2015 Year-end Review Theme: “Quest for home” & Crossing new frontiers


I wish all my readers and friends many blessings in the coming year.  

As we recap the year gone by, 2015 can be defined by “quest for home” and crossing new frontiers.  From the conflict in Syria, since 2011, 4.1M Syrian refugees have been rendered homeless and over a million have now crossed over into Europe, in quest for home and peace, even as Europe is struggling to deal with this influx.  
Over 8000 were killed and
millions rendered homeless in 7.8 earthquake that struck Nepal.  Greece signed painful, humiliating agreement with Europe, to stay within the Eurozone home.  Ireland voted to legalize same sex marriages and then worldwide marriage equality was celebrated with landmark victories, allowing two people of same gender, to openly share their life and their home.

Death of Freddie Gray in police custody sparked protests and reignited the dialog, “do black lives matter”, in their own homeland?  2015 is also marked as a year of conflicting ideologies that have taken far too many innocent lives.  The year began in January, with Charlie Hebdo attacks, in Paris and is ending with recent deadliest terror attacks in France.  Mililons on social media have stood in solidarity with France.  Terror organization ISIS is not just defined by an ideology, but also by its physical presence in an area it calls home.  With the reach extended through social media, it is also enticing young people to leave their homes and relocate to join the life of terror.   Finally, during hateful rhetoric that is fueling some election campaigns in the US, let us not forget that most of us are transplants in this country.  I would hope that the soil that gave me my home, bears fruits of peace and solidarity for all of us.

Personally and professionally, I too crossed new frontiers (with unprecedented activity and pickup of both my recruiting and training businesses) and also achieved some measure of success in my quest for a beautiful home, in the pricey Silicon Valley. With unemployment at all time low and hiring continuing full blast till the end of the year, I am caught in a swirl of activity and have posted fewer blog entries this year, though I continue to do theater reviews and my blog is likely to reach 100,000 views this year and is currently followed by over 2500 people.  New job opportunities are always posted in JOBS category, on my blog at www.darshanavnadkarni.wordpress.com .  

Neil is happily working in IT at Cisco.  Neesha completed her Bachelors in Biology from UCSD and we had a lovely little party with many friends, whose warmth and generosity in coming down to San Diego to attend the event, touched us deeply.  Neesha went on a loooooong six month internship in Guatemala and has just returned and is now working on her applications for the next stage of her academic career.  


Frail as she is, my mother has not lost her spunk.  It was wonderful to spend some time with my mother and my aunty.
I traveled a great deal this year, but mostly in the US, with at least 50% of travel on account of work.

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Again, wish everyone Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  1. #1 by Beauty Along the Road on December 28, 2015 - 12:59 pm

    Indeed an eventful year, on all levels.

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