Opening Keynote at TiEcon 2012 by Vishal Sikka, Head of Technology and Innovation, SAP

Vishal Sikka shared some of the lessons he learned in professional journey.  One early realization for him was that bits are replacing atoms and value is being created by dissolving layers and structures and fueled by a cycle of connectedness, disintermediation, and ease of use.  User empowerment, communication, and education is enhanced with greater connectedness, said Sikka.  Earlier in his career, his boss told Sikka to focus on constantly intellectually renewing the company.  Sikka said he did not have the clarity in how one can intellectually renew a company of 50,000.  He has since realized that it has to be done on the basis of innovative products as well as the methodology used to bring innovation to life.  SAP focuses on renewing customer landscape without disruption, even when the innovation is clearly disruptive.  For instance SAP’s HANA platform enables query of multiple types of data sources with breakthrough transactional performance, at unthinkable speed, enabling many companies to not only run 10 times faster than traditional speed, but it enables some companies to run at 100X speed.  Sikka emphasized that it is important to not only focus on products but also on the process.  He stressed the importance of finding purpose in work and shared the ways in which SAP is enabling employees to find fun and greater meaningfulness in work.



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