SCOTUS: Above all what it stands for is Smartness NOT Ideology – Message for Independents

The Supreme Court of the United States SCOTUS located on 1st Street N.E. Washington DC is the highest federal court of the United States. Supreme Court of USA: #SCOTUS has final and ultimate (and largely discretionary) appellate jurisdiction over all federal courts and state courts. It is the final interpreter of federal law, including the US Constitution. While ruling may be only within the context of a case on which it is deliberating, court’s opinion may be broader. The justices’ ideological beliefs are of importance — But not more than their incredible smartness. Conservative justices like Kennedy have been known to rule liberally sometimes and vice versa. If you ever read the opinions of the court, they are fabulously interesting, incredibly detailed, and highly intelligent. 

Statue of justice

Until the strange era of Trump, I would not have worried so incredibly much (as if my life depended on it) about Kennedy’s retirement. But everything in life recently has come to be defined by BT (before Trump) and AT (after Trump) and we are living in a new era AT. Trump has uniquely marked his time in office with making zero attempt to unite the country, to expand his base or popularity, he has uniquely focused on dismantling or undermining almost every office of Government, he has engaged in openly inhumane actions, openly flaunted laws of the nation, has fought with every ally and has openly courted dictators and human rights violators, and he has an investigation going on regarding most significant national crime that he keeps threatening to close down. Good economy or not (remember sometimes economy impact of certain rulings and actions may be slow in coming), WE NEED OVERSIGHT. Also don’t forget the fact he laughed at the idea of getting more judges at the border to process cases faster – that is FLAUNTING OF DUE PROCESS. AND that thus far the candidates his administration has put forward for lower courts have been least vetted, least qualified and almost laughable in their ignorance.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN - JUNE 14, 2018: A sign reads, "Caging children is not humane" at the protest to Keep Families Together in Detroit. This is a time for Americans to stand up and CONTACT THEIR REPRESENTATIVES to make sure that all nominations are pushed after November. If for no other reason than for the fact that THERE SHOULD BE TIME FOR THEM TO BE THOROUGHLY VETTED AND LATER FOR MORE BALANCED CONGRESS TO THOROUGHLY GRILL & QUESTION THEM. It is one thing to get someone in a hurry when other party’s hands are tied and get someone simply on ideological basis. But don’t forget this will get us stuck for generation or longer. Don’t forget that we have changed and grown in our perspectives and we may continue to grow and change in perspectives. A person who may be selected based on incredible smartness will have an ability to grow and change as circumstances and context changes. But someone lacking in smartness or not thoroughly vetted and having a flawed character or background may not have the smartness that sets a SCOTUS apart in every way from politicians who nominate them. Just imagine how will you feel if we are saddled with less than the best for years and years just because you did nothing when you could do something. Just imagine how you will feel when you will have grown in your perspectives and this Justice won’t have that capability for growth and capability to incorporate new perspectives? So please get fired up!

WASHINGTON, DC, USA - SEPTEMBER 13, 2005: U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge John G. Roberts Jr. testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee during confirmation hearings to be Chief Justice.And now finally, read this court’s most recent opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts. It is sure to expand your mind – notice how incredibly beautifully it is written with due consideration for detailed history, incredible prose, and beautifully expressed philosophical argument – in simple words, asking people from refraining to engage in simplistic comparisons (for instance between Trump’s actions and Hitler’s). Whether you agree with his opinion or not, don’t fail to marvel at its beauty. Here is the very last line — and the piece is good till the last line — “A society that obliterates all nuance is bound to cheapen its history, and everyone else’s too”.
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