Keynote Preview – James Sabry at EPPICon 2016

EPPIC, a prominent life science oriented organization in Silicon Valley, is once again getting ready for EPPICon annual conference on March 19, 2015.  EPPIC has organized over 50 quarterly networking events and seven annual conferences.  Past conferences featured such prominent keynotes like Vivek Wadhwa , and Kim Bush from Gates Foundation .

Save the date for another exciting EPPICon with exciting keynotes and panels.  One of the keynotes, this coming year, Dr. James Sabry, is Senior VP of Genentech Partnering.  There he focuses on identifying, completing, and managing drug discovery and development alliances.  Genentech boasts of bringing its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to partnerships and alliances, in order to help advance pioneering medical breakthroughs.  Alliances with Genentech ensure its partners, a smooth transition to Roche’s global development organization, following Phase II proof of concept.  

Sabry focuses on novel targets and approaches to manage serious medical illnesses.  Sabry’s interests include personalized medicinal approaches that take into consideration the complexity and variation of human biological processes, and put the drug discovery processes in an evolutionary context.

Stay tuned, as more exciting keynotes and panels are announced and register for EPPICon 2016 at .


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