Gratitude Journal —– May-2013

Today when we are all expressing our deep gratitude to the veterans who stay on the front lines so we can all be safe and secure and our values preserved, I am also taking to heart the advice given by these two articles posted on .

"Lawn sculpture" of a woman, framed ...

“Lawn sculpture” of a woman, framed against the Eden Project biomes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1)       The first article asks us to identify and be grateful to ourselves.  I am thankful to myself for having the will power to hit the gym daily, for having the courage to initiate the endings when needed (based on Sara Lawrence Lightfoot’s “Endings that set us free”), for having the courage to not waste my gift of expression and (albeit respectfully) express myself on this blog, for being persistent but more importantly optimistic in my steadfast belief in face of all adversities that if I am happy today then tomorrow will always be better because it will add one more happy memory (after all life is about creating a string of happy memories), and for having enormous love in my heart for my children, for family and friends that allows me to appreciate their uniqueness, forgive the faults, and share life and life’s rich rewards in this journey on earth.

2)       Second article asks us to identify “why” we are grateful to others.  I am grateful to my mother for her being there for us in every possible way to take on life’s blows, so that my siblings and I were shielded and our dreams were preserved and came to fruition; everything we became and we have, we owe to her and my late father.  I am grateful to my children for who they are, for the generosity of their hearts in forgiving the flaws in parenting, for their deep love, for their friendship, for their humor and wit, for their support, encouragement and just filling my life and my heart with love. I am grateful for my friends for so much – and though I am quite clear about the contributions of each of them, it is enormous to list here.  Some have been there at the right time with the right type of support; some have been there during celebrations making each of them memorable; some have shared views and perspectives, forging a deep bond; some have disagreed with views and perspectives, thus expanding horizons; and so much much more.  Together, friends have woven the life’s journey into a rich tapestry of colors and hues that reflect their individuality and that has made life infinitely more exciting and adventurous.

Hope my sharing inspires you to do your gratitude journal today.  Will love your comments.

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  1. #1 by Piper on May 27, 2013 - 11:25 pm

    Eloquent and hearf felt. We have come to expect nothing less from you!

  2. #2 by Paula on May 30, 2013 - 4:46 am

    Such a beautiful blog. Thank you for mentioning my blog post, “Why Being Grateful Isn’t Enough”. I am grateful for what your wrote about your relationship with your friends – I feel the same way about mine! 🙂

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