Johan Lodenius – Opening Keynote, “Internet of Things” at TiEcon 2015

Internet of Things is a hyped up buzz word but it is not without challenges.  First and foremost it requires innovative ways to sense and deliver information from the physical world to the cloud.  Power is also a critical element.  Many IoT applications need an ability to run for years over batteries and reduce overall energy consumption.  MediaTek is one of the largest chip-design companies providing system-on-chip solutions for the global market.    Johan Lodenius, Corporate VP and Chief Marketing Officer at MediaTek, will give an opening keynote in IoT track at TiEcon 2015.

English: Mediatek MT1389DE, a chipset for DVD ...

English: Mediatek MT1389DE, a chipset for DVD player. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MediaTek excels in achieving tight integration of components, rendering technology more efficient, enabling rich set of features, with less resources, and making it more affordable.  The company began with designing chipsets for optical drives and later expanded into chip solutions for DVD players, digital TVs, mobile phones, smart phones, tablets and so on.  In about seven years from launch, the company has gained huge market share worldwide.  In 2014, the company posted revenues of 213.1 B TWD, about USD $ 6.88 B.

The company has been known to provide extensive system engineering assistance that enables many smaller players and new entrants to enter a mobile market that has been thus far dominated by large corporations.  Looking forward to words of wisdom from Lodenius on how entrepreneurs can overcome the challenges of IoT market and better understand areas of opportunities.   Register at to get a $100 discount on the two-day conference at the non-member rate.  When prompted, enter the promo code VOL500 at checkout.

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