The Dirty Picture – Bolywood Movie Review

The Dirty Picture is a biographical film based on the life of Silk Smitha, a movie actress who worked predominantly in South Indian films and became known for her erotic roles and is played by Vidya Balan.  The movie begins with a small town girl with dreams of stardom, who leaves her family home in the village to follow her passion.  After some challenges and rejections, she gets a break and soon becomes a sex symbol. She exploits people’s clamor for her seductive moves, to find her place in this challenging industry, with in your face confidence and is transformed into Silk.  In real life, Silk Smitha, in fact got a huge following and starred in over 400 motion pictures.  Apparently, films that had lain in cans for years, were repackaged and reintroduced and became block busters, with simple addition of Silk Smitha’s erotic dance and song numbers.

But in the end, Silk finds herself exploited by men and the double standards they employ, exploited by sensation-seeking journalists, by holier-than-thou film makers, hysterical women’s groups protesting eroticism on the screen, and the ubiquitous moral police of hypocritical Indian society, branding her as the scum of the earth.  Silk faced financial problems, alcohol dependency, and unable to face the enormous challenges of life, she commits suicide.  It is an interesting and sad film, with masterful performance by Vidya Balan.  I would rate it a 4 on a scale of 1 (stay home) to 5 (must see).  Loved every single song – ooh la la!!

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