Queen – Bollywood Movie Review

Bollywood movie “Queen” is about breaking the mold, veering away from traditions, finding freedom, embracing differences, finding forgiveness, and experiencing true happiness.  It is about self expression, about love, friendship, about first kiss, which is as zesty as the first taste of a golgappa.  But the true beauty of the film is not in what the film is about.  In fact, the awesomeness of this film lies in what it is “not” about.  It is not about the scum who jilts his simple minded, long time girlfriend on the day before the wedding, it is not about replacing lost love mysteriously in one short foreign trip, it is not about revenge, it is not about a “good unspoiled girl” remaining a “good unspoiled girl”, it is not about some obscure moral lesson that is imparted because every movie must end in a moral lesson.  Director, Vikas Bahl has created magic by focusing on simple truths about humanity, love, friendship, and family 

With her impeccable performance, Rani (Kangana Ranaut) soon becomes the queen of the hearts of the movie watchers.  After being jilted, she stubbornly goes alone for her honeymoon and takes her grief-stricken heart with her.  The friends she makes on her journey, help her break out of the restraints.  And it is not just Kanaga Ranaut with her flawless performance that wins the hearts of the audience.  Vijaya Laxmi (Lisa Haydon) as half Indian, half Parisian hotel maid and single mom, is sexy, suave, funny, and fun.  The trio and the Italian chef that Rani meets in Amsterdam create a nice international tanginess, without appearing contrived.  Taka, a Japanese tourist (Jeffrey Chee Eng Ho), is working through his own grief.  And he is all fun and naughty and wrestles his roommate to the one WC they share, while he hides his grief.  You just want to leap and give a big bear hug to Tim (Guithob Joseph), the African Frenchie, who scared the heebee jeebees out of Rani, when she was suddenly awoken, to be staring in the face of this big, bulky, black man.  Oleksander (Mish Boyko), may seem indifferent at first, but he is anything but.  Sickened by plundering of the environment, he releases his anger in his drawings.  Marcello (Canadea Lopez Marco) is the handsome Italian who takes pride in his cooking.  What a fantastic cast!  Even Raj Kumar Yadav, as Rani’s jilting and later jilted boy friend has played his role well.

I loved this movie.  On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being excellent, I give it a 4.8.  The only thing that seemed to be lacking were some memorable dialogs.  This is a beautiful movie, inspirational and heart warming, with a great cast and memorable characters.  Go Bollywood – you have arrived!!

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