with clinicians and medical centers.

Clinical Trial Manager – San Jose, CA
Ideal experience – 8+ years of hands on experience in running pharma trials at manager level. Running clinical studies in biologics is a major plus.

Manufacturing Engineer – San Jose, CA
Requires 8+ years of experience in medical device manufacturing.

Director of Manufacturing Automation – San Jose, CA

This position requires a dynamic, energetic, self-driven, engineering leader with broad manufacturing engineering and automation experience & will report to VP of Manufacturing Operations. The Director of Manufacturing Automation will lead the development of fully automated manufacturing systems for all aspects of company’s disposable drug tablet manufacturing. This individual will be responsible for defining system requirements, developing proof of principle systems, developing timelines and managing budgets and providing direct oversight and management of automation suppliers as well as driving the implementation and validation of manufacturing lines. This individual will work closely with product development, manufacturing engineering and quality in order to ensure manufacturability, achievement of targets, and develop processes for optimum manufacturability.

Responsibilities: Define functional & detailed requirements & specifications for manu automation, including quality & regulatory requirements; Manage internal & external process automation programs, project schedules & budgets; Develop facility plans & specifications for manufacturing scale-up; Oversee installation & qualification of automated manu systems; Comply with USFDA cGMP regulations, (ISO), Company policies, operating procedures, processes & task assignments.

Requirements: Experience managing and leading complex cross functional projects involving, electrical, mechanical, quality aspects; Experience with mechatronics or automation engineering including machine, mechanism and fixture design; Strong problem solving and analytical skills; experience with use of statistical analysis & design of experiments for product optimization & validation activities; Experience with lean manufacturing, design for manufacturing, design for test & test implementation. This position requires interface throughout all levels and functions of the organization; requires a cooperative team-balanced perspective for appropriate output and task outcome.  BS/MS in Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial Engineering & 15+ years’ experience managing an engineering group responsible for medical device development and manufacturing engineering with a strong history of hands-on experience is required. Also required Deep expertise in manufacturing automation for large scale manufacturing.

Director of Pilot Manufacturing – San Jose, CA

Innovative medical device company located in San Jose, CA has an immediate opening for Director of Pilot Manufacturing.  This position will report to VP of Manufacturing Operations. This low volume production line is crucial to the company’s several ongoing preclinical studies.

Duties and Responsibilities
Lead day to day operations including injection molding, aseptic processing, capsule assembly, supply chain and other related activities; Develop detailed production planning, resource allocation, equipment maintenance, operator training etc.; work closely with product development, pre-clinical & clinical groups and quality in order to ensure achievement of targets & develop manufacturing plans & detailed production schedules; Manage inventory of raw materials & injection molded components; Manage human resources in pilot manufacturing; Maintain a strong commitment to quality; Comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cGMP regulations, other regulatory requirements (ISO), Company policies, operating procedures, processes, and task assignments.

Strong problem solving & analytical skills; Experience with use of statistical analysis & design of experiments for product optimization and validation activities; Experience with lean manufacturing, design for manufacturing, design for test & test implementation; Experience working with ERP systems & Broad GMP manufacturing background with Class III medical devices. Requires BS/MS in Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial Engineering and 15+ years’ experience managing & supervising manufacturing with a strong history of hands-on experience successfully transferring new products into manufacturing & Deep technical experience with manufacturing processes, design control and quality systems. Also required, strong problem solving and analytical skills; Experience with use of statistical analysis and design of experiments for product optimization & validation activities; Experience with lean manufacturing, design for manufacturing, design for test and test implementation; Experience working with ERP systems. Also essential is proven ability to coach & develop employees & develop effective cross functional relationships. This position requires interface throughout all levels & functions of the organization.

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The Great Pretender – Play Review

“I feel I have hit bottom and then a trap door opens and I go further down and find another way to be sad”.  Mr. Felt (Steve Brady) is the host of iconic children’s TV program and is struggling with the loss of his wife and longtime puppeteer partner.  He has lost his enthusiasm and is contemplating retirement.  Show’s director, Tom (Michael Storm) has other ideas.  He wants to continue the show and he brings in a new puppeteer Jodi (Sarah Moser) to replace Mr. Felt’s wife, and to work the puppet, Francis.

