Defund the police? NO, not until….

A police car rushes to the emergency call with lights turned on

It is disheartening to see the brutality from the police, armed to the teeth, supposedly there to protect the helpless.Most police departments all over the country may need reform and overhaul, some personnel and many policy changes, opportunities to know and understand people from up close, get involved in community events, get training, learn about unconscious biases, confront hidden agendas, and of course with that we need to fund and fortify community services for mental health, homelessness, domestic situations and so on.

Maybe in some societies and in some small cities/ communities disbanding the police department may have worked. But whole of America is not that country. With the kind of arming of the population that has occurred, with the prevalence of gangs, access and availability of drugs and with the kind of wealth divide we have in this country, WE NEED POLICE. 

Nice colorful street architecture and church view, tourist destination of French riviera, Alpes Maritimes depatment of France

If you believe we need to defund the police in America, then let us try to devote the next 10 years to making this country a better place, a place worthy of self management with the help of community policing.

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