IIT GLC 2015 Conference – amazing keynotes, awesome panels & limitless networking

IIT Alumni Global Leadership Conference 2015, at Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, CA, took place with great fanfare, featured top notch speakers, entrepreneurship focused panels, and network till you drop opportunities.  Board members, CXOs, professors, entrepreneurs and other professionals, whether in academia or industry, found opportunities to galvanize their careers.

The keynotes like Elizabeth Holmes (youngest and self-made female billionaire CEO) at Theranos, and John Chambers, CEO of Cisco (who took the company from $1B in sales to $50B in sales), Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMWare, and Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy (http://bit.ly/w2BneL) shared lessons in leadership and making a difference in the world.   IIT alumni speakers included Vinod Khosla (founder of Khosla Ventures and Sun Microsystems); Bharat Desai, founder of Syntel (http://bit.ly/13HmSrQ ), Romesh Wadhwani, founder of Symphony Technology Group and Aspect Development, and Shailesh J Mehta, Managing General Partner at Granite Hill Capital Partners and sponsor of school of management at IIT Bombay.

The conference opened with day one focusing entirely on women in tech.  On days two and three, the conference included a range of thought-provoking panels on diverse topics, centered around themes of entrepreneurship, innovation focusing on inclusivity, and sparking global growth, on giving back, and more.   It was mentioned in the opening remarks that not only great companies are started and run today by IITians but that they take the lessons in leadership to heart and seek to innovate to make a difference in the world.  No doubt, the limitless networking will spark great conversations for further collaborations, to make the world, a better place.

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