In addition to being nervous, Jodi could not measure up to the role and fill in the big shoes of the original person.  However, Mr. Felt devotes a weekend to train Jodi in little nuances of puppet show, and Jodi turns out to be a great student.  Mr. Felt also feels rejuvenated, and he develops a close bond with Jodi.  After Jodi’s training, they are ready to share her skills with the Director Tom, and fellow puppeteer, Carol (Suzanne Grodner).  Mr. Felt was not prepared for the reaction from Carol.


moose (Photo credit: Genista)

It becomes apparent that this close knit team had much work to do, when it came to dealing with the loss of the team member, wife, and a close friend.  They could not simply put back the pieces, replace the old team member with a new one, and move on.  They needed to work through their grief, their anger and sadness, feel it, share it, mourn, cry, and rejoice in the happy memories, before letting go and moving on.

The show too must go on.  However, it does not have to go on as it always did in the past, pretending that there wasn’t a major upheaval, a huge crisis, and a deep loss, that the team was dealing with.  Can this moment of crisis be an opportunity to get real with the little members of its fan club, the children?

Great kudos to the Artistic Director, Robert Kelley, for continuing to expand the perspectives of the audience, through the medium of live theater.  Writer, David West Read has written a simple story, that has much depth and combines comedy and tragedy, that mirrors life.  Director, Stephen Brackett has done a fabulous job in helping it come alive, on stage.  As always Stage Manager, Jamie D. Mann has done a superb job in creating TV set, complete with clappy closet and Carol’s (the puppet) barn.

wpid-20140712_222938-1.jpgSpecial credits to the Casting Director, Leslie Martinson, and extremely talented cast, who not only played their roles, but played the roles of the puppets, and/or relating to the puppets, in that it seemed like it was a talented cast of seven, Steve Brady, Suzanne Grodner, Michael Storm, Sarah Moser, Carol, Francis, and Meatball Moose, (eight, counting Mr. Felt’s wife) .  What a treat!!

Do not miss the show; it is good for the laughs and good for the soul.  “The Great Pretender” will be running at Lucie Stern Theater in Palo Alto, till August 3, 2014 and tickets can be available at



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“Cesar Chavez” – Movie Review

Today is Cesar Chavez day, a state holiday in California, Colorado, and Texas.  This holiday is in honor of one of the greatest community activists, in recent history, and it is intended to promote community service.  Here is the review on the movie recently released on Chavez’s life and work.

The movie chronicles the civil rights struggle of Chavez, and his steadfast commitment to securing fair living wages and decent work conditions for farm workers, through civil disobedience, and other non-violent means.  The story begins in 1962, in Delano, CA.  Chavez worked in the fields until 1952 and then became an organizer for the Community Service Organization, a Latino civil rights group.  In 1962, Chavez left the CSO and co-founded the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA), later called the United Farm Workers (UFW).  Very early in the struggle, Chavez insisted that they would challenge the growers and rich lobbyists strictly through non-violent means.  Despite the boycotters facing many challenges, including arrested under false pretext, getting beat up by the police, getting shot at by the growers, and being doused by pesticides, Chavez insisted that under his leadership, they will not resort to violent means.  “You always have a choice”, he said.  And yet when people resorted to violence, he went on a fast, insisting that he would only break his fast, if every single member would sign a pledge of non-violence.  He also realized the strength in numbers and says, “we need an army of boycotters”.  Chavez also realized that if divided the farm workers will succumb to the growers, but with collaboration and unity, they will succeed.  He supported Filipino American farm workers and won their support.

This is a beautiful movie that chronicles his struggles that inspired millions of Americans to stand up and fight for social justice.  When the growers decided to bypass the American market and sell to England and countries in Europe, Chavez traveled to Europe and made his case directly to the people there and won their support in boycotting grapes from the US.  Chavez’ ultimate triumph in getting growers to the table and get them to accept the demands from the workers, for social justice and fairness, is indeed a heartwarming testament to the tenacity, commitment, and power of one individual to change the world.

Michael Pena is fabulous in his role as Cesar Chavez.  America Ferrera in her role as Cesar’s wife, Helen Chavez, packs quite a punch.  Helen Chavez supported her husband’s struggles but she was also torn between this struggle and her role as a mother.  When her son, Fernando (Eli Vargas) was getting picked on, in the school, on account of his father’s struggles, she became a lioness, coming to the rescue of her son.  During his teen years, Fernando Chavez, alienated from his peers, due to his father’s struggles, blamed his father and turned away from him, which deeply pained Chavez.

