TiEcon 2015 Tracks & Keynotes on Day 1

Scheduled keynotes for TiEcon 2015 are creating an exciting buzz.  On day 1, May 15, grand opening keynote guests are Jack Welch (ex CEO, GE) and Suzie Welch (co-author of “Real Life MBA”).  Following this dynamic duo, Aamir Hussain (EVP & CTO at Century Link), Tom Reilly (CEO, Cloudera), and Gary Gauba, (Founder & CEO Cognilytics) will discuss “Transformational Journey towards New Data Economy”.  If data has emerged as the new currency in this new economy, not all data is equally valuable.

Linking Open Data dataset cloud as of July 14t...

Linking Open Data dataset cloud as of July 14th 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Data economy track will explore aspects about hidden opportunities and challenges among cheaper and fast growing next-gen data stacks which are augmented by machine learning and advances in IoT and Cloud Computing.  Phil LIbin, founder & CEO of Evernote, http://bit.ly/1Dc2UVD, will give track opening keynote.  Various sessions will cover aspects such as, fast evolving Big Data landscape, extracting value from industrial data, data as a service, how to convert data to dollars and more.  Anthony Deighton, CTO at Qlik will give afternoon keynote.

English: Cloud Computing Image

English: Cloud Computing Image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cloud and Security track will explore operational challenges of cloud infrastructure, business and technical challenges of migrating to cloud and solutions to overcome security issues. Mark Interrante (SVP, HP) will give track keynote.  Various sessions will discuss market trends around cloud infrastructure, around cloud architecture and technology, and around compliance and security issues.  Suja Chandrasekaran, SVP, CTO, CDO at Walmart will give afternoon keynote and the day will end with keynote by Sandy Carter (GM, IBM).

Much hyped up Internet of Things track will start with track keynote, Johan Lodenius from MediaTek http://bit.ly/1E03sQp.  Success in IoT begins with picking the right software and hardware components for the ecosystem.  Track sessions will evolve around “designing compelling IoT solutions”, to “internet enterprise of things” to “examining criteria for getting funded”.  Learn what’s making waves in this growing field and how to get there.  Jay Vijayan, CIO, Tesla http://bit.ly/1Fw2qgt, will give afternoon keynote and Anand Oswal, VP of Engineering at Cisco will give an ending keynote.

Not only there is much to choose from and worry about missing exciting sessions (unless you find a way to clone yourself), speakers and sessions will address inter-disciplinary innovation opportunities and outside the sessions, there will be endless opportunities to network with investors, speakers and other professionals.   But WAIT!  This is only Day 1; more excitement awaits on Day 2 http://bit.ly/1bhXFKg .  Register through this link  https://www.123signup.com/register?id=ygszb&ref=4182698 to get a $100 discount on the two-day conference at the non-member rate.  When prompted, enter the promo code VOL500 at checkout. .

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