Will Durst’s Big Fat Year-End Kiss Off Comedy Show

Bay Area’s Premiere Off-Broadway “San Jose Stage Theater” hosted 2013 year-end and 2014 New Year celebration with Will Durst’s Big Fat Year-end Kiss Off Comedy Show on December 31st, 2013.  Will Durst and his friends Mari Magaloni, Johnny Steele, Michael Bossier, Debi Durst and Arthur Gaus offered a night of comedy and satire with a collection of political jokes, stand-up comedy, quizzes, and hilarious skits.  The night ended with a balloon drop and champagne celebration at the stroke of mid-night to welcome the new year.showpic_willdurst6

The show was delightful.  Will Durst began with Snowden’s taking refuge in Russia, “it’s like you joining the army because you are tired of people telling you what to do”.  Debi Durst was hilarious in the little skit with Michael Bossier, as a toilet room attendant.  The entire cast performed a short family X’mas celebration skit, replete with all family members hooked to their mobile devices and Arthur Gaus tweeting that he was enjoying a great family time.  Arthur is new kid who joined the Durst comedy show circuit and his one act stand up comedy was witty and hilarious.

The audience was in fits of laughter over Will and Debi’s Government shutdown skit.  Debi as Yosemite attendant insisted that Will, a tourist had to leave and cannot see the Yosemite, due to the shutdown.  Will insisted that Yosemite was there and he was only going to look and Debi insisted that he cannot look because then he has to be charged and he cannot be charged because she cannot process payment due to shutdown and she would have to arrest him, if he looked.  Johnny Steele performed a skit on complicated healthcare laws.  Michael Bossier and Mari Magaloni’s skit on the new affordable healthcare was absolutely the best.  With a straight face, Mari played the role of automated voicemail system that kept throwing Mike into loops of endless messages.  By the time he got to the operator (again played by Mari), the audience was in fits of laughter.

The show ended with one act stand up comedy by political satirist Will Durst, with brilliant quips of humor.  “People keep referring to Mr. Putin as ex-KGB, but there is no such thing as ex-KGB.  You know, what is an ex-KGB?  It’s someone who is DEAD”.  And “why blame Mr. Obama for things?  He did not do anything”.  Silicon Valley was also target of jokes.  “If you go to Radio Shack in Silicon Valley, reps ask customers for help”.  And on affordable healthcare – “if you do not sign up, you get fined, and if you don’t pay the fine, you go to prison where you get free healthcare”.  New year is a reminder of years gone by and when Will talked of how things were, the days when “we had no caller ID and if the phone rang, we picked it up”, and “moving the antenna on the TV to get perfect reception, took up an entire hour”, the audience was in throes of laughter and ready to welcome the new year.


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