Cesar Chavez has left a giant legacy and he has been commemorated in a number of ways.  He has been a recipient of many awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and there is a portrait of Chavez in the National Portrait Gallery, in Washington, D.C.  There are books on Cesar Chavez, colleges named after him, parks and roads named after him, and postage stamps and navy ships named in his honor, and more.

This movie beautifully tells the story of the intensely challenging reality of the American farm workers’ lives, during 60’s and 70’s, and Chavez’s role in getting the society to acknowledge the harshness of their life and agree to certain fair wages and living conditions.  While there is an important history lesson embedded here, there isn’t a single dull moment in the movie.  Director Diego Luna has done a marvelous job of capturing the essence of Chavez’s long civil rights struggle and balancing it with a peak into how his struggle impacted other workers and his own family.  On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being excellent, I rate this movie a 4.8 and I assert that it should be must-see movie for students of American History.

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JOBS – November, 2013

For the opportunities below, please send resume at wd_darshana at hotmail dot com.  Please indicate in the email how closely the job description matches your background and identify gaps, if any.  Also, indicate your current compensation and compensation expectations.  Please note: All below opportunities (except one for post doc) require several years of industry experience and are only for local candidates, with valid US work visa (except the first one which is located in Taiwan).  Also note, opportunities at the top are hot and the ones lower down may be at various stages of being filled.  I am awaiting more job descriptions and will keep adding.   Leads appreciated.

Director of Laboratory Operations – Taipei, Taiwan
Reports to General Manager

An early stage company revolutionizing early cancer detection and prevention, bringing a superior quality of life, has an immediate opening for Laboratory Manager/ Director in Taipei, Taiwan. With its simple, accurate, and proprietary blood test, the company’s vision is to screen every person in the world. The technology was developed by scientists from Stanford University’s Genomics Research Center in Taiwan. The company has offices in Silicon Valley (U.S.) and Taiwan, and is funded by a leading venture capital firm in the U.S. and prominent technology industrialists in Taiwan.  This position is currently located in Taiwan.

Summary:  This is a key position, required to manage and run a clinical laboratory currently being established in Taipei, Taiwan.  The position reports to General Manager.  The Director of Laboratory Operations will have sole responsibility for all aspects of running the company’s Clinical Laboratory.  S/he will plan, organize, schedule, and direct work in order to effectively maximize the Laboratory’s employees, equipment, and materials utilization within budgetary constraints while adhering to quality technical standards. This individual will provide direct on-site supervision of specimen workflow, test performance, operations, clinical report generation, quality, compliance, and associated documentation to adhere to company policies and procedures and Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare Regulations.

Responsibilities: Manage the day-to-day operations; Ensure all lab policies & procedures meet the standards of current applicable lab regulations in Taiwan, & ensure compliance through documentation, audits, & corrective action; Develop & implement plans for initial lab set up, expansion to accommodate growing volume, & for validating new tests.  Perform and/or delegate the scheduling, planning, staffing, and monitoring of workflow to meet established goals; Maintain adequate staffing by interviewing, hiring, training, and assessment of personnel; Provide staff development through performance development and review; Support, implement, and ensure compliance with all company policies and procedures.  Direct updates of laboratory standard operating procedures and databases to accurately reflect the current practices; Procure appropriate supplies and equipment to maximize efficiencies and to meet established budgetary and quality goals; Maintain equipment and instruments in good operating condition, recognizing any malfunctions and troubleshooting as needed; Provide technical oversight and serve as a technical supervisor for problem solving and process improvements in order to ensure accurate test performance and to maintain adequate workflow; Work as needed with Research and Development on new projects and for technology transfer; Monitor and ensure implementation of goals to meet established quality assurance, quality control, and quality improvement plans; Ability and willingness to follow all laboratory procedures; Ability and willingness to act in accordance with regulatory compliance requirements, including but not limited to company’s quality system requirements

Qualifications and Experience Required:  Registered Medical Technologist in Taiwan.  10+ years of experience as a Medical Technologist or equivalent in a clinical laboratory environment, including supervisory/management function; BS/BA degree in Medical Technology or related field; Word processing, statistical/data management skills required; Must have proven leadership and interpersonal skills. Excellent oral and written communication skills required. Fluency in Mandarin and working knowledge of English; Familiarity with Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare Regulations, patient privacy protection regulations, and ISO 13485 requirements; Familiarity with ISO 15189 and 17025 desirable.

