How, what you say…..

My adorable daughter today said with some annoyance, mOOOm and I said, “please say without the emphasis”.  She said, again, mOm, you are mad not just about the content, but about the TONE?”  I said, calmly, “look at my tone, not just the content, I am not mad”.  So here is a little poem – you decide what is more important content or the tone in communication.

Mom says, it’s not just the quality of the content
It’s about the tone in what is meant
For in addressing Mom, when O is stressed
Trouble begins, mom’s not impressed

If content is the king, tone is the queen
From the tone, much is derived and a lot seen
Are you frivolous or serious, casual or formal
Sweet or stuffy, tone says it all

Content shows the art and skill, or lack of it
Tone comes from attitude, good, bad or indifferent
Content isn’t unimportant, but tone is essential
You should know, how what you say, makes others feel

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