Yahoomail – limerick in Hinglish

I am feeling frustrated with yahoomail – lately I have had more problems with yahoomail than any other email.  It gets me more spam.  But more importantly, I am not able to send email to more than 2 recipients.  My email does not work when I add a third recipient!!  And yahoo customer service stinks.  So here is my limerick written in frustration.  Hit the like button, if it resonates with you.  I wrote it in Hindi because I am wondering if people in India also feel the pain of yahoomail since Yahoomail is pretty big in India though looks like its days are numbered.

कितनी सारी ईमेल चोइसस है, नव, दश, ग्यारा,
ईन सबमे बेकार है याहूमेल, उसके बज गए बारा
स्टॉक डाउन और हजारोको जब याहूने किया fire
स्काइप, फसबूक, गूगल ने उनको किया hire
याहू, तुमसे ज्यादा हर कोई ईमेल मुझे लगे प्यारा

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