OneMedForum 2015 during J P Morgan Event in San Francisco, CA

The 8th Annual OneMedForum took place on January 12-14, in San Francisco, CA.  The conference occurring concurrently with J P Morgan event, offers an opportunity for life science executives and investors to come together.  This year, the environment in the city was abuzz with tremendous optimism, as the life science industry seems to have made a definite leap out of the abyss of recession.  The investors have come out of hiding, opportunities with China are generating a lot of interest, and in addition to bio-pharma, even the medtech industry is showing signs of life.  OneMed Forum provides opportunity for companies working in the arena of medical device and biotech to come together and thus shape the future of healthcare.

English: Picture of San Francisco at Sunset. F...

English: Picture of San Francisco at Sunset. Français : San Francisco au coucher du soleil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OneMed launched two interesting platforms to enhance the interactions between investors, executives, and life science professionals.  OneMedMarket was launched with an aim to provide a marketplace for builders and financiers of healthcare companies, offering a one stop shop for the financial and operational needs of the companies in growth mode.   Only companies with real technologies, tackling proven markets, that can be priced to offer 10X potential returns, were chosen to be listed on OneMedMarket.

This year, there was also more enhanced media focus, with the launch of OneMedTV, an internet video channel for accredited and institutional investors.  Company presentations and interviews with CEOs are aired over OneMedTV, enabling them to be heard and seen by a wider audience of global institutional investors.

In as much as OneMedForum is providing space and opportunity for medtech companies and investors to come together, while the biotech and medtech professionals have taken over the city of San Francisco during the J P Morgan event, this conference is providing extremely viable forum for the future of medtech, and for life science industry in general.  This year there were many presenting companies in both public and private track, with interesting technologies and the investors were represented in fair numbers.  The walls were lined with different company posters, with detailed information.  The lobby at Marriott Marquis is becoming another interesting hangout place for life science industry professionals, as the Westin had originally become.


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