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Will Patients be the Real Winners of Healthcare Innovation? Info on #TiEcon Healthcare Tracks

Will Patients be the Real Winners of Healthcare Innovation?

Health track at #TiEcon 2023 is truly exciting as is the innovation happening in health technology and healthcare. As I had summarized in my post on the themes that emerged during #BiotechShowcase, #JPM2023 and related events in San Francisco in January 2023, “real winners of the innovation happening in healthcare in the decades ahead, likely will be patients”.  Future innovation in the medical industry will be driven by automation and will be propelled with exciting technology advancements. For instance, generative AI is poised to leverage complex, messy torrents of medical data into usable data, giving new insights into patients, providers and payers. 

This new era of patient care will the focus in stellar panels and exciting tracks, at #TiEcon 2023.

Moving data sharing insights to new outcomes – Track 1

Data features prominently in several industries. In healthcare, quality data rendered useful with advancements in artificial intelligence and Generative AI is expected to lead to many actionable changes, helping people make better choices, enhance consumer engagement and provide insights, directly translating into enhanced patient care. 

In this panel, Trannum Guller, Chief Medical Officer at HCA and Shakthi Kumar, Global healthcare and life science leader at AWS will discuss the importance of data in the healthcare ecosystem; sources from where health data is obtained and effective policies and regulations around its use, sharing and security. Qualitative and secure health data can help us extract meaning in ways that are truly beneficial to patients. The panel will discuss how to forge and enhance partnerships among various stakeholders involved, in order to leverage the insights obtained from health data. 

Innovation in patient centered care – Track 2

Each patient visit to the healthcare provider is not only the time when most personal and private data of the patient is exchanged and discussed but more importantly, all health data builds on prior health data. Patient’s health history is of immense importance. Human body is an incredibly complex and amazingly inter-connected system where knowledge or prior history and knowledge of comorbidities helps the physician and the patient to make most logical health decisions.  And with millions of patient visits generating new data daily, and physicians and hospitals extracting new insights and constantly evolving to enhance diagnoses and treatment options, more than ever, data is and will be driving the business of healthcare. 

Who better than a team of esteemed physicians to discuss the impact of emerging technologies including Cognitive AI, Multimodal AI for Medicine, Edge, Blockchain and more on the status of health and healthcare? Can this panel shed some light on whether these technologies will help simplify our complicated healthcare experience, lower healthcare costs and deliver better patient outcomes, in the years to come? 

Marcus Zachry, Chief Clinical Officer at Babylon Health, Brigitte Piniewski, Physician author of “Wealthcare: Demystifying Web2 and the Rise of Personal Data Economies” and Reena Bhargava, Medical Director at Kaiser Permanente will discuss these issues in what promises to be a highly exciting conversation. Entrepreneurs can expect to get many insights on areas of opportunities and glaring gaps as well as learn about challenges and ways to mitigate them.  

Don’t miss the largest #entrereneurship conference @TiEcon 2023 happening in May at Santa Clara, CA. Register at .

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Where are VCs investing in DevOps

Image result for non copyrighted images, devops, VCsIn software engineering culture, unifying software development and software operation is gaining great momentum. Automation and monitoring at all steps of software construction from integration, testing, releasing to deployment, and infrastructure management, DevOps shortens development cycles, ensures more dependable releases and is more closely aligned with business objectives. Recent M&A activities of DevOps companies like AppDynamics and Automic Software and $100M+ investments in DevOps solution providers like UIPath,, XebiaLabs and Tricentis points to the red hot market, ripe of entrepreneurial innovation.

VCs have clearly embraced this transformation in culture and processes as a more efficient organizational culture for development and deployment practices.  But as yet, DevOps sector is in the early phase. There will be incredible new opportunities for entrepreneurs in this sector, in the next few years. A panel of industry leaders will discuss and opine on new opportunities for entrepreneurs, at TiE Inflect 2018. Register for the largest entrepreneurship conference with exciting tracks in Blockchain, FinTech, DevOps, HealthTech, CyberSecurity, MarTech and more to take place in in May, in Santa Clara, CA  at .

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Blockchain: Delivering Internet of Value, a new platform to reshape the world of business

Invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 for use in the cryptocurrency bitcoin, blockchain enabled first digital currency without the need of a trusted central authority and has since inspired many other applications and has emerged as a major area of focus for entrepreneurs. According to Patrick M. Byrne, “The main event isn’t bitcoin. It’s using blockchain to disrupt other industries and Wall Street”.

Image result for blockchain technologySo what exactly is blockchain and what kind of potential it holds?  Blockchain refers to continuously growing list of records called blocks that are linked and secured using cryptography and each block contains timestamp and transaction data that cannot be modified. So the transaction details are permanent and unalterable. This removes the need for verification by independent third party and a blockchain can be managed by peer to peer network.

Blockchain technologies enable confident transactions and deliver value in payments, settlements and securities processing by rendering all transactions safer, faster, cheaper, secure and transparent.  In the words of William Mougayar, “The blockchain symbolizes a shift in power from the center to the edges of the networks”. This technology will drive benefits for transecting individuals and institutions and will impact nearly all major industries. If you are an entrepreneur, you won’t want to miss Blockchain track at TiE Inflect 2018 and learn from the best minds on challenges and opportunities inherent in this technology.  Register for the conference at .

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