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Question hangs amid red blood……

The Post and Courier's photo.

Flowing down the street, pulsating, throbbing,
Red blood that was in my veins, ain’t dead
Streaking everything in its wake, it’s staining
Asking innocently, is humanity alive or dead?

Look carefully, like the red blood inside you
The blood that was in my veins, it’s all red
My dark skin only a shell that houses my soul
My dreams and my love, it’s all here in my heart and my mind

My red blood flowing in the house of God
In tandem with the tears of those I have loved

I shall let my faith rise above evil and hate
Tho vanity of the color of your skin has you led

The most important question in the world
Hangs amid my red blood, in still acrid air
Will someone somewhere judge me, Not
By the color of my skin but my character?

On June 17, 2015 a young man casually brought out his gun and murdered nine people with whom he had just spent an hour, doing Bible study, at a landmark black church, in Charleston, SC.  The crime dubbed a hate crime, was carried out by Mr. Roof whose Facebook page showed his photo with white supremacist symbols.  The city that bores the scars from days of slavery to the civil war, is once again grappling with how racial hate is impacting lives, as is the nation grappling with this issue.

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