2016 Biotech Showcase, JPM & OneMed Healthcare Events

Investor and networking conference at Biotech Showcase @EBDGroup in San Francisco this week, is abuzz with interesting panels, speakers, and limitless networking in between.  This is the busiest week for #healthcare industry, with primary anchor event at 34th annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, and two concurrent events at 9th annual OneMedForum and 8th annual Biotech Showcase.

Biotech Showcase offers a phenomenal networking opportunity for young biotechs.  Over 300 companies will present over the course of the three days.  As the outlook has improved recently, there is a great focus this year on companies and investors exploring funding opportunities and both Biotech Showcase and OneMed events will focus on facilitating connections between investors and companies.

Biotech startups are often birthplace for innovation and they frequently disrupt how healthcare is delivered.  Investors and pharma companies are keeping a close eye on many emerging biotechs participating this year.  Although compared to 2014, biotech IPOs slowed down in 2015, with 34 IPOs, it was the 4th highest yearly biotech total on record.  There have been over $5 billion worth of IPOs in 2015 and there were $605 billion worth of takeovers, and the trend is likely to continue.

The events in the city this week, along with multitude of evening receptions, offers unprecedented opportunity for information and networking.  Biotech Showcase has exciting lunch panels centered around variety of topics from healthcare pricing debate to State of the industry to Biotech Bubble trouble to Life Science 2016 small cap watchlist.  Other panels tackle exciting topics such as Regenerative Medicine, Digital Healthcare, Corporate VC funding and more.  Biotech Showcase is produced in partnership by Demy-Colton Life Science Advisors and EBD Group to help biotechnology and broader life science industry thrive.  To register for this event, go to www.ebdgroup.com .  Stay tuned for more blogs and send me a message if you would like to meet up in the city.

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