QA Testing Manager – Mountain View, CA

There is an immediate opening for QA Test Manager at remote health startup that is focused on bringing diagnostics into home use, with a vision to change healthcare.

Responsibilities: Define and manage validation and verification processes for medical devices; Analyze validation & verification needs, determines effective strategies & resources, & implement needed processes; Ensure that all work adheres to applicable SOPs, standards & regulations; Take responsibility for forming & maintaining the V&V team and directing the preparation & execution of all work.  Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in a technical field, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or Computer Science preferred; At least 3 years experience testing against product requirements and tracing tests to product requirements; At least 3 year experience working with design engineers, software, electrical and mechanical engineers and external and internal customers; Experience in working with engineers to design for testability; Experience managing short-term or outsourced testing resources on-site or off-site; Possess requirements & technical documentation preparation & analysis skills; Strong communication, analytical & interpersonal skills.  Preferred: Master’s Degree: Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or Computer Science preferred.; Expert in creating, managing, and executing test plans, procedures, and scripts; Expert in manual, automatic, regression, blackbox, whitebox, boundary condition, performance and other standard testing methods; Experience working with manufacturing team; Experience using a requirements and test management software system; Experience in leading a V&V team.

Director Quality Engineering – San Jose, CA

There is an exciting opportunity for Director Quality Engineering with strong capability and experience developing quality innovative medical devices.  This position is responsible for effectively leading multi-project quality engineering efforts of the organization through technical expertise, interpersonal skills and a clear vision for execution.

Responsibilities: Manage resources to accomplish multi-project product research, development and manufacturing; Contribute to strategy and management of GMP/GLP operation; Provide Quality Engineering support as necessary to meet organizational objectives; Maintain quality management systems necessary for development, including clinical evaluation; Develop quality plans and data analyses for execution and review with leadership team; Develop test strategies DOEs and test protocols to test developmental medical devices and manufacturing processes; Work with R & D and Operations to establish quality requirements at all phases of product/process development and manufacturing; Design, schedule, and if necessary, performs specific testing for existing and new products including supporting design and process validations, qualifications and first article inspections; Conducts supplier evaluations including supplier audits; Ensure that appropriate level of quality/reliability in purchased components is specified; Identify product/process problems and ensure appropriate corrective actions are taken and verified to be effective in eliminating problem; Remain current on developments in field(s) of expertise and industry trends; Mentor junior staff members

Skills Required: Demonstrated leadership of technical teams in medical device field; Demonstrated aptitude for and mastery of Quality Engineering principles; Demonstrated problem solving skills in a multidisciplinary environment; Exemplary analytical, organizational, written and oral communication skills; Proficient with statistical analysis for engineering and manufacturing; Strong ability to operate independently and as a team member; Teamwork: ability to work closely and effectively with team members and colleagues across engineering as well as non-engineering disciplines such as biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology and chemistry; Knowledge of implantable medical device design control and manufacturing processes ; Deep experience in safety standards for a variety of medical device types; Knowledge of biocompatibility, packaging and sterilization quality assurance; Demonstrated ability to interface effectively with professionals in the medical and biological sciences; Demonstrated knowledge of sound design principles, regulatory requirements, and product and process validation procedures; Demonstrated proficiency with computer aided design software and hardware familiarity. Formal training on systems and software is desired.

Also required: Bachelor’s degree or higher in Engineering; Ten years minimum experience in medical device engineering (Quality, R&D and Manufacturing) with demonstrated capability and thorough understanding of quality management; Three years minimum direct personnel management and related leadership experience; ASQ Certified Quality Engineer certification preferred; Must have experience in GMP electro-mechanical product design and manufacturing; Requires highly developed leadership skills and experience, including the ability tomap task interdependencies, multi-task, prioritize such tasks, meet deadlines, and develop, monitor and live within budgets as well as the demonstrated ability to forecast major milestones.  Must be skilled at delegation, follow-up, and team building.

