Nurturing of Entrepreneurship Dreams at TiEcon

What makes Silicon Valley the hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship?  Cities the world over have tried to get inspiration and replicate the success of Silicon Valley, with varying degree of success but never quite replicating the entrepreneurial magic that exists in the valley.  Above all else, this geographical area nurtures dreams and tolerates failures.  When high concentration of companies that put customer at the center of innovation strategy, come together with professionals with big dreams, magic happens.  And then there are events that facilitate the coming together of professionals for networking, mentoring, for exchange of ideas, and for carving creative funding strategies; and all that makes innovation thrive in Silicon Valley.

Once such event of global stature is TiEcon.  Each year, thousands of attendees gather at Santa Clara Valley Convention Center, in Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, at TiEcon.  Hosted by TiE Silicon Valley, TiEcon is the largest conference dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship.  TiEcon attracts close to 4000 professionals, from 20+ countries, each year.  Worth Magazine ranks TiEcon among top 10 conferences for ideas and entrepreneurship, right alongside of Demo, TED, and World Economic Forum.  

TiE SV hosted the pre-TiEcon open house to share information and encourage early registration.  This year, there will be three tracks on Friday, May 6th, focusing on the “Future of Cloud & IT”, “Data Economy”, and “Internet of Things”. Saturday, May 7th will focus on “Trending Technology”, “Social Entrepreneurship”, “Youth Entrepreneurship”, and a “Best Practices track for Entrepreneurs”.  This two day conference will provide total immersion into innovation and entrepreneurship.  Besides exciting keynotes and panels, there will opportunities to connect and network with industry luminaries and mentors, VCs and investors, seasoned executives, and successful innovators driving disruptive technology trends.

Mention of TiEcon remains incomplete without the mention of entertainment following the conference.  After two packed days of information, insights, speeches and professional networking, entertainment is the time when participants kick back and relax among 4000 new friends and enjoy world class program, almost certain to be followed by dancing to live DJ.  Don’t miss TiEcon, 2016.  Register for the conference as my friend, through this link and drop me a line via Twitter @DarshanaN if you would like to meet up.


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