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Adults be safe w/ your shotguns BUT help our kids be safe w/ #AssaultWeaponsBan

America is a uniquely interesting country. We all can achieve here depending on the effort we put in, fly in wide open sky depending on our ambition, and feel safe in our homes depending on our willingness to have weapons of destruction. I love love love America and the freedoms it represents, provides, makes accessible to us.

With freedoms come responsibilities. Often however, in America, we love our freedom minus the responsibilities. We often feel entitled to our rights minus the responsibilities. Yes, we absolutely must feel SAFE inside our homes. If for some of us that sense of safety is tied to guns then so be it. They shall have their guns (even though most of us today live in vibrant urban centers, in an age of security alarms, with 24/7 house monitoring packages, multiple indoor, outdoor motion sensors that can be monitored and activated remotely at the touch of a button that is on our phones, watches and more, cameras that take pictures of even cats, skunks and big flies. Feeling of safety is a mental condition – no one knows it better than me. If I am home alone, I check my locks a few times. Similarly, some people need guns before they can fall into restful sleep.

However, let us remember guns can fall into the hands of innocent children and if we keep them then we MUST BEAR THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT’S SAFE STORAGE.

Let us not forget – we are defending against a SINGLE INTRUDER, not an army. We don’t need automatic or semi automatic assault weapons.

Let us remember – #OurChildrenMatter and they are not hanging out inside homes like us. When they do hang out at homes, they are far far more savvy and use technology to create an environment of safety. BUT OUR KIDS ARE IN SCHOOLS, CONCERTS, LIBRARIES, COLLEGES, SHOPPING MALLS. Due to lax gun laws, mentally unstable people are getting access to weapons like AR15 and mow down our kids at the blink of an eye, even when security response times are often within seconds to a few minutes.

What does it say about us as a society? That over and over and over and over and over we will put our children in harm’s way, just so we can have a sense of safety from imaginary threats? Just for once, let us put ourselves in the shoes of our children.

Here is conversation I had with a Republican friend.
Me: You want people to be safe in their homes right?
He: Yes.
Me: Ok, I get it. Then let them have their guns. But why AR15 a weapon that has been used in most mass casualty events?
He: We are not giving anything to you.
Me: Let us not think of us versus you. Let us think of society as a whole and how it can be safe. And how we can be safe in our homes and our kids can be safe outside.
He: We are not giving anything to you guys.
Me: But I am also concerned about the safety of our kids as I am sure you are too. Then for impact sake, I NAMED OUR FOUR KIDS.
Me: But I am talking about safety of ABCD and I NAMED ALL FOUR KIDS AGAIN.

At that point, I felt angry, hurt, and almost sad as if I was losing a child…. BUT I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT ALL REPUBLICANS FEEL THAT WAY. I know that in larger context of life, political affiliation doesn’t matter and #OurChildrenMatter to all of us. I know that a Republican heart weeps as much as a Democrat heart when kids are ruthlessly annihilated. 

Can we do something together so OUR KIDS ARE SAFE? Mine and yours and theirs? Just simple #SensibleGunLaws that guarantee access to simple guns (rifles and shot guns) to all mentally stable citizens after a reasonable waiting period to avoid crimes of passion, reasonable restrictions on hand guns and bans on automatic or semi-automatic assault weapons as well as proper and thorough background checks before all sales?

Right now I am a single issue voter. I will vote for any politician, Republican or Democrat who will promise to stand up for sensible gun laws and will take on the gun lobby for the sake of our children.

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