Head of Molecular Analysis – Mountain View, CA

An early stage, recently funded company with revolutionizing early cancer detection and prevention technology, comprising of simple, accurate, and proprietary blood test, has an immediate opening for Head of Molecular Analysis.  This is a critical, highly visible position and requires minimum 8-10 years experience in both hands-on analysis and strategic experience to build the team.  There will be equity sharing in addition to competitive salary.  Will require frequent travel to Taiwan and ability to speak Mandarin is a huge plus.

The successful candidate will lead, design and implement the overall molecular analytical approach to be adopted by the company for early cancer detection through the use of “rare cell” technologies. Working with the R&D team in Taiwan, s/he will design and build the molecular assay platform and panels for identifying major types of cancer. In addition, this person will lead the effort to productize the molecular fingerprinting panels so that they can be offered for sale commercially worldwide. Being in a fast moving start up environment, the candidate is expected to be hands-on as well as capable of building and managing a team over time.

Responsibilities Develop and maintain a map of suitability characteristics of molecular techniques to identify / confirm cancers through rare cells isolated by the company platform; Develop & implement a plan to build a molecular assay platform to identify major cancer types; Productize developed “rare cell fingerprinting panels” for specific cancer types per the company’s product road map; Advise and assist on optimizing existing & new assays for stability, specificity, sensitivity & reproducibility, following the principles of design control; Setup & manage a molecular lab in the US to supplement/complement the Taiwan lab; Evaluate the feasibility of ctDNA (circulating tumor DNA) & if applicable develop a ctDNA assay; Evaluate & make recommendations on the costs/ benefits of commercializing alternative techniques; Monitor & ensure implementation of goals to meet established quality assurance, quality control & quality improvement plans; Act in accordance with regulatory compliance requirements, including but not limited to company’s quality system requirements; Represent the company at major annual conferences through publications & speaker panels; Work cross functionally to patent innovations worldwide.

Skills & Experience:  Ph.D. or equivalent degree in Cell or Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology or other biomedical science with 5 – 10 years of relevant industrial experience; Generation, isolation & sub cloning of nucleic acids from genomic, mRNA & recombinant sources through PCR, restriction digestion, ligation, transformation & transfection or other techniques; In-depth knowledge & expertise in developing automated molecular assays or methods, including real-time PCR, next generation sequencing, or others; Skills in optimizing assay design & condition, including Design of Experiments (DOE) optimization where appropriate; Familiarity with “rare cell” technologies for cancer detection and screening including CTCs, cell free DNA and other cancer markers, desirable but not required; Have an in-depth understanding of the research laboratory environment and be familiar with complex laboratory equipment / instrumentation, including working experience with perishable samples such as human blood; The candidate should demonstrate a track record of creativity and innovation in hypothesis building and experimental design to deliver definitive results; Record of significant contribution to publications in peer reviewed journals and presentations at scientific meetings; Proficiency in conducting studies under design control, and in technical writing for study protocols, data summaries and technical reports, suitable for submission to regulatory agencies; A team player with excellent oral and written communication skills; Capable of adjusting to a dynamic start-up working environment and changing priorities; Working knowledge of data analysis and interpretation, and statistical analysis; Willing to travel to Taiwan.

Director of R&D/ Mechanical Engineering – San Jose, CA

There is an immediate opening for Director of R&D Mechanical Engineering in an early stage company developing a novel approach for the oral delivery of large drug molecules.  This position is responsible for effectively leading multi-project R&D efforts of the organization through technical expertise, interpersonal skills & a clear vision for execution.

Responsibilities: Manage resources to accomplish multi-project product research & development; Provide Mechanical Engineering support to meet R&D objectives; Remain current on developments in field(s) of expertise and industry trends; Actively pursue development of corporate IP; Identify future product opportunities; Develop plans & analyses for execution and review with leadership team; Maintain & update appropriate controlled documentation; Mentor junior staff members.

