And that is how her beautiful day ended…….

The poem below is a repost of my poem posted on International Day for Violence against Women.  After I saw the little Google Glass clip, tears filled my eyes.  Here is link to the clip – watch till the end –

Google Glass Explorer Exchange 36287

Google Glass Explorer Exchange 36287 (Photo credit: tedeytan)

All across the world, in one form or another, she’s mutilated
Someone’s daughter, sister is raped, murdered
Often she has fewer rights to property, inheritance, equal pay
She remains as a story between the binders, can’t have her say
Sometimes it’s a challenge simply being a woman, she’s often tired

Around the world, at least one in three women has been abused
Her voice is stolen, often of her rights, she is deprived
In the US, every 15 seconds, a woman is assaulted, beaten
Thank you Google Glass for giving a voice to this woman
Hope people will always join together for such abuse to end

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  1. me adarayai teledrama

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