Yesterday and Today – RIP #UvaldeTX

14 students & 1 teacher killed at #Uvalde TX – RIP

Prayers & #GunReformNow

Oh I know this isn’t shocking us anymore and our tears have dried up. BUT when we think of each mother and father who won’t have a child coming home tonight, just for a second when we think of their grief then we know in our hearts, this isn’t about politics or our rights alone. We want guns that keep us safe inside our homes. Our children are not sitting inside homes. They are in schools, colleges, shopping malls, theaters – but we love guns too much.

Sharing my poem —-

Yesterday and Today…… a #poem

Yesterday, you’d come home from school and my world would be brighter
Today it seems, my world will always remain darker…..

Yesterday, I chided you for playing video games full of violence, torture
Today violence of my world stole your dreams forever….

Yesterday, your focus was college of your reach, you aimed higher
Today, you became a pawn in someone’s unwinnable war

Yesterday your biggest worry was a B score
Today trivial seems that fear

Yesterday, we prayed that you’d drive safer
Today, your blood streaked body drowns under my one long tear

Yesterday, with scarcely a hug you walked away with your peer  
Today, I won’t accept. I need yesterday and you. Right here

Yesterday, prom nights and college letters got your cheer
Today, your cheers are drowned under my long silent tear

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  1. #1 by Kathleen Dunlap on May 24, 2022 - 8:10 pm

    It seems we need to keep sacrificing children in order for adults too feel secure that they can get guns easily and use them however.

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