Skills & Experience: Demonstrated leadership of technical teams in medical device field; aptitude for & mastery of Mechanical Engineering principles; problem solving skills in a multidisciplinary environment; Proficient with statistical analysis for engineering and manufacturing; ability to work closely with team members across engineering & non-engineering disciplines such as biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology & chemistry; Knowledge of plastic manufacturing processes including injection molding, thermoforming, casting, machining, extrusion etc.; Knowledge of metals & alloys used in medical devices and processing techniques such as brazing, laser welding & cutting, electropolishing, electroplating, machining etc.; Deep experience in polymer processing, catheter design & fabrication, including knowledge of polymer joining, fusing, die cutting, adhesives etc.; Knowledge of biomaterials & coatings suitable for implantation; Knowledge of packaging & sterilization techniques; ability to interface effectively with professionals in the medical and biological sciences; knowledge of sound design principles, regulatory requirements, and product and process validation procedures; proficiency with computer aided design software & hardware. Formal training on systems & software is desired.

Also required: Bachelor’s degree or higher in Mechanical Engineering; 10+ years experience in engineering and product development with demonstrated capability & thorough understanding of the medical device product development process; Three years minimum direct personnel management & related project leadership experience; ability to map task interdependencies, multi-task, prioritize such tasks, meet deadlines & develop, monitor and live within budgets as well as ability to forecast major milestones. Must be skilled at delegation, follow-up, and team building.

Research Engineer – San Francisco, CA

A company working on highly advanced and innovative consumer health sensing technology, has an immediate opening for Research Engineer in San Francisco, CA.  Responsibilities include, research, implement, and analyze cutting edge physiological sensors and signal applications, help design and trouble shoot experiments for top secret projects pertaining to future product offerings, and work closely with excellent research and device team to ingrate the work into amazing consumer products.  Requirements include, Bachelors in Engineering plus 2 years experience or MS in Engineering, proficiency sensors, signal processing, and exploratory data analysis.  DSP techniques including time series analysis, adaptive filters, and noise cancellation, demonstrated ability in a scientific computing language (R, Python, and/or Matlab), and passion for health, wellbeing, and fitness are great plusses.  An advanced degree, Knowledge of NoSQL database systems, biomedical engineering background, prior experience in physiological sensors, real time biological data processing, Electrical Engineering, etc. are huge pluses.   This is a contract to hire opportunity, for local residents only (no visa processing).  The opportunity will start as full time contract opportunity and will turn into permanent opportunity in a period of 3-6 months.  Compensation will be between $30 and $45 an hour and will include stock options, as added incentive.

General Manager – Software Engineering, Life Sciences – CA

There is an immediate opening for General Manager of Software Engineering in Life Sciences Division, with a large company near Dublin, CA, with a broad portfolio of transformational medical technologies in medical imaging & information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring and life support systems, disease research, drug discovery, &  biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies. The focus is in helping physicians detect disease earlier and to tailor personalized treatments for patients, & improving productivity in healthcare and enhance patient care by enabling healthcare providers to better diagnose and treat cancer, heart disease, neurological diseases, & other conditions.

Job Description
The GM for Life Science Software Engineering is a key member in the Chief Technology Officer’s Executive Leadership team. The position requires excellent technical and operational knowledge coupled with superior people leadership skills, program management experience and business planning processes. The GM, Software Engineering will: Provide advanced technical expertise and thought leadership in the area of strategic software development and governance; Lead and drive next generation product software strategies and services. With strong leadership and close collaboration with functional business leaders ensure Life Sciences software architecture is set to meet the needs of the future; Align strongly with and leverage the San Ramon software center of excellence; Drive business innovation and transformation with strong platform leadership. Move away from point solutions towards effective processes and tools, creating a change-enabled architecture platform, enabling flexibility and agility in the business; Maximize the value of each SW/IT investment Lif Science division. Focus on not just solving and solution for today’s projects, but solving for tomorrows needs by building the longer term plans (architecture blueprints and roadmaps) and driving projects to align to the longer strategic plans. Adapt HC SW solutions and COE architecture wherever efficient and applicable in a lean fashion; Drive efficiency to Maximizing the reuse and Simplification. The future Architecture must ensure that we drive towards a more standardized and reuse based SW development; Drive implementation of processes and tools for efficient and effective global software development lifecycle; Drive Life sciences wide software governance to ensure goals and targets are met and are measurable. Lead the Life Sciences review processes for software architecture; Integrate internal and external product design into a cohesive world class user experience; lead and direct activities within the Life Sciences business software area including reference application architecture; content models design patterns; service-based architecture strategy, development and support and other areas; Be responsible for program budgets and/or cost centers, resource allocation and planning to ensure delivery of business benefits.

