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Fabulous Opportunity to hear Gavin Newsom & Moira Gunn @HealthTechForum Conf.

Health Technology Forum connects people worldwide, with an aim to make affordable and quality healthcare accessible for all people.  Recently, at Innovation Conference, under the theme of “Platforms for the Underserved”, many prominent physicians and others interested and working in this arena, gathered to discuss and advance the agenda of affordable healthcare.  Below are highlights from inspiring keynote by Gavin Newosm, Lieutenant Governor of California and panel session moderated by Dr. Moira Gunn, host of National Public Radio program, The Tech Nation.

Gavin Newsom – Keynote at Health Tech Forum Innovation Conference

“Once the campaign is over, we politicians stop listening to you”, said Gavin Newsom in his luncheon keynote address at Health Technology Forum conference.  Newsom peppered his talk with crisp sound bites, and made a case for thriving, in what is “no longer a connected world, but a hyper connected world.”  Much can be achieved if people get together with determination and commitment.  “Organized people are whole lot more powerful than organized money”, said Newsom.  Proud of his moral and ethical stand on issues, Newsom said, he voted to oppose death penalty, legalize marijuana, rescind the three strikes rule, and in support of gay marriage.  “You may not agree with me,” he said, “but I sleep well.”  He urged people to exercise their moral authority, to step up and say what they believe in, to be authentic, stand by their principles, to shake things up.  “The world demands it”, said Newsom and brought the house down.  Newsom concluded by quoting Churchill, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another, with no loss of enthusiasm”.


Gavin-newsom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dr. Moira Gunn of NPR’s Tech Nation at Health Technology Forum Conference

Moira Gunn

Moira Gunn (Photo credit: @bdthomas)

Dr. Moira Gunn, Host of Tech Nation, moderated the luncheon panel.  Dr. Jessica Evert, Executive Director at Child Family Health International, said, humility and technology are both essential in improving health on a global scale.  Asset based community development model is based around deploying technology and coordinating around existing cultural and geographic strengths, not around deficiencies.  Dr. Gary Heit, cofounder of AMCANI, an organization that seeks to support modern neurosurgery in developing countries, concurred.  During his numerous experiences in developing countries, he has observed, that often they are not lacking in skills or intellectual capacity but in equipment and resources. Dr. Mainul Islam is COO of Medic Mobile, a company focused improving health care in challenging settings, through the utilization of technology.  Islam shared about their work in 16 countries.  Gunn applauded all these efforts to make a difference.



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