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“Obesity 360” – Preview of Panel Presentation

Obesity 360 – Panel Presentation at on April 23, 2013

This panel will discuss everything about obesity, from prevalence and statistics to invasive obesity treatments, to mobile apps and behavior modification approaches.  Obesity has become an epidemic that is fast spreading, across the world.  According to Michael Bloomberg, for the first time in history, more people are dying because of too much food, than lack of it.

But many who have battled weight issues know that obesity may not be rocket science but it isn’t kindergarten stuff either.  Dr. Nadkarni will talk about the co-morbidities and the burden of obesity to healthcare system and to individuals.  She will discuss current cultural and healthcare models that overtly or subtly encourage obesity, and movements like “Escape Fire”, currently under way to challenge them.  In this age of plenty and prosperity and diversity of food choices, is it even possible to contain the growing obesity problem?  Dr. Darshana Nadkarni serves on the board of and and previously served on the board of a non-profit, . She does Recruitment for Medical Device and Biotech companies.  She also facilitates trainings in areas of diversity and inclusion. She maintains an active blog at and her Twitter Handle is @DarshanaN.  She holds a PhD in Psychology, from University of Cincinnati.

Dr. Alex Nedvetsky will talk about mobile apps and other interventions focusing on diet and behavior modification, aimed at more conscious consumption of what and how we eat.  Mobile apps are growing.  Are they effective?  Is there a way to scale them and to monetize them?  Dr. Alex Nedvetsky got his MD from First Moscow State Medical University. He graduated from Thoracic Surgery Fellowship Program and received his PhD in Surgical Techniques from the All Union Research Center of Surgery. He received Clinical Research Management certification at UCSC.  Dr. Nedvetsky practiced general and thoracic surgery, as well as internal medicine for over 20 years. His other interests include: Clinical Research for Medical Devices and Pharma, R&D Medical Devices, and Holistic Medicine. In his capacity as Leading Clinical Scientist, he worked with National Level Athletes in cycling and swimming.  He was the Consulting physician at “Fit & Fun”, an exclusive private Sports Club in Moscow.  Dr. Nedvetsky worked in clinical research and R&D for various biotech companies of the Bay Area since 2000.  He has 3 patents and over 30 inventions.  He described his personal approach to health and fitness in his book “7 Steps 2 a Lean U”, which is available on Amazon and Lulu.  He is developing a line of groundbreaking weight loss products based on patent pending technology.

And finally, there are times when the progression of obesity may require more invasive treatments.   Dr. Nat Bowditch will talk about various invasive treatments, from restrictive interventions like gastric band to malabsorptive solutions like small intestine endo barrier therapies to neurostimulation therapies like Intrapace, Transneuronix, and Entereomedics.  Are these effective?  What are the challenges?  Nat Bowditch has worked in the medical device field, for over 25 years. Nat is the founder & CEO of OrthoHub, a software company developing software for orthopedic applications. Previously, Nat founded and served as CEO of Hancock Medical, which is developing a new therapeutic device to treat sleep apnea.  In 2009-10, Nat served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IntraPace, which was developing gastric electrical stimulation as a treatment for obesity.  As CEO of Apneon from 2006-2008, Nat managed the development and clinical testing of implantable magnets as a treatment for sleep apnea.  Before entering the sleep apnea field, Nat worked for Avantec Vascular from 2001-06.  The company raised $18 million to commercialize its coronary stents and balloons.  Nat served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, growing international sales to $21 million.  After Avantec was sold to a Japanese company for $165 million, Nat was promoted to CEO of the US subsidiary. Nat holds degrees in biology from Cornell University and Stanford University, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Hope to see you at event on April 23 at 8:30am.  This is a free event and is held at 456 West Olive Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA

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