Poem – 101 Things to Do when He Doesn’t Call

Darshana Varia Nadkarni's Blog

(dedicated to all my awesome girlfriends)

Read a book, go for a walk, or a swim

Hike, jog, do it for fun or just on a whim

Call an old foe for that divide to mend

Relax Relax (Photo credit: Orethorn)

Or share a good laugh with a friend

Listen to the music and drink ice tea,

Or lemonade or just relax and be

Mop the floor, and do the dishes

Like Cinderella, hum and make wishes

Think of all the bills to pay

Or just let them be for another day

Wear lingerie that is cute and lacy

Or baggy pajamas that caught your fancy

Hypnosis Program Relax Hypnosis Program Relax (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe it is Friday and you have that fish to fry

Or shout and sigh and sigh and have a good cry

This is only a partial list of things to do

Perhaps now you don’t need him, you…

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