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Artificial Intelligence & Generative AI Opportunities & Challenges

Chat GPT has been all the rage lately and Artificial Intelligence track at #TiEcon 2023 will highlight the latest advances in AI.  In this post, I will share info on AI and Generative AI and in the next post, I will share some info on exciting AI tracks at TiEcon 2023. Please see both posts for complete details on the tracks at TiEcon.

Simply put, AI combines advances in computer science with robust datasets to enable problem-solving. Assigning repetitive cumbersome tasks to the machines enables for error free processing and enables research and development processes to be speedy and more efficient. However, traditional AI was not very creative and people complained that a lot of garbage-in frequently resulted in more garbage out.

Generative AI algorithms offer a superior way, enabling machines to generate new outputs based on the data they have been trained on. Whereas traditional AI systems recognize patterns and offer outputs, Generative AI systems can recognize patterns and can make new predictive content in the form of images, text, audio, and more.  

Generative AI technology is increasingly going to be used in all industries. For instance, in the field of drug discovery, it can be trained to sift through vast amounts of documents and data and  predict drug efficacy and side effects within a short time, saving enormous resources and time. This in turn could result in lower drug prices and speedier availability of effective drugs, thus saving lives. Generative AI has implications in diverse fields such as art, music, fashion, gaming, cybersecurity and more. By allowing teams to simulate products in virtual environments and for complex problems to be solved more quickly it can save resources, accelerate speed of innovation and improve accuracy. 

Please see next post on details on AI tracks at #TiEcon 2023, the largest entrepreneurship conference to take place in Santa Clara, CA in May, 2023 and register for the conference at .

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Continuing Innovation in CyberSecurity – check out track at TiEInflect 2018

Image result for cybersecurityCloud revolution that began over a decade ago, has transformed business models and working practices around cybersecurity. And yet continuous innovation is imperative when it comes to cybersecurity. Cybercrime damages are expected to rise to $6 trillion annually, by 2021. Hence cybersecurity and cloudsecurity represent a rapidly growing market today with the potential for revenues in excess of $10 billion by 2022.  

Image result for cybersecurity, dataIncreasing cybersecurity threats have encouraged organizations to leverage technology advances, and fight back with a variety of strategies and tactics. For instance, leveraging big data, enables a security solution provider to see bigger patterns and connect the dots to understand the threats. Similarly, deep learning, an advanced form of artificial intelligence, has made a huge impact on cyber security. When a machine learns what a malicious code looks like, it can identify unknown codes as benign or malicious with extremely high accuracy, and in real time.  Other technology solutions that have been implemented include, running applications in containers (e.g. Docker), instead of virtual machines, advances in virtual customer premise equipment (vCPE), and more flexible, open and cloud-based WAN technologies rather than proprietary or specialized WAN technologies.  

These and other strategies are aimed at identifying management systems, people and devices accessing the networks, verification of authorization levels, advanced threat analytics to flag behavioral changes, and virtualized security to follow and protect the data whereever it goes. Largest entrepreneurship conference, TiEInflect 2018, to take place in Santa Clara Convention Center, in May, will again feature focused Cybersecurity track with exciting keynotes and speakers from leading cloud and cyber security companies. Register for the conference at .


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Where are VCs investing in DevOps

Image result for non copyrighted images, devops, VCsIn software engineering culture, unifying software development and software operation is gaining great momentum. Automation and monitoring at all steps of software construction from integration, testing, releasing to deployment, and infrastructure management, DevOps shortens development cycles, ensures more dependable releases and is more closely aligned with business objectives. Recent M&A activities of DevOps companies like AppDynamics and Automic Software and $100M+ investments in DevOps solution providers like UIPath,, XebiaLabs and Tricentis points to the red hot market, ripe of entrepreneurial innovation.

VCs have clearly embraced this transformation in culture and processes as a more efficient organizational culture for development and deployment practices.  But as yet, DevOps sector is in the early phase. There will be incredible new opportunities for entrepreneurs in this sector, in the next few years. A panel of industry leaders will discuss and opine on new opportunities for entrepreneurs, at TiE Inflect 2018. Register for the largest entrepreneurship conference with exciting tracks in Blockchain, FinTech, DevOps, HealthTech, CyberSecurity, MarTech and more to take place in in May, in Santa Clara, CA  at .

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