Digital Health – EPPICon 2016 Panel Preview

Digital Health revolution is greatly attributable to advances and miniaturization in technology.  Advances in digital health are increasingly enabling people to be CEOs of their own health.  By placing critical tools in the form of wearables and cloud-connected home devices in the hands of the people, not only makes them first line recipients of information pertaining to their health, but turns them into active participants in its management.  Impact, opportunities, and challenges in digital health will be discussed by a panel of stalwarts at EPPIC annual conference, on March 26, 2016.  Here’s a small preview.

The panelist Jack Lloyd, hardly needs an introduction.  Currently a fellow at Triple Ring Technologies, Lloyd has found and managed several medical device and drug delivery companies, including Alere Medical (focused on monitoring patients at home for heart failure – sold to Inverness), Aradigm (focusing on aerosol drug delivery company), Nellcor (anesthesia monitoring based on pulse oximeter that he developed, company now part of Covidien).  He also owned patents in digital hearing aid (licensed to ReSound and sold to Siemens).

Also on the panel is Gregg Jackson, Founder and Principal of Gershon MedTech.  Jackson, a seasoned medical project executive in the industry, assists companies with executing exceptional program management to help create transformations and breakthroughs.  He has assisted with various high-profile mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and licensing deals.  

Dollars in Digital Health totaled more than 8% of funding in 2014, and the pace continued in 2015, suggesting that it continues to remain an important segment in every venture capitalist’s portfolio.  Ben Dubin is preparing to launch a new venture capital partnership focusing on Digital Health and Optimising Human Performance.  Growth of companies in digital health has been accompanied with noise.  Too many digital health companies are competing for attention from the consumers and from investors.  Hopefully, we will get to hear from Ben Dubin, what catches the eye of the investors, in this space. 

While technology has made major strides in the past couple of decades, healthcare sector (and primarily big pharma) have been slow to adopt these technologies.  However, in recent years, with payors adopting digital tools, changes in patient behavior, transformation of care, fast of fierce competition, and changes in healthcare laws, the healthcare sector is not only ready to embrace digital health but may experience a major transformation, as a result.  Don’t miss the opportunity to come and hear from some of stalwarts who embraced digital health fast and early.  

Besides exciting panels, EPPIC conference will also offer unique opportunity to inventors, innovators, professionals and academicians in big pharma, biotech, medtech, high tech and other technology sectors to network and participate and observe startup speed pitch sessions.  All day conference is on March 26 in Burlingame, CA.  Register before March, 15 to get early bird discount.  Please register at .

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