“Amazon is most customer centric company” – Amit Agarwal, VP & Country Manager, Amazon India – Keynote at 2015 IIT GLC conference

Amazon is the most customer-centric company, said Amit Agarwal, former IITian and now Vice President and Country Manager for India, at IIT GLC conference, in Santa Clara, CA.   Agarwal is responsible for Amazon’s consumer and seller business, in India.  Of his boss, Agarwal said, “Jeff Bezos has genuine customer obsession”.  Transforming the way India buys and sells and in the process transforming lives, is the mission for Amazon, said Agarwal.

Global e-commerce giant Amazon has completed about four years of operations in India.  As Amazon’s Country Manager for India, Agarwal is also responsible for two websites, Junglee.com (launched in February, 2012) and Amazon.in (launched in May, 2013).  Agarwal said that Amazon is relying on effective use of technology to scale massively, while creating a great customer experience.  Amazon is seeking to scale in India, through small entrepreneurs.  First, Amazon focused on bringing sellers to the platform.  Kirana Now, Amazon India’s flagship initiative is creating a lot of buzz.  Kirana Now empowers small mom and pop stores with technology, in processing of orders, so that small entrepreneurs can offer fast and reliable service to the customers.

On the buyer side, Amazon is building solutions that deliver products on the doorsteps of the buyers, with speed and efficiency, said Agarwal.  Seventy percent of Amazon customers expect the product to be delivered by the next day.  Amazon is now giving same day delivery guarantee option and even offers Sunday delivery.  In a massive scale up of online shopping, Amazon has built India’s largest online store with over 20 million items.  

Amazon In is most visited website in India and was voted as most exciting brand by youth.  Amazon is also creating infrastructure to make act of giving easy and trustworthy.  Agarwal said, Amazon’s long term objective is to create a lasting and meaningful impact in India.  


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