Desired Skills & Experience
Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree CS/MIS or similarly positioned technical discipline; Minimum twelve years IT experience; At least eight years of leadership experience leading large design efforts and coordinating project for reputed multinational IT organizations; At least five years as a manager of geographically distributed development teams with 10 or more members.

Preferred Qualifications: Masters in Computer Science or similar discipline; Experience with a broad array of Infrastructure technologies (compute, network, telecom, database, etc.); Demonstrated program management skills including project initiation, scoping, resourcing, scheduling, budgeting, risk management and communication ; Project management experience in global environments; Excellent interpersonal, presentation and facilitation skills; Ability to learn complex systems and business processes and define requirements for solutions; Mastery of user interaction design skills; Familiarity with field and lab-based usability research methodologies; Ability to communicate design rationale and build consensus; Ability to prioritize and manage work to critical project timelines in a fast-paced environment; Previous experience in medical devices; Expert understanding of regulatory requirements, IT SOPs and Validation SOPs; Experience working in Agile Environment.

Post-Doc ———- San Jose, CA

A medical device company has a post-doc position.  Requires PhD in Material Science, BioEngineering, BioChemistry or related areas, ideally from a top notch school.  Must have excellent references.  Send resume as an attachment with brief description of the academic experience and projects, in the body of the email.

Patent Attorney – Sunnyvale, CA

Innovative medical device company with a broad line of product portfolio, has an opening for Senior Patent Attorney for VP level position.  Must have 15+ years of medical device and biotech patent prosecution experience in a law firm.

Manufacturing Manager – Santa Cruz, CA

Job Functions & Responsibilities: This position will be responsible for managing production operations to ensure business objectives are achieved at the lowest cost consistent with customer delivery and quality requirements.  Responsibilities include: Manufacturing scheduling and staffing; Production methods and standards; In-process product quality; Materials responsibilities including procurement and inventory management; Safety policies and procedures; Hourly employee development, performance management and relations; Continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing Leadership and implementation; Budget management and cost containment.

Requirements: Knowledge of Manufacturing concepts and principles; Experience in Lean Manufacturing, Process management/statistical process control, Production layout/design/method, Manufacturing equipment management and knowledge of Business and office system software.  Also required, experience in Capacity planning; Scheduling/MRP; Budget management; Team development of both hourly and salaried direct reports; Problem analysis/solving; Managing internal and external relationships.  Bachelors degree or equivalent experience required.  Also required, Medical/Cleanroom/Assembly experience; Experience managing a 24/7 operation; Ten years manufacturing experience; Management experience; Experience in the Injection Molding/Plastics industry.

Accountability measures include, Quality, Safety, Productivity, Utilization, Service, Deliver, Cost efficiency and continuous improvement, and Employee development and retention.

Software Developers – SF Bay Area (contract, part-time)

Big data and machines are revolutionizing the way we operate. A software company that provides innovative, modular, scalable and world class solutions, in this industrial-internet paradigm, by leveraging state of the art sensor technologies, cloud computing, big data analytics, and complex event processing, is now scaling in pre-funding stage. Some of the clients include Cisco Systems, Applied Mateirals, Huawei, Agilent, HP, Foxconn, Fletronics, and Sanmina that are using this software to transform their engineering and manufacturing operations. The company is expanding core engineering and product development team and looking for high caliber, senior software developers, with interest in working with cutting edge technologies in a high energy entrepreneurial environment.

Responsibilities include: Being involved in all stages of SDLC including analysis, design, implementation, testing, documentation, and release; Participate in multiple projects with changing requirements; and Maintain contact with clients/ partners to provide solution support and updates.

Requirements include: 4-6 years of software development experience; Software Development experience; ASP.NET with MVC, JQuery; Comfortable in data modeling, developing stored procedures, and triggers; and Readiness to learn new technologies quickly. Windows Workflow Communication Foundation 4.0; Biztalk RFID server skills; Windows Mobile Development experience; and Exposure to Windows Azure.

