Sam Pitroda heralded communication revolution in India & will give a keynote address at TiEcon 2012

Today technology permeates every aspect of our lives.  Workplaces could not exist without the help of technology.  Organizations utilize technology to sustain and remain current, to scale and drive business forward, to connect and communicate, and to outperform competition. When it was as yet unclear, how the technology would impact society, there were certain pioneers driving the technology revolution.  Sam Pitroda was one of them.  As a technology advisor to the Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, way back in 1984, Pitroda heralded the telecom revolution in India.  By 1980, before he got a call from the PM, Pitroda had become a multimillionaire, with nearly 100 patents.  Pitroda is an inventor, entrepreneur, and a policy maker.  He is widely believed to have been primarily responsible for India’s communications revolution. Improvement in communication in turn has impacted ordinary people’s access to water, literacy and more.  Pitroda is unique in not just mastering the business of making a fortune, but mastering the business of effective ways to give back to the society. For a while, he lived a double life, having made most of his fortune in the US, in high tech and making money from his inventions, but returned to India, to make social contributions.  His logic was clear.  The ecosystem in the West was great for innovation and the ecosystem in India was just ripe for social contribution.  “Here, in the West, everything works and does not need to be fixed, whereas operating a business is difficult in India”, Pitroda had said.  The very technology revolution that Pitroda began in 1980, with proliferation of bright yellow public call office (PCO) boxes, has ultimately not only enabled entrepreneurs to return to India to make a fortune in now thriving India, but better communication has enabled the world to work with India, to mutual benefit.

Who better to give a keynote at the world’s largest entrepreneurship conference, TiEcon 2012, than Sam Pitroda?  Perhaps this giant of a man might have just the right recipe for the world to step up the job growth and economic ride forward.  Please sign up at for best price that will be valid till March, 31st.


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