Outsourcing BioTech & Drug Discovery Innovation to India – Event Preview

Outsourcing work to India has been big business.  In 2005, outsourcing was a $10 billion industry in India.  It has since, more than doubled.  But can innovation be outsourced, particularly innovation in life sciences, an industry obsessed with regulatory issues, stringent patents; an industry with extremely high bar for performance?   It is one thing to get chemistry synthesis or early stage pre-clinical work done in India but does India have the systems and processes where innovation can thrive, a freewheeling environment, an open environment, yet an environment that can ensure patent protection and adherence to regulatory requirements, and does India have experience to bring out market worthy ideas and maximize the returns on ideas?  It seems that India has indeed evolved from a place to get the work done cheaply and efficiently, to a place for R&D innovation.  With extremely highly trained chemists and other professionals pouring out of top notch Indian academic institutions like IISCs and IITs and experienced biotechnology professionals from the US and Europe returning to India in sizeable numbers, although biotech R&D innovation is yet at early stages, India is emerging as a worthy partner, in innovation.

An illustrious panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges of outsourcing innovation to India at www.eppicglobal.org event from 6pm to 9pm, on Wednesday, September, 18th at WSGR, Palo Alto.  The event will be moderated by Shalabh Gupta, Founder and CEO of BioCycive, a California based biotech focused on bringing new drugs to the market.  An MD by training, previously Gupta worked at Genentech and is currently also serving as a member of EPPIC executive committee.

Panelists include, Ajay Bharadwaj, Founder and CEO of Anthem Biosciences, a leading Discovery Research Alliance Partner (DRAP), who had returned to India, after completing his MS on a fellowship, in the US.  Bharadwaj later joined Biocon when its annual sales were less than $50,000 and 21 years later when he left, Biocon’s annual sales had grown to $225 million and the company did business in 45 countries.  Ganesh Sambavasivam, Co-founder and CSO of Anthem Biosciences, ranked in the top 20 at all India level at the completion of his undergraduate degree in Chemistry, and after completing his Ph.D. in Chemistry, joined Syngene (Biocon group company), where he rose to VP and CSO level.  Panelist, Anjali Pandey is Vice President of Chemistry at Portola Pharmaceuticals.  She has over 30 scientific publications and 25+ patents to her name, provides scientific due diligence to various venture capital firms, and holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry.  Brian Robbins, Vice President of DavosPharma, is a partner and co-founder of various other companies including Innovative Pharma Solutions, Portsmouth Therapeutics, Sentinal Biotech, and Portsmouth Technologies.

To register for the event, go to www.eppicglobal.org


English: Worldwide Offshoring Business Deutsch...

English: Worldwide Offshoring Business Deutsch: Weltweites Offshoring Business (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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