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Healthcare Track Preview at TiEcon 2015

Healthcare industry is poised to go through impressive transformation, in the coming decade.  What some experts have dubbed a 3D transformation, changes in life sciences are happening through massive changes in Diagnostics, Digital Devices, and Data.

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Consider this.  TiEcon, the largest entrepreneurship conference, focused for several years on computing, storage, hardware, software, firmware, semi conductors, gaming and mobile technologies.  HealthTech was not the focus at TiEcon.  But HeathTech has recently emerged as one of the hottest areas to invest. Besides offering a special healthcare focused track, on day 2, May 16th, healthtech is integrally woven in most of the other tracks, at TiEcon 2015.  Technology has impacted all areas of our lives such that no entrepreneur could look at any industry as a silo.  To register go to to get a $100 discount on the two-day conference at the non-member rate.  When prompted, enter the promo code VOL500 at checkout:

In fact, most of the disruptive innovation is happening on the boundaries of disciplines.  This is most pertinent in life science, hospitals and healthcare, healthtech, biotech, pharma, drug development, medtech, digital health, mobile health, wearables space.  Every new intersection point between health and an emerging technology, brings its own terminology.  Collectively, the aim is to positively transform the quality of lives of healthy and sick people.  So how is life science focus woven across several tracks at TiEcon?

John Kapoor, a serial entrepreneur, who is number 577 on Forbes Billionaire List, is going to give a grand keynote address on day 2, Saturday.  Kapoor, whose net worth is estimated at $3.5B, has founded and guided two pharmaceutical companies, Insys Therapeutics and Akorn Pharmaceuticals and led them to exceptional success.  Pharmaceutical industry is slowly but surely changing to innovate faster, cheaper, more cost efficient process of drug development.  Here is link to my recent blog on novel approaches to drug development .

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Here is another interesting keynote to watch out for.  After helping coin the term, “Data Scientist”, while still in the academia, D. J. Patil did some initial work on deciphering the complexity of the weather patterns and impact of bioweapons proliferation in Central Asia.  Here is link to my blog on Patil in 2013 .  After stints in eBay, PayPal and LinkedIn, Patil was appointed by President Obama, as Chief Data Scientist at the White House. Among other responsibilities, Patil will work on the Administration’s Precision Medicine Initiative, focusing on utilizing advances in data to enable clinicians select most effective treatments.  Here IBM’s Watson, an artificial intelligence system with access to millions and millions of pages of structured and unstructured data, to help in efficient diagnosis and suggest possible avenues for treatment, deserves special mention.  Here is my link to Dave Farucci’s keynote at TiEcon, several years ago .

Besides the keynotes and healthcare representation on panels in other tracks, Day 2 focused Healthcare track panels will address such varied topics as role of “Medical Devices in a Changing Landscape” and “Trials and Tribulations of Adopting Technology in Hospitals”.  Eminent speakers include, MD and CEO at Good Samaritan Hospital, Paul Beaupre;  Anupam Pathak, Founder & CEO of Lift Labs, acquired by Google X, Brett Knappe, Senior Director of Strategy at Medtronic; Satnam Alag, VP, Software, Illumina; and Darius Naigamwalla, President at Campbell Alliance.  Representation from technology rich companies such as IBM, GE, Google X, and Tibco, in discussions on healthcare, along with medtech and big pharma companies like Medtronic, J&J, 23&me, Illumina and Genentech AND representation from healthcare providers like Good Sam, will make for very rich dialogue.  Register for TiEcon at to get a $100 discount on the two-day conference at the non-member rate.  When prompted, enter the promo code VOL500 at checkout:

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Dr. D J Patil – Data Scientist at TiEcon 2013 – Preview

Dr. D J Patil says he failed the first challenging math class in 8th grade.  But that was before he realized the practical application of math, something that may be amiss in high school math class.  He has since figured out the usefulness of math and transformed himself into nothing short of a math and data whiz.  He says, “Math for me, is one of the most powerful set of tools to understand the physical world and make sense of why things happen.”


Upon completion of his Ph.D., Dr. Patil created a faculty position for himself, and worked on characterizing the complexity of weather and demonstrating that it wasn’t as chaotic as everyone had imagined it to be.  Then he became interested in computational social science and worked with the U.S. government as a Science and Technology Policy Fellow.  Among other projects, he also worked on bioweapons proliferation in Central Asia and helped create the Iraqi Virtual Science Library.  Challenging himself further, he decided to work in the industry, and one of first areas he tackled, was on applying data for building new ways of detecting fraud.  He helped build the whole front end security models for eBay and PayPal.  In 2008, he joined LinkedIn and says, “that’s the place where data science finally got formalized”. He began looking for ways to take data and turn it into user-facing products.  LinkedIn’s many data-driven products now include, “People you may know,” “Jobs you may be interested in,” “Groups you might like” and so on.   If you use data correctly, it’s such an amazing multiplier for the user experience,” says Dr. Patil.

Currently, Dr. Patil is a Data Scientist in Residence at Greylock Partners, and is thinking about “the next fun thing to do” and on ways of scaling organizations.  He is also serving as an adviser and mentor to portfolio companies, on how to think about data.   Dr. Patil is known for co-coining the term Data Scientist.  In 2011 he was ranked in Forbes Data Scientist list as #2 behind Larry Page.  In 2012 he along with other notable “Gen Fluxers” were featured on the cover of Fast Company.

Dr. Patil will be speaking at TiEcon 2013.  You can register for the conference at .

PS: I am looking to fill exciting job openings for someone with experience in Real Time Biological Digital Signal Processing and in Machine Learning and for Hardware/ Firmware Engineer with Sensor Implementation Experience for mobile health company in SF, CA.  Details for these and other jobs can be found in the JOBS category on my blog, .

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