Response to Tom Friedman (NY Times) – We need outrage, No that is not going to get Trump re-elected.

This is in response to Thomas Friedman’s column “Trump’s Going to Get Re-elected, Isn’t He? Voters have reason to worry”, published on July 16, 2019 in New York Times. .With all due respect “Sir, you are wrong”. With your prescribed cerebral approach to keeping the eye on the prize to winning elections, asking for money when Trump tweets, IS NOT GOING TO HELP DEMOCRATS WIN, not to mention it further corrodes the moral soul of the country.

No, we are not seeking revolution AND yes, we want to beat Trump at the polls. But expressing immense OUTRAGE isn’t exactly revolution. IF we don’t express outrage and let it be our new normal, IF we don’t stand steadfast with our black and brown people and with LGBTQ and with women, then what sir are we going to be able to do for the country? IF a 3 year old Sophie is going to be given a choice between her two parents and we simply collect money to beat these people at the polls, than what about our moral soul, how is our party different from the other party?

But since you want to focus on practicalities and not sentimentalities, then let us do that for a moment. 1) Just as Donald Trump is energizing his base with his relentless racist and sexist tweets, there is a whole Democrat base looking to have their opposition to blatant racism and sexim channled though a leader who can take Trump on. Money is a natural outcome of an energized base. 2) How large is Trump’s base? For the most part, his approval has hovered around 44% and disapproval has hovered around 51%. Do you want to sacrifice or water down the 51% of those looking to beat Trump in order to win a few swing voters? Well sir, those swing voters are right now few or non-existent. People have made up their minds and his base may get more obstinate but will never grow. The country is divided into people who feel morally outraged and those who are enchanted by moral liquidation coming from the highest office in our country. 

Right now, those of us who are outraged that such an individual who got there with outside help is allowed to use his office to incite racism and sexism, are banging our heads in frustration. No, perhaps #impeachment is not an answer because we need to go there only when we have certainty to win. But expressing our outrage in every other way, we ought to do; standing together with our citizens under attack, we ought to do. And even if we don’t take steps to impeach Trump, we need to get every one of his minions who have violated rules and regulations and hatch acts and plaster them all with criminal indictments. We need to blend our forward looking agenda about infrastructure, job creation, minimum pay raise, treating refugees with dignity, with hard issues of border protection, opioid flooding by big pharma and interference into our elections by foreign actors.  These are not simple issues, but to win, we will need to balance complex issues with both firmness and humanity.  No sir, don’t tell us that all we can do is send in money. All our frustrations cannot be culminated into sterile act of writing a check. We need outrage and a leader who will not stoop low to Trump’s level and yet will not balk at standing steadfast against everything wrong that is going on. Right now, we have 20+ awesome individuals who have taken on the challenge to beat Trump and as long as they are not afraid of taking on Trump and of being heard, we will win the election.

You are wrong, because sir, the way to beat Trump at polls is to not let him steal our voice.


  1. #1 by Dawn Isis on July 19, 2019 - 9:17 pm

    Appreciate your passion – & putting thoughts into words, & sharing them! I read that editorial too – was surprised he was taking such a ‘conservative’ position – but I too fear backlash from those in the middle if Democrats leave themselves vulnerable to being painted by The Donald as too far left, “Socialists”, etc. (I also wish the Democratic Party would make public education about socialism, including how much of it we have already, more of a focus as part of the 2020 campaign…

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