The position is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Telecommute is okay but may need to attend client team meetings. Duration: 6-12 months to full-time. Terms: 1099, corp-to-corp, contract-to-hire, no visa sponsorships. Pay: rate negotiable. Open to considering excellent part-time candidates.

JOB Toulouse

JOB Toulouse (Photo credit: JiPs☆STiCk)


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Wild With Happy — Play Review

Deeply personal, hysterically funny, also sad, full of wit and humor, the play “Wild With Happy”, by nationally acclaimed, OBIE award-winning and Tony award-nominated, actor and playwright, Colman Domingo, opened at TheatreWorks, at the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts.  Domingo is a gifted actor and has previously played in various well known productions, including “The Scottsboro Boys” – .  In “Wild With Happy”, he plays alongside Sharon Washington, who is superb in her duel role, and was nominated for an Outstanding Lead Actress, Lucille Lortel Award, for her performance as “Adelaide/ Aunt Glo.

English: American actor Colman Domingo at the ...

English: American actor Colman Domingo at the premiere of “Dreamgirls” in december 2006 at the Gotham Hall in New York taken by Maurice McRae. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gil (Domingo) in his early forties, has returned from NYC, to his home in Philly, to make arrangements for the funeral of his mother, whom he calls “Adelaide”, to the disapproval of his “Aunt Glo” (both roles played by Washington).  He continues to have conversations with his mother, now dead, as he also remembers the earlier times he spent with her, like the time when she decided to join a church and told him, it was to “get us some Jesus”.  His mother says, “you are just like me, probably more me than me”.  (Isn’t that how it always turns out?)  She wants to call Oprah on his behalf, has dreams for him, and believes in magic and fairy tales.  She advises, he let go of the past and be open to love, even as he insists, he is a middle aged grown man with $80K in student loans that has yet to be paid back, and magic does not happen in real life.

Aunt Glo, mother’s twin, is a feisty, energetic, zany woman, who gulps down pills to manage her blood pressure, and insists that they have a funeral befitting the tradition, even as she is cleaning out her sister’s closet, for her shoes, dresses, scarves and jackets.  Gil prefers a quiet end to mark his mother’s passing away, and questions the need for ceremony.  Aunt Glo insists that “tradition has to be maintained”, “because that is what our people do”, “because we are common people”, and that after the limo, hearse, and procession, there should be a reception, so as to not “get talked about afterwards”.  She stands her ground, insisting that while her sister was nearing the end of her life, she was the one taking care of her “onliest sister”, as Gil who was pursuing his career in theater, was “missing in acting”.

Gil, meanwhile, discusses the funeral arrangements with the funeral director, Terry (superbly played by Richards Prioleau), who tries to sell the best package, while Gil insists that he is looking for “best on a budget”.  To great consternation of his Aunt Glo, Gil settles on cremation, and drives with the urn, with his friend Mo (Duane Boutte), followed in hot pursuit by his Aunt and Terry.  Gil and Mo have some conflict along the way, but finally they all end up in Florida, in Disney’s MagicKingdom, in the Cinderella Suite.  And magic happens as they make peace.  Even as Gil realizes he cannot escape from grief, that “grief becomes part of you that never goes away”, he also understands, “love is a story that never ends”, and he must “shake some fairy dust and keep on believing”.  And acknowledging that love is a journey, Aunt Glo also concedes that “love is not a box of cherries, nor a bowl of chocolates,” but is a “trip down the winding lane”.  Finally, Gil is not running away from, or running towards, not escaping neither chasing, anything.  “I want to just sit”, he says.

Director, Danny Scheie has done a fantastic job.  Great kudos to Scenic Designer, Erik Flatmo, Stage Manger, Karen Szpaller, and Assistant Stage Manager, Emily Anderson Wolf.  Absolutely loved the beautiful set of Cinderella suite that briefly seems to transport the audience to the magicality symbolized by Disney.  Great kudos to Casting Director Leslie Martinson, for excellent casting.  And Costume Designer, Brandin Baron did a splendid job in bringing out the personalities of Adelaide and Aunt Glo, as well as other characters.

The dialogues are funny, they make you laugh; they also made me cry.  I absolutely loved Sharon Washington who plays both distinct roles and a brief Cinderella role, with aplomb.  I highly recommend this brilliant performance and pick it as not-to-miss play of this season, in South Bay Area, CA.  For tickets, go to .

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