Amy Tenderich, Diabetes Mine, to speak at HealthTech Innovation Conference – Preview

A shocking, 25.8 million people in the US, about 8.3% of the population, have diabetes.  Perhaps you or someone you love, suffers from this chronic disease, that requires constant attention.  Perhaps you have often browsed the internet for answers to many questions regarding the disease and are yet unsure of some of the answers.  For instance,

  • Do you know that exercise first raises blood sugar, before the sugar goes down?
  • Do you know that the annual cost associated with diabetes in 2012, was a staggering $245 billion?
  • Do you know that research is under way with the Hypoglycemia-Hyperglycemia Minimizer System or HHM for short?  This is a “mockup” pancreas system comprising of an insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor, and control software algorithm that adjusts your insulin dosage automatically based on changes in blood glucose, creating a real functioning closed-loop system?
  • Do you know that a lot of research taking place today, to combat the disease includes, something called the BioHub, a new mini-organ made out of a porous, sponge-like material the size of a quarter, designed to be compatible with the human body so that thousands of islet cells could be gently seeded onto this protective platform and nestle themselves inside individual pores to start producing insulin, potentially reversing type 1 diabetes?

Or are you asking other questions like

  • With the affordable care act, will it become harder for patients to get coverage for pumps, CGMs, or other treatments options for diabetes care?
  • Where can you get advice and support for wellness and prevention of diabetes related complications?

Diabetes Mine is a treasure trove of information on these and other questions pertaining to diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure of the disease.  Amy Tenderich, Founder and Editor in Chief at Diabetes Mine, will be speaking on a panel, at HealthTech Forum Innovation Conference, on April, 19. Tenderich was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, in May 2003.  She has since become a freelance writer and consultant in the health and diabetes industries, and a strong advocate for people suffering from the disease.  She is a co-author of the patient guidebook,“ Know your Numbers, Outlive your Diabetes” and founder of the DiabetesMine Design Challenge.  Tenderich frequently speaks at diabetes, health, and social media events.  She recently has joined Alliance Health Networks, as Vice President and Chief Patient Advocate.   See following links for information on some other speakers and panelists , and register for the conference at .

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