“Big Data Problem” – what’s hiding in your data?

Andrew McAfee, digital research scientist at MIT, recently said, “The world is one big data problem”.  Are you an entrepreneur trying to tackle this problem?  Then you may not want to miss TiEcon 2016.  All tracks are exciting.  But you want to know about the Data Economy track — right?  Well, stay tuned and I will be sharing more information on speakers and panels in my blogs.  Or better still, register for the conference as my friend, with the link at the bottom of this post.

Data is not just a big problem.  Clive Humby of Dunnhumby said “data is the new oil”.  Data is fueling the transformation in various industry verticals.  The impact of Big Data is well beyond business and is extending to politics, public health, advertising, science, and sports.  Micro targeting the voters is changing everything from messaging to campaign financing, during the election season.  While drone deliveries are changing the retail industry, usage based insurance is giving rise to new models for protecting people and property.  Data is not just more available, but is also becoming more understandable, and hence more impactful.  This trend is also giving rise to ethical dilemmas.

All this and more will be discussed at TiEcon 2016.  Atul Butte of Stanford once said, “hiding within mounds of data is knowledge that could change the life of a patient, or change the world”.  Don’t miss TiEcon 2016.  Entrepreneur, if you seek to play in the data economy, learn the strategy and you just might find the key(s) to unlock the secrets hiding in mounds of data.  Register for the conference as my friend, at the link  www.tiecon.org?-r=Darshana .

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