Will 30th JPM Conference instill greater confidence in the future of the healthcare industry?

As the economy is showing many positive indicators, the 30th annual J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference (www.jpmorgan.com) is expected to begin on an optimistic note.  During the 4 days of the JPM conference, January 9th through 12th,  and simultaneously happening OneMedForum conference, over 4000 interested members, others interested in networking outside the conference areas and attendees are expected to descend upon San Francisco, CA.  J.P. M. conference hosts the largest and most informative healthcare investment symposium, bringing together global industry leaders, emerging fast growth companies, innovative creators of breakthrough technologies with potential to make a real difference in the quality of care, and members of the investment community.  Over 300 companies are expected to present to more than 4000 investors.  Attendance is strictly by invitation only.

On one hand, with the aging population, increasing diabetes, obesity and related diseases on the rise, both in the Western and the developing world, healthcare is a growing market.  On the other hand, with growing frustration with the FDA, increasing regulatory challenges, and heavily restricted access to capital, is the West still going to remain the hub of innovation in the healthcare industry?   The economy has begun to show more positive signs, with lower unemployment numbers, more home constructions, greater consumer spending, and somewhat better stock performance.  In the conference, I am expecting to hear that these positive indicators are influencing the healthcare industry and then hopefully, down the line, we will see some release of capital, as this remains a primary challenge.  Regulatory challenges can be handled, but without increased access to capital, there can’t be innovation.  I am looking forward to the conference and see how the top leadership in this industry visualize the path, going forward.



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