Then they came after us….

Obama was not born in US, they said
They wanted birth certificate and proof
But there was no proof that satisfied
This topic President Obama abandoned
joked, ducked, deflected, ignored and laughed
But there was no trending hashtag
POTUS fought his battle alone
Even as the country’s business he handled

Rosie O’Donnell rudely insulted
Bill Maher was sued
Machado fat shamed
Judge’s ability questioned
Khans arrogantly maligned

We were silent and they got bolder
Not just individuals were picked
Latinos were rapists, muslims to be deported
Central Park 5 were not to be believed
Law and order, stop and frisk to be instituted
Oil to be stolen, Wall to be built
Forget leadership and let countries nuke each other out

In lies, hate was wrapped
In fear, bigotry neatly packaged
He and his surrogates conspired
Party of honest Abe gave them platform
Alt right carried him to term

Flush with cash
Smug with support
His ego bloated beyond bounds
He truly believed he was the chosen one

And that is when it happened
That is when they came after us
Stories of countless women insulted and groped
Victimized, shamed and violated
Left alone to pick up pieces of their lives
This time in a pot of fear, his lies we couldn’t bury
Women were scorned and hell hath no fury
More he victim-shamed us, more we spoke
His lewd banter sounded more like a confession
We weren’t about to reward him with White House mansion

But we had long been silent, we’d given him a long rope
He needed to be contained long long ago
We needed to stand by our black brethren
Support Latinos and Muslims, not just Lutheran
Now we need our brothers, husbands and sons
To support and stand by us

When women became target of hate
Polls tell a sad story
We were forsaken by our men
Disruption, hate and mayhem
Would have a field day
If only men were to vote today
Their campaign of divisiveness
Have literally pitted families against families

For a while, the patriarchs expressed outrage
Then accepted his apology with “grace”
First they were as aghast as us
They tried to distance themselves from him
Thought their outrage might rein in the monster
Then they protected him, negated, dithered
Unendorsed, supported, loved and hated
Until it hurt and they ran out of words

Image result for ugly monster with orange hairNow this monster, his surrogates and alt-right
Are likely to swallow the patriarchs and spit’em out
Minimizers are getting minimized
Diminisheres diminished
Conservative values are up for a toss-up
Everyone and every value is a target
Ryan now, next may be Newt
The party that gave him platform
Surrogates that brought him to term
Can’t rein him in, couldn’t contain
Everything up for grabs in this hell storm
Diminishing circle with Carson, Giuliani, Pence
Will have plenty of time for penance
Throwing out all decent values, they yet stand by their man
Protecting their jobs, to hell with the nation

The monster that tapped on our feelings of vulnerability
On fear, terror and our longing for security
He mocked disability
He and alt-right shaming us with vulgarity
Now we fear the loss of humanity
In our homes, society, community

They came after us
They’re coming after you
Engulfing each one
Soon it’ll be a party of one

One! Who could’ve been silenced
Hushed long ago, his lies exposed
One! Who grew into an avalanche
Creating his support base from fringes of alt-right
‘Cause we let him, with our silence.
Then they came after us!

  1. #1 by K. D. on October 14, 2016 - 6:33 pm

    Well said. Yes, a lot of his supporters Are supporting him just so they can get some power if he wins. Perish the thought.

  2. #2 by Michelle Mansour on January 18, 2018 - 9:48 am

    Well said… well said. But it sounds like we need more people to fight against 45 and all right! It seems it’s taking too long to tackle this monster

    I love your poem

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