Romney-Ryan 2012 – it’s just a limerick – on the eve of the second debate!

Romney Ryan Snake Oil

Romney Ryan Snake Oil (Photo credit: Jeff McNeill)

Romney-Ryan say they hold the key
Don’t ask “how”, if you can’t see
They’ll lower deficit without raising taxes
‘Cause trust’em, they are the magicians
Unless you get, “it’s a bunch of malarkey”

They’ll keep Bush-era tax cuts, expand ’em even
Romney-Ryan say they’ll close loopholes seven
Defies rules of math
There aren’t those loopholes to match
In the tax code to balance the cuts, no ma’am

Romney-Ryan say there’s a trick to adding two and two
In 4 years, they’ll add 12 million jobs, well can you?
Those jobs are expected under the current plan
Well, what’s new about their plan then?  Darn….
Their brazen, bold, sassiness’s what’s new

Ryan-Romney don’t endorse stimulus
That claim’s well……. Bogus
Ryan secured millions in government grants
While touting anti-government chants
Dude, he sure is a doofus

While insurance covers Viagra
Ryan-Romney chant anti-women mantra
Their policies may criminalize abortion
Curtail paying for contraception
This is but a small peek into their fenestra

Not just anti-women policy and anti-47 percent
voted against dream-act, policy is anti-immigrant
Ryan-Romney promise path to prosperity
With voucher-care there’ll be no parity
Remember, favoring only rich & privileged, their platform ain’t decent

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