“Poem in your pocket” Day – Limerick

Today, carry a poem in your pocket
Wear it by your sleeve, or hold in your heart
You may say in essay or prose
Only poem though, paints a rose
So beautifully laid at the feet of your sweet heart

BTW – the last line reminds me of a beautiful Ghazal from Hindi movie Taj Mahal where king Shah Jahan has fallen in love and he has laid beautiful flower petals on the path where his beloved will walk and come to him.  When she comes, she however carefully avoids stepping on the petals and so he says

पांव छू लेने दो फूलों को इनायत होगी,
वर्ना हमको नही इनको भी शिक़ायत होगी.

Taj Mahal world heritage site in Agra, India.

Taj Mahal world heritage site in Agra, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bestow your favor on the flowers and let them touch your feet
Else not just me, even they will complain
And she responds

आप जो फूल बिछाए, उन्हें हम ठुकराए
हम को डर है, के ये तौहीन-ए-मोहब्बत होगी

You lay the flowers and if I step on them
I am afraid, it will be an insult of love

And on it goes………. A poem is beautiful in any language because it speaks the language